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GoLite Ads Media Kit 2011

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GoLIte Media Kit

  1. 1. lite TMGOLITE ADS MOBILE DIGITAL BILLBOARDSINTRODUCING GOLITE:Thank you for considering us for your next media buy.I imagine you are checking out GoLite Ads to see how we can help you increase profits andbrand awareness? These days competitors are vying for your clients business, thus, drivingdown profit margins and making it difficult for you to stand out.Now... there is GoLite.Do you think if we could put you in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the rightmessages you could bring in more business? What if we did it in a larger-than-life, impos-sible to miss and eye catching way? Well, thats exactly what GoLite can do for you.GoLite offers you unmatched flexibility and unique visibility, placing your key messagesand your brand directly in front of your target audience, wherever they happen to be.You can change messages instantly and get ahead of your competitors with just a few mouseclicks. Its really that easy.Whether parked or cruising through downtown, GoLite brings unrivaled accountability to thetable thanks to its state-of-the-art GPS tracking system, ensuring you know, in real time,exactly how your investment is being put to use.You can see exactly when, where, and how often your ads played... all from the comfort ofyour office, home, hotel room in Chicago, or anywhere in the world.So, we invite you to take a break from the boring, and put aside a few minutes to learn how youcan GoDigital... GoLite.Brian Bachman"The Big Screen Big Shot" 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  2. 2. lite TMHISTORYGOLITE ADS IS COMMITTED TO BRINGING ADVERTISING BRILLIANCEWhat is GoLite?Each GoLite vehicle is equipped with two state-of-the-art light emitting diode (LED) electronic mes-sage centers displaying dynamic, vivid and eye-catching ads. Your message gets delivered directlyto your targeted market, capturing attention when your prospects are actively shopping, eating orlooking for entertainment. GoLite gives advertisers what they have always wanted – the ability to standout in a cluttered advertising landscape.Who Are We?Our team of LED display experts launched GoLite Ads in 2010 as a way to provide the tremendousbenefits of LED technology to businesses of all sizes, but without the high costs of LED displayownership.The GoLite Ads management team boasts a combined advertising and media resume that spans fourdecades and combines another two decades of implementing some of the most dynamic digitaladvertising solutions worldwide to offer innovation and a competitive advertising advantage to compa-nies from all sectors! 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  3. 3. lite TMFACT SHEET: MOBILE DIGITAL BILLBOARDS * 107% sales increase with mobile digital 100 107% billboards. 80 Product Acceptance & Research, Inc 60 40 * 29% of consumers say a Mobile Digital Billboard 20 caused them to visit a retail store within a week of 0 seeing the ad. Arbitron National In-Car Study Boost Name* Mobile Digital Billboards boost name Recognitionrecognition 15 times greater than any Mobile Digital Billboardsother form of advertising.Outdoor Advertising Association News paper Magazine Internet Radio Television MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS: • 4,500,000 impressions each month • 120 messages displayed each hour • 100 hours of drive time each week • Coverage at over 250 events each year (including Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, Nascar, Lone Star, concerts, conventions, festivals, and much, much more) 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  4. 4. lite TM HOW TO INCREASE PROFITS WITH GOLITE 120 times per hour Your ad appears Guaranteed! for :06 seconds Two 9 x 16 HD LED ScreensWe can help you to start revving up revenues in three easy steps:1. Identify your target audience.2. Let us know where and/or when you can find them, what their interests are?3. How often do you want to be in front of them?We are a Mobile Digital Billboard, quite simply, we go where your target audience goes, we get yourmessage(s) in front of them, and we do it in a larger than life way with two giant 9 x 16 HD video screens.GoLite gives you the ability to advertise by:Time based - You choose the hours that you want your ads to appear on GoLite. This advertising is greatfor businesses with many locations, This advertising is great for businesses with many locations, or busi-nesses with no locations, ie. internet-based businesses.Location based - You choose the location where you want your ads to play. When GoLite enters a pre-determined radius of your chosen location your ads will appear. When GoLite leaves the pre-determinedradius, your ads automatically stop playing. This form of advertising is great for businesses that get most oftheir business from within a certain area.Time and Location based - You choose the hours and location that you want your ads to appear on GoLite.Exclusive - you choose where and when, and your ads are the only ads playing on GoLite. This is great forevents, grand openings, and for businesses who want to maximize exposure. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  5. 5. lite TMRATE CARDIN EACH GOLITE MOBILE DIGITAL MARKET AREA YOUR STATIC OR ANIMATED AD(S) WILL RUN 5000 TIMESPER MONTH - ENSURING MARKET SATURATION. WITH 6 MARKET AREAS TO CHOOSE FROM, GOLITEGOES WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE GOES.Individual Market Area: • 5000 ads in your targeted market area • Run as many different messages as you would like at no extra charge.* • Change your ad(s) as often as you would want • Includes custom creation of up to four ads • Access to online patent pending Ad Manager tracking and campaign management software • Investment: $1500/mo • Plus... GoLite Street Team will distribute your Swag/Promo Items to 150 businesses each month!All Market Areas: • All of the benefits of Individual Market Coverage times Six! • Rest easily knowing you will have a presence at every event, and everywhere GoLite goes! • 4,500,000 impressions per month • Investment: $4500/mo (less than .11-cents per ad)Interactive Advertising Opportunities:Make your next event as impactful and memorable as possible by utilizing GoLites Interactive Advertis-ing Opportunities including Text Messaging, Bluetooth and QR code mobile marketing. Call today tolearn how to integrate and monetize these technology strategies in your next campaign. Turn it up anotch by incorporating full outdoor video and sound, along with the "GoLite Street Team" Team to makeyour event experience unforgettable!Custom packages including daily, weekly, event and exclusive rates available upon request.*Production charges will apply if GoLite Ads design team creates content. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  6. 6. lite TMCOVERAGE MAPThe Dallas/Fort Worth DMA is the Featured Coverage Areas:largest metropolitan area in Texasand the 5th largest in the United Stonebriar Mall Northpark Mall Cowboys StadiumStates. Preston Village Shopping Center Knox/Henderson The Ballpark at Arlington The Shops at Fairview West Village Lone Star Park Watters Creek Uptown Verizon TheatreThe metropolitan area is home to The Shops at Willow Bend Highland Park Village Sundance Squareover 10,000 corporate headquar- Polo Towne Crossing Shopping SMU Billy Bobs Texas Preston Park Village Downtown Dallas Ft. Worth Stockyardsters making DFW the largest Addison Lower Greenville Dr. Pepper Ballparkcorporate headquarter concentra- The Galleria Deep Ellum Pizza Hut Park Valley View Center State Fair of Texas Allen Event Centertion in the United States. Preston Royal Village West End Mockingbird Station Victory ParkGoLite offers incredible reach From Old TownCowboys Stadium to DowntownDallas, to Rangers Ballpark to DFWAirport, to Downtown Ft. Worth, toFrisco, McKinney and Allen.We can easily reach the generalmarket and we can also createprograms that specifically targetAfrican American, Hispanic,parents, young and old...The DFW Metroplex is one of thetop ranking DMAs in the U.S. foreach of these ethnicities.Launched in 2010 with one GoLitevehicle, the GoLite Mobile DigitalBillboard is on schedule to growand expand through the years asthe advertising landscape contin-ues to evolve. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  7. 7. lite TMAD MANAGERStep One: AccountabilityLog into Ad Manager and track when, where, andhow often your ads play in real time. Upload newads, create and schedule new ad campaigns.Step Two: FlexibilityUpload as many different ads as you like, allowing you to speak todifferent audiences. Change which ads play whenever you wish. Choose / Change your displayed advertisment You have the option to upload new media from your own computer. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  8. 8. lite TMAD MANAGERStep Three: Unique VisibilityChoose coverage area, dates, and times that determinewhen, where, and frequently your ads will be seen. Itonly takes seconds to create! Control your media while Customize the days you wanttracking when, where, and your ads to run and choose how many times your ads the ads you want to play played Track your investment by viewing exactly where each ad playedStep Four: Increased ProfitabilityYour campaign goes to market, your brand comes to life in an innovative,unique way and all the data is at your fingertips...in seconds. Track each individualad or group of ads from anywhere you can access the internet.No other ad platform powerfully combines accountability, flexibility and unique visibility-resulting in increased profitability like GoLite Ads. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  9. 9. lite TM SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL OUTDOOR DESIGN 512 pixPixel MatrixAd Size Pixels: 512 wide x 288 highAcceptable file type: jpeg or mpegColor mode: rgbResolution: 300 dpi 288 pixContrastStrong contrast is essential for creating good out-of-home design. The 14 color combinations repre-sent the best use of color contrast for readability.ImageStrong images against simple backgroundscreate high-impact visuals. The Image on the leftis a good example. 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com
  10. 10. lite TM SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL OUTDOOR DESIGNQuick Tips for GoodOut-of-Home Design* Short Copy No more than 10 words total, and 5 words in the headline.* Large and Legible Type Words are viewed from distances of 50-200 feet. Good Less Effective* Increase Line Thickness At 200 feet, thin lines optically disappear.* Forget "The Whitespace" Rule* Bold Colors* High Contrast* Simplify Everything Focus on one key idea or message. Use colors with high contrast to maximize impact.Less Effective AdvertisementBefore BeforeGood AdvertisementAfter After 888.674.1188 Drivesales@GoLiteAds.com www.GoLiteAds.com