Microgroove (GoGrid Customer) Presentation at Cloud Connect 2012

Microgroove (GoGrid Customer) Presentation at Cloud Connect 2012



Performance Matters, Especially in the Music Industry - Global Hybrid Infrastructure Makes Artists Sing - Sponsored by GoGrid ...

Performance Matters, Especially in the Music Industry - Global Hybrid Infrastructure Makes Artists Sing - Sponsored by GoGrid
Learn first-hand how Microgroove leveraged physical and virtual infrastructure components in creating a high-performance, cost-effective cloud environment for the music industry. One which easily supported their need for cloud scalability coupled with the permanence and single-tenancy of dedicated servers - a hybrid solution not found in commodity clouds. Microgroove's technology platform running on GoGrid is powering hundreds of popular artists' sites including Snoop Dogg to Yani as well as an eCommerce site of over 1.5 million SKUs.
Presentation done by Brett Nagy (Technical Director - Microgroove) & Michael Sheehan (Technology Evangelist - GoGrid)



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Microgroove (GoGrid Customer) Presentation at Cloud Connect 2012 Microgroove (GoGrid Customer) Presentation at Cloud Connect 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Performance Matters, Especially in the Music IndustryMicrogroove & GoGridHow to create ahigh-performance,cost-effectivecloud environmentBrett Nagy (Technical Director – Microgroove)Michael Sheehan (Technology Evangelist – GoGrid)
  • Introductions  Brett Nagy • Technical Director – Microgroove  Michael Sheehan • Technology Evangelist – GoGrid2 February 2012
  • About GoGrid – A leader in the IaaS Market “Visionary”  Leading IaaS provider Magic Quadrant  Strong Track Record of “First-To-Market” Features “Champion” Quadrant  World-class platform for infrastructure management “Market Leader”  Thousands of Customers Across All Industries “10 Cloud  GoGrid outperforms competition by over 4 x Computing in third-party benchmarking tests Companies to Watch”  GoGrid owns 100% of its IP “Top 10 Best Cloud Computing Providers” 3 February 20123
  • Microgroove – A Platform for the music industryMicrogroove-developed software is currently deployed on hundreds of high-trafficweb sites, transacting content, community and dollars, every moment. Over 500 Major Recording Artists Powering the World’s Biggest Record Labels4 February 2012
  • Millions of Content Items  Over 100,000 Artists  1.5 Million Tracks  50,000 Tour Dates  Millions of Members  Millions of Posts  Meta Data support from Bach to Lady Gaga5 February 2012
  • Billions of Data Transactions  By Millions of Active U/U’s  Direct to Consumer Sales  White Label Stores  Media Views  Social Networking  Ad Integrations  International Presence6 February 2012
  • Microgroove Ecosystem  Licensable CMS platform, built for the music industry  Developer Community: SDK & API  Mobile: Native + Web Apps  Content Syndication & Affiliates7 February 2012
  • Microgroove Technology Challenge Why the cloud? What was the challenge?8 February 2012
  • The Need to Grow & Evolve  Reduce time to on-board new customers  Direct access to our own software  No data center environment  Needed Management and Support requirements • Needed SLA & Dependable 24x7 Support team  Ability to Stage environments9
  • Long Distance “Management” Challenge Servers hosted & managed Audience No All HERE direct located access Managed HERE HERE10 February 2012
  • Challenges  Rapid deployment – needed to roll out a new version of the Microgroove Platform every 4 weeks  IT Staff utilization- Did not want to hire NEW staff to sit and watch servers  Burstable traffic  Two specific customer challenges • Hosting & Managing large number of individual artist websites • Hosting GetMusic.com.au (music portal) TOO MUCH MANAGEMENT! Microgroove HQ11 February 2012
  • Going Cloud What was the challenge? What was the research? What was the technical solution? What were the results? What lessons were learned?12 February 2012
  • What was the technical challenge?  What Microgroove was trying to accomplish: • Deliver the Microgroove Platform as a PaaS • Not worry about hardware or data center management • Serve international markets  Technical Details: • Strong Windows support • Avoid re-architecting the Microgroove Platform • Needed a high-performance solution for data intensive transactions • Scale-up and down easily13 February 2012
  • What was the research?  Started search Q4 of 2009  7 years of self-hosting & supporting other people’s hosting = hands on experience  Some experience in co-location hosting  Wasnt looking for a "cloud provider" - just wanted "easy to manage”  Initial research focused on management consoles, not service providers14 February 2012
  • Short List Results – Narrowed to 2 Providers  Provider #1  GoGrid  Completely virtualized  Hybrid environment environment means shared  1st-class Windows Support hardware  Physical servers for high I/O data  Competing Read/Writes transactions  Cost structure optimized for  Virtual servers for scalability bursts of compute time  CDN for media delivery across the  Windows images not as current as globe Linux images  Cost : Performance ratio was good  Windows pricing more expensive  Persistent server images & attached than Linux data15 February 2012
  • GoGrid Enabled Microgroove Platform Microgroove HQ Microgroove HQ16 February 2012
  • 17 February 2012
  • Technical Diagram18 February 2012
  • Architecture Details PRODUCTION STAGING  NGINX Load Balancing Tier  Staging Servers • Cloud-based single-core servers (scalable) • Upload point for SDK-based sites • CentOS 5.3 • Connects to production databases • Also serves images from Cloud Storage • Doubles as application servers  Web Servers • Cloud-based 8-core servers (scalable)  Document Database Servers • Windows 2008 / IIS 7 • “NoSQL” DB Servers • Uses Raven DB + Map/Reduce  Database Servers • Currently used for specific reporting tasks • Dedicated 8-core servers • MS SQL Servers for 100+ sites  Cloud Storage • All CMS-uploaded static assets • Accessed via UNC paths  Content Delivery Network • Images and other static files • Pulled from Cloud Storage19 February 2012
  • Why were these choices made?  Cloud Servers • Deployed to separate hardware nodes • Persistent storage • Scalability via MyGSI  server imaging to facilitate rollout of additional servers  Physical Servers • Performance & high I/O  NGINX • Highly configurable reverse proxy • Failover for redundancy  Cloud Storage • Repository of product and artist images  CDN • Delivery of content over 7500 miles with multiple PoPs  Firewall • Direct, private connectivity via VPN from Microgroove to GoGrid infrastructure20 February 2012
  • Long Distance Content – SOLVED! Audience Infrastructure All located CDN located Managed HERE At HERE GoGrid21 February 2012
  • What were the results?  Went from hosting 3 sites to over 100 sites  On-boarding new customers in hours instead of weeks  400% reduction in page load times  Direct access to own software  more freedom to innovate  Ongoing performance tuning is easier  do more of it now22 February 2012
  • What lessons were learned?  Windows is Windows, wherever it’s hosted  Scale-out still needs to be planned-out  Dedicated hardware = predictable performance23 February 2012
  • Future What are the plans for the future? What are the key takeaways? How to craft your Cloud Fingerprint24 February 2012
  • What are Microgroove’s plans for the future?  Multi-data center failover  Auto-scaling – using metrics from monitoring API  Completely automating new customer provisioning25 February 2012
  • What are the key takeaways? Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to mean re-architecting existing software Don’t throw out the dedicated hardware just yet26 February 2012
  • Contact & Customer Case Study Download GoGrid Contact Information: Download the Full Case Study www.GoGrid.com To download the Microgroove Case Study, Telephone - 1-877-946-4743 please click here: International - +1(415) 869-7444 http://go.gogrid.com/case-study/microgroove Twitter - @GoGrid Facebook – Facebook.com/gogrid LinkedIn - LinkedIn.com/company/gogrid Note: you must have Adobe Acrobat installed to view the Case Study27 February 2012