GoGrid CDN - Webinar about GoGrid's Content Delivery Network


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These are the slides from a Webinar on GoGrid's NEW Content Delivery Network (the GoGrid CDN). More information on the GoGrid CDN can be found at:
as well as at:

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GoGrid CDN - Webinar about GoGrid's Content Delivery Network

  1. GoGrid and GoGrid CDN<br />Cloud Computing <br />& <br />Content Delivery Network (CDN)<br />Authors:<br />Rob Larson (Product Manager for GoGrid/ServePath)<br />Paul Lancaster (Business Development Manager for GoGrid/ServePath)<br />Michael Sheehan (Technology Evangelist for GoGrid/ServePath)<br />November 2009<br />
  2. Agenda:IntroductionWhat is GoGrid?What is GoGrid CDN? Why GoGrid cdn?GoGrid cdn service & features<br />
  3. What is GoGrid?<br />Windows & Linux Servers in the Cloud<br />Deploy pre-built server images in minutes (licensing included)<br />Web-based Control Portal<br />API<br />Included f5 Hardware Load Balancing<br />Full Administrator/ root access<br />Pricing starts at $0.19 / GB / hour deployed<br />Volume Pricing Plans available – as low as $0.05 / GB / hour<br />Pay only for what you use, no contracts; Scale Instantly as needed<br />All servers deployed as VMs on large grid in ServePath’s San Francisco Data Center<br />© 2008 GoGrid / ServePath LLC <br /> August 2008 - 3 -<br />
  4. Create & Deploy Cloud Servers in Minutes<br />© 2008 GoGrid / ServePath LLC <br />Access the server via SSH or RDC<br />Configure the Server<br />Create a Cloud Server in GoGrid<br /> August 2008 - 4 -<br />
  5. Scalability<br />Ease of Use<br />Control your infrastructure<br />Nothing hardware to purchase<br />Instant<br />
  6. Cloud / Dedicated Hybrid Infrastructure<br />Hybrid Solution <br />GoGrid: Web/App Servers<br />ServePath: Database Servers or Storage<br />Development & Staging Environment<br />Sandbox Environment<br />On Demand Solution<br />© 2008 GoGrid / ServePath LLC <br />
  7. What is GoGrid CDN?<br />A content delivery network powered by EdgeCast Networks that provides our GoGrid, ServePath and ColoServe customers with 16 points-of-presence on 4 continents ensuring faster page and file downloads<br />
  8. Why use GoGrid CDN?<br />To consolidate hosting and CDN into one company<br />Dedicated Service team <br />To eliminate latency issues for worldwide customer’s end-users.<br />So your rich media content is delivered at lightning speed<br />Sign up is easy<br />No contract or commitment <br />Only pay for what you use<br />Costs only pennies to test out<br />Price is very affordable<br />
  9. GoGrid CDN offers a superior, cost-effective global content delivery service that gives our customers and resellers competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media. <br />Faster Delivery 25% faster than other leading CDNs<br />Better Value one low price for streaming & large http<br />Total Reliability Keynote A+ Rating<br />Features that matter Security,Reporting, APIs<br />
  10. Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />Europe:<br />London (2)<br />Frankfurt<br />Amsterdam<br />Asia:<br />Tokyo<br />Hong Kong<br />Dallas<br />Washington DC<br />Atlanta<br />New York<br />Australia/New Zealand:<br />Sydney<br />
  11. Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br /> Our Patent Pending technology makes our network faster and allows us to be more cost effective<br /> Proprietary global load balancing solution ensures End Users routed to the FASTEST location to receive content<br /> Proprietary storage technology improves our utilization lowering our cost of business<br />
  12. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />GOGRID IS A FULL SERVICE CDN<br /><ul><li>Web Site Acceleration
  13. HTTP / Download
  14. Progressive Download
  15. On Demand Streaming (Windows, Flash)
  16. Live Streaming (Windows, Flash)
  17. Premium Storage Solutions (global footprint)</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />STREAM your content<br /><ul><li>HTTP Progressive Download, Flash Streaming and Windows Streaming
  18. Enhanced Progressive Download/HTTP Delivery
  19. Bandwidth throttling
  20. Progressive flash fast forward</li></ul>CONTROL your content<br /><ul><li>Robust API allows easy integration with content management systems and complete automation
  21. Robust Media Console packed with features</li></ul>SECURE your content<br /><ul><li>Secure content delivery (SSL)
  22. Token based authentication
  23. Country blocking
  24. Hot linking prevention</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />GoGrid CDN Media Console empowers content owners with flexible content management tools at their fingertips<br />LOAD TO EDGE RAM<br />PURGE FROM EDGE<br />
  25. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />GoGrid CDN Media Console empowers content owners with flexible content management tools at their fingertips<br />
  26. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />GoGrid CDN Media Console empowers content owners with flexible content management tools at their fingertips<br />
  27. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />Comprehensive reporting & analytics suite<br />
  28. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />Comprehensive reporting & analytics suite<br />
  29. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />Comprehensive reporting & analytics suite<br />
  30. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Infrastructure<br />Features<br />Comprehensive reporting & analytics suite<br />
  31. Infrastructure<br />Solutions<br />Features<br />Real-Time Statistics Dashboard<br />
  32. Contact Information<br />Steven Buelow<br />Senior Account Executive<br />Email: steven@gogrid.com<br />Rob Larson<br />Product Manager, GoGrid<br />Email: rlarson@gogrid.com<br />More Info:<br />Wiki: http://wiki.GoGrid.com<br />Site: http://www.GoGrid.com<br />Blog: http://blog.GoGrid.com<br />