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  • 1. GoGorilla Media Dollar Bill Advertising
  • 2. GoGorilla Media What is GoMONEY and how does it work? • GoMONEY is the distribution of branded dollar bills in selected venues • Removable stickers are affixed to real dollar bills and brought into circulation in venues of interest • Branded bills are received by consumers as change for purchases made • GoMONEY is a Patent Pending Business Method registered at the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • 3. GoGorilla Media ABC uses GoMONEY to promote a new show
  • 4. GoGorilla Media VH1 uses GoMONEY to promote a live event
  • 5. GoGorilla Media HSBC uses GoMONEY to promote a new branch
  • 6. GoGorilla Media USA uses GoMONEY to promote a new series
  • 7. GoGorilla Media Branded Bills are stacked in registers awaiting use as change
  • 8. GoGorilla Media Why GoMONEY is so effective • GoMONEY reaches people in a way that is surprising and unexpected, thereby flying under the radar • GoMONEY is a conversation piece which gets people talking about your campaign • GoMONEY has a humorous effect and gets people to smile • Many people leave the sticker on the bills, thereby exposing many more potential customers to your ad message • GoMONEY is quot;newsworthyquot; and may get free publicity for your brand.
  • 9. GoGorilla Media Frequently Asked Questions: • I s GoMONEY Legal? Very. We checked with the US Treasury and they don't mind, as long as our stickers come off easily if people want. • How is the branded money transported? Don't worry, we distribute your money using armored planes and trucks. To date, we haven't lost even a dollar (knock on wood). • How many impressions would I get per branded bill? The # of impressions is multiple and possibly endless, depending on the quality of your creative. If people like it, they'll leave it on and spend the money further.
  • 10. GoGorilla Media I'm sold, who do I call? If you would like more information about using GoMONEY to increase your business, please email or call us at: Email: info@gogorillamedia.com Telephone: 212-925-2420 x1