Evolving Your Agile Process with Atlassian Tools - Atlassian Summit 2012


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  • This slide can be used to break up the chapters of your talk - this would be the start to a new chapter\n- OR -\nThis could be used for making a single statement of a few words or a sentence.\n\nYou should choose one or the other, so that there’s a consistent system.\n
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  • At the heart of the Agile movement is a value on Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, as we design work to embrace Agile in our development practices, we have to keep this in mind. Scrum master certifications, JIRA workflows, and all of the rest have to be in support of the people.\n
  • As noted in the Agile manifesto, “Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential.” If we want to get folks to embrace changes in process and working style, it has to be simple and easy to do so…\n
  • Why are you doing this? What does this gain for the team? How does this make the team more productive and efficient? \nWhatever you do can’t be exclusively about your needs and desires as a project manager or manager. It has to be aligned with the team’s needs.\n
  • How is what you are asking the team to do aligned with their interests? \nThe path of least resistance is to make sure that interests are aligned.\n
  • The only way to get repeatable results in any system is to automate it.\nThe only way to get people to do something consistently is to automate it.\nA half day of automation work will save you days of aggravation and pain down the road. \nIf you don’t have the skills to automate things, start gaining them now.\n
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  • Everyone has their reasons, here are some of mine.\n
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  • Stealing from lean processes, let’s look to having a minimally viable process. \n
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  • Evolving Your Agile Process with Atlassian Tools - Atlassian Summit 2012

    1. 1. Going Agile with Atlassian…or, herding cats for fun and profitJordan Dea-MattsonDirector, EngineeringNumenta, Inc.
    2. 2. Principals and Patterns
    3. 3. Why, then how
    4. 4. It’s the People Stupid
    5. 5. Keep it simple!
    6. 6. It’s not about you!
    7. 7. All together now!
    8. 8. If you want a job done right, automate it!
    9. 9. Why Atlassian?
    10. 10. “Atlassian has the worst possible tool suite,except for all the others… Winston Churchill Paraphrased and with apologies…
    11. 11. Atlassian is…• Adaptable• Open• Extensible• …but a a few words of caution
    12. 12. Trust, but verify…• Don’t depend on Atlassian futures • It is never, “Just around the corner…” • Don’t plan on it, until you have it in hand• It is never a… • Simple change • Enhancement • Addition
    13. 13. The Nitty Gritty
    14. 14. What kind of site?• Greenfield?• Urban infill?
    15. 15. What is your methodology?
    16. 16. What is your product?
    17. 17. Process Patterns• Abhor processes• Embrace patterns
    18. 18. A Process Pattern! Keep it Simple!• Minimally viable process• Minimal Issues • Story, Bug, Technical Task• Minimal Workfow • Open, In Progress, Implemented, Tested, Deployed
    19. 19. Roles to Play
    20. 20. Visionary
    21. 21. Cat Herder
    22. 22. Score Keeper
    23. 23. Communicator
    24. 24. Closing Words
    25. 25. If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t happen
    26. 26. Your checklist!• Why do you want to do this?• Define a minimally viable process • What issue types do you absolutely need? • What are the minimal steps in your workflow? • What is the minimal information you must capture• Ruthlessly Pair Down
    27. 27. Questions?
    28. 28. Thank you!