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Atlassian's Media Kit


For press, bloggers, media and anyone that wants to learn more about the company.

For press, bloggers, media and anyone that wants to learn more about the company.

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  • 1. Helping innovatorseverywhere plan, Serving more than 17,000 companies worldwidebuild, and launchgreat software.Atlassian Press Packet
  • 2. From the BeginningAtlassian is a private, global software company that builds tools for softwaredevelopment and collaboration.Legendary Service Ready, Set, Go!Our tools help both small and large teams with agile project Atlassian’s co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scottmanagement and documentation, code sharing and continu- Farquhar, met at university and decided to start a companyous integration, and even light saber development.* together at the ripe old age of 22. Our name, Atlassian, was inspired by Atlas, the ancient Dissatisfied with the state of enterprise software—expensive, Greek titan who held up the sky, providing the world’s first difficult to configure, requiring huge investments in consult- incredible service. We strive to provide that same level of ing to implement and years to deploy—Mike and Scott set“Legendary Service” to each and every one of our customers. out to create a different kind of company. Atlassian was founded in 2002 when we shipped our first product, JIRA, an issue and task management tool. Nearly overnight the company was profitable and self-sustainable. It was only in 2010 that we took our first round of funding from Accel Partners to help us accelerate growth and M&A. By 2011 the company had more than 17,000 customers and*Just checking to see if you’re paying attention. 400 employees worldwide.
  • 4. Leadership Scott Farquhar Mike CEO and Co-founder Cannon-Brookes Scott epitomizes Atlas, our CEO and Co-founder company’s namesake, for Mike is the Prometheus of his tireless support and deft Atlassian; he fires up the leadership. company every day. @scottfarkas @mcannonbrookes Jay Simons Alex Estevez President CFO The John “Hannibal” Smith at Our George Washington, Alex Atlassian, Jay has an affinity for is at the helm leading us across unorthodox but well-laid plans. frigid waters. And he keeps us honest. @jaysimons
  • 5. A Different Kind of CompanyWe pride ourselves on being a different kind of company, one that hasturned enterprise software sales on its head. Here are some of the reasonsour customers have chosen to work with our tools:Affordable Software No SalesPrior to Atlassian, companies and teams were forced to We’ve eschewed the traditional “feet on the street” salespick between expensive and painful-to-configure enterprise model in favor of word-of-mouth marketing. We have no salessoftware, or free, unsupported open source software. We people. Instead, we make our tools easy to try and easy tochallenged the idea that you had to pay a lot of money to get buy with a credit card. By focusing on engineering insteadgreat software. Starting at just $10, our tools fit any budget. of sales, the company has been able to build world-classThey’re a fraction of the price of enterprise software, yet software that sells itself.come with the support and service that customers want. Giving BackTransparency We love the open source community and use many openBeing open and transparent is a cornerstone of Atlassian’s source components in our own development. Many ofidentity. We’ve deployed a public version of JIRA, our issue our developers participate in open source projects on theirtracker, to track all product issues and feature requests made own time or company time. Atlassian has a long historyby customers. All of our customers can vote openly for features of supporting open source and software developmentthey want to have developed in future versions. Additionally, communities. Since its inception, the company has providedwe give our source code to every commercial license holder. free licenses to thousands of open source projects and non-profit organizations.
  • 6. The Stats2002ADyear founded 400 17,000 employees customers142 worldwide $1,000,000 5 days per year employees can total amount donated to volunteer at theircountries where our Room to Read favorite charities software is used in 2011 from sale of $10 Starter licenses$10starting price for our tools 4:00PM the time the beer cart rolls through the San Francisco office 3number of offices 1:00PM the time the poker tournament starts every Friday in the Sydney office 1 % amount of revenue donated to charity
  • 7. Atlassian Through the Ages 2k Welcome to the future of issue management. 2005 2004 2003 2002 Good morning, We get our 2,000th Santa drops Atlassian is born! San Francisco! paying customer... Confluence 1.0 JIRA 1.0 is released Our US office this company might into your stocking! in the wild. opens its doors. just take off. 2007 Atlassian acquires Cenqua, gets a sweet suite of Dev Tools. 10k erated 2008 2009 2010 2011 Van Gogh, bicycles, $10 Starter licenses Dump your code...into Bitbucket, We made all our products canals, oh my! launch, $100,000 our new code-hosting service. available OnDemand in the Welkom to our new raised for Room to cloud! Accel Partners invests $60M in Amsterdam office. Read, and we hit Atlassian. Party! We also add Team Calendars 10,000 customers. Our Starter license donations to and Bonfire to the family. Room to Read total $1,000,000.
  • 8. Our Customers: Where Do They Come From?37 % 12% EMEA Asia Pacific Americas 51 % A few of the companies we serve:
  • 9. Fan Mail“ To me, the mark of success for software “ We are absolutely “ We very firmly feel that switching to JIRA was a thrilled with critical enabler in allowing us is when you don’t have to read the both JIRA and to dramatically improve our development workflow and manual, and you guys Confluence. They decrease the amount of time have done a great job are both stable needed to deliver new projects. ” Simply put, it’s become with JIRA. and flexible and indispensable for us. ” Murray Leslie our developers Clark Richie NEPTUNE Canada love using them. ” One Economy Corporation“ Before Bamboo, we’d have no idea which commit broke the Robert H. Christensen “ I had no idea Confluence Lockheed Martin could do all this . . . it build, we’d have to look into has blown me away— Subversion, look at the commits, you can do anything you run some diffs—it was just too much effort. Bamboo cut that “ Can’t say enough want. You can extend time from an hour or two a week good things about it and create whatever and made it into 30 seconds. ” @atlassian support! ” webapp you want. ” Michelle Harper Mike Starkey Interspire @jayson_r Heliodyne
  • 10. 24 Hours @ AtlassianFedEx DayWhat can you do in 24 hours? That was the question weasked our employees, and from that question we startedAtlassian “FedEx Days,” a 24-hour period of time for ourdevelopers to tap into their creative side, scratch an itch,and build something new. While FedEx Days have producedplugins and features that have shipped in our products, theirpurpose is to help motivate and inspire people to think big. Dan Pink, former speech writer for Al Gore, covered Atlassian FedEx Days in his book on The Winner’s Booty! motivation, Drive. • FedEx champion shirt • Possession of the FedEx trophy • Bragging rights, pride, and the envy of your peers.Thursday WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN 24 HOURS? Friday Brainstorm! Build It! Watch the Clock! Pitch your Project! Vote. Win. Party!
  • 11. Our Core ValuesThese are the values that guide our business, our product development, andour brand. They’re what we look for in every employee. As the companycontinues to evolve, one thing that remains a constant is our five values. Open Company, No Bullshit Be the Change You Seek We embrace transparency. All information, both We think Gandhi had it pretty right when he said internal and external, is public by default. “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” At Atlassian we encourage everyone to Don’t #@!% the Customer create positive change. We want our customers to respect us in the Play, as a Team morning. That’s why whenever we make decisions we ask ourselves how it will affect It’s important to have fun with your workmates our customers first. while contributing to the Atlassian team. Build with Heart & Balance Every day we try to build products that are useful and that people lust after, and that account for our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.
  • 12. Contact UsAmsterdamADDRESS Keizergracht 311 1016EE Amsterdam San Francisco Netherlands ADDRESS 375 Alabama Street #325PHONE +31 20 796 0060 San Francisco, CA, 94110FAX +31 20 524 8260 USA PHONE +1 415 701 1110 FAX +1 415 449 6222 Sydney ADDRESS 173-185 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia PHONE +61 2 9262 1443 FAX +61 2 8208 7383 @atlassian
  • 13. Dress for SuccessWe pride ourselves on our company shirts – whether we’re commemoratingan event, person, team, or inside joke – we’ll look for any excuse to lay downsome threads.