All Your Issues Are Belong to HipChat - Atlassian Summit 2012


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  • \n
  • Nope... it’s not a typo. When Ken asked me to give this talk, I had to give him a talk title right away. For some reason, I chose a title that works off of the “All your base” meme.\n
  • How many of you are familiar with the “All your base” meme? This was a catchphrase that swept the internet back in the late 90s. It comes from a 16-bit shoot’em up game called Zero Wing. The reason for its popularity is rooted in the awkward translation from Japanese to English which grew into what is today called “Engrish.”\n\n
  • Here’s another example of Engrish.\n
  • Here’s another example of Engrish.\n
  • So, after thinking it over, this talk really isn’t about getting your issues into HipChat. It’s about getting your notifications into HipChat. Let me tell you why that’s important...\n
  • How many of you have an phone that looks like this? This is what my phone looked like until I figured out that I can turn off those pesky badge notifications.\n
  • Here’s how my desktop used to look. Skype, Google Talk, iMessage, IRC, Gmail, Jabber IM... It’s a mess.\n
  • What it comes down to is that I hate notifications.\n
  • I also suck at multitasking. Whoever claims that they’re good at multitasking is a liar. Our brains aren’t built to multitask.\n
  • ...and I’m easily distracted.\n
  • That’s where HipChat comes in.\n\nAtlassian started using HipChat well over a year ago. We found it so useful that we acquired them.\n
  • HipChat is not just an IM service... although it is also an IM service.\n
  • HipChat is an incredibly useful tool for team collaboration. At Atlassian, we have heaps of rooms. Most of them are team rooms and some are about... “bacon”\n
  • The best part about HipChat is it follows your team around. With HipChat, you can loop people in even when they’re not online on their desktop through our mobile apps.\n
  • The HipChat mobile app uses push notifications to notify you of the important conversations that you need to be a part of.\n
  • However, HipChat isn’t just about team collaboration. It’s about getting relevant and useful notifications delivered to the people who need to see them at the right time. The best part is you have control of what notifications you want to bring in.\n\nHere’s an example of one of my team rooms. We listen to events that allow us to know when new features are built (Bitbucket), when those features are ready (or not), and when people submit new features or bugs. All part of making sure that the team is productive and on the same page all the time.\n
  • All of these notifications are possible due to HipChat’s incredibly easy to use REST API.\n
  • With this REST API, I built a simple JIRA plugin that allow project admins to selectively pick which Issue events should notify a team.\n
  • The plugin taps into JIRA’s workflow and allows a project admin to send very specific transition events to one or more HipChat rooms. In this example, the JIRA team gets notifications when a feature a developer built is rejected by a tester... a great way to shame and whip the JIRA developers into shape.\n
  • Along with the HipChat for JIRA plugin, we also ship plugins for Bamboo, Confluence, and FishEye. These plugins are available today for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.\n
  • And HipChat itself has 38 different integrations with other systems that you can turn on today.\n
  • And.... there’s a company called Zapier which is a service that allows you to take the output of a service and feed it into another service. In this example, I’m feeding HipChat with events from Zendesk, Twitter, and our Wordpress blog.\n
  • Zapier is easy to use and a great way to get notifications into HipChat.\n
  • Here’s how our Developer Relations room looks with all of those Zapier integrations turned on.\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • fin\n
  • All Your Issues Are Belong to HipChat - Atlassian Summit 2012

    1. 1. All your issue are belongto HipChatRich Manalang → @rmanalanA Developer’s BFF, Atlassian
    2. 2. All your issue notificationare belong to HipChat
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    4. 4. I hate notifications.
    5. 5. I suck at multitasking.
    6. 6. I’m easily distracted.
    7. 7. Old status → Transition → New status
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    9. 9. HipChat is an incredibly useful tool that allow teamsto collaborate in real time and get relevant andhelpful notifications to help them get their job done. #summit12
    10. 10. Thank you!