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JIRA + Confluence = Beyond Software Development - Atlassian Summit 2010
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JIRA + Confluence = Beyond Software Development - Atlassian Summit 2010


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JIRA + Confluence = Beyond Software Development …

JIRA + Confluence = Beyond Software Development

Simon Woodford, Bechtel

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. simonwoodford
 Enterprise 2.0 Transformation
 Atlassian Summit 2010
 anticipating the needs of our customers to deliver collaboration: 
 anywhere, any time"
  • 2. "A key competitive advantage is the ability for firms to turn information into knowledge in order to improve efficiencies, drive innovation and respond rapidly to changing competitive conditions "" (Quinn 1992; Tidd, 1997; Tapscott, 1999)."
  • 3. key takeaways" integrate knowledge management and collaboration " into your project management activities" semantically tie Confluence with JIRA so project content " is available in a single, coherent way" aggregate your wiki content into the ultimate, " reliable source of truth on a project"
  • 4. introductions"
  • 5. A World of Experience" •  Airports,  ports,  bridges,  highways,  and  rail  systems     Exper9se  and   •  Communica9ons   experience                 •  Mining  and  metals     •  Power  genera9on,  including  renewables   in  most  major   •  Oil,  gas,  chemicals,  and  pipelines   industries   •  Government  facili9es  management  and   environmental  cleanup  
  • 6. Bechtel Today"
  • 7. Our Project Landscape" ScoJord   Wood  River   Prairie  State   West  Coast  Route   Romanian   Upgrader   Refinery   Power  Plant   Edwardsport   London   Motorway   Hanford  Waste   Keystone   Oak  Creek   Moderniza9on   IGCC     Underground   Treatment  Plant   Pipeline   Power  Plant   plant   Albanian   Motorway   Missile   Defense   Khursaniyah  Gas   Plant   Sammis  Power  Plant   Lawrence   Livermore   Na9onal   Naval  Nuclear   Laboratory   Propulsion   KGD6  Gas  Field   Ivanpah  Solar   Metrorail  Extension   Power   Complex   Oak  Ridge   Kwajalein  Test   Range   Los  Alamos   Na9onal   Cox  Wireless   Laboratory   Deployment   Chemical   Weapons   WaYs  Bar  Power   Jamnagar   Elimina9on   Plant   Refinery   AT&T  Wireless   Expansion   Nuclear  Power   Worsley   Uprates   Refinery   Pascagoula   Refinery   Mo9va   New  Doha   Refinery   Los  Pelambres  Mine   Interna9onal   Sandow   Airport   Power  Plant   Angola  LNG   Yarwun  2   Sabine  Pass   Trimble   Plant   Jubail  Industrial   Refinery   Los  Bronces  Mine   LNG   Power   City   Port  Waratah  Coal   Terminal   Plant   Terminal  
  • 8. Financially Strong" New  work  booked   Revenue   in  billions  of  U.S.  dollars   in  billions  of  U.S.  dollars  
  • 9. Doing What Others Canʼt" •  Provided  temporary  housing  for     Ge]ng  the   Hurricane  Katrina  vic9ms   job  done,   •  Put  the  Channel  Tunnel  project  back  on  track     whatever  it   •  Led  the  effort  to  ex9nguish  650  Kuwai9     takes   oil  fires  in  eight  months     •  Decommissioned  Three  Mile  Island  
  • 10. Civil Infrastructure" Major  projects  in   •  Managing  Crossrail  project  through  London   Europe,  the   •  Extending  Metrorail  to  Dulles  Airport   Middle  East,  and   •  Building  highways  in  Romania  and  Albania   the  U.S.   •  Construc9ng  major  new  airport  in  Qatar  
  • 11. Mining & Metals" An  industry  paceseYer   •  Expanding  Los  Pelambres  and  Los   Bronces  copper  mines  in  Chilean   Andes   •  Expanding  alumina  refineries  in   Queensland  and  Western  Australia   •  Building  an  aluminum  smelter  in   Saudi  Arabia  
  • 12. Oil, Gas & Chemicals" •  Helping  build  pipeline  to  carry  oil  from             Mee9ng   Canada  to  U.S.  refineries     global   •  Expanding  refineries  in  Illinois,  Mississippi   demand  for   and  Texas   energy   •  Expanding  an  LNG  receiving  terminal  in   Louisiana  
  • 13. Power" •  440-­‐megawaY  solar  thermal  complex  in   A  leader  in   California   fossil  and   •  New  “cleaner  coal”  plant  in  Indiana  in  alliance   nuclear  power   with  GE   plants   •  Unit  2  of  WaYs  Bar  nuclear  plant  
  • 14. U.S. Government Services" A  leading  provider  to  U.S   Departments  of  Defense   and  Energy   •  Helping  manage  Los  Alamos  and   Lawrence  Livermore  na9onal  labs   •  Building  a  facility  in  Washington  State   to  treat  radioac9ve  waste   •  Elimina9ng  chemical  weapons  at   defense  sites  in  Colorado  and  Kentucky  
  • 15. Business Challenges"
  • 16. "Ask yourself, if you could build your collaborative, knowledge and " document management systems " and work processes from scratch, " would you recreate what you have?”"
  • 17. Study of Internet Success"
  • 18. Leverage of Internet Success"
  • 19. Enterprise Users vs Consumers"
  • 20. Enterprise Users vs Consumers"
  • 21. Enterprise Users vs Consumers"
  • 22. Apply strategies, vision and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage, and share Bechtel's intellectual assets to enhance its corporate and project performance and competitiveness. " Create environments where knowledge created throughout the Bechtel organization is effectively captured and shared in a manner that enhances learning, innovation, effectiveness, and productivity."
  • 23. leverage consumer applications proven to augment existing work processes (parity plus)" specifically targeted to business requirements and opportunities" access with only a browser and an internet connection" no reliance on proprietary systems or technology" development based on open industry standards" built upon a semantic web framework" embraces and enables BYOC model" no operating system dependency" provides web service capabilities" tuned options for mobile devices" no browser dependency" no net cost increase" no desktop footprint" 100% cloud ready"
  • 24. Confluence" JIRA" zAgile"
  • 25. Knowledge Services" 2010" Client" Bechtel User" Project User" Communities" (Interest, Practice)" myPSN" Semantic" iRing" Identity" Supplier" Manager" Search" Client User" PSN 2.0" Collaborative Framework" JV User" Supplier User" JV"
  • 26. Demo  
  • 27. thank-you"
  • 28. Knowledge Services" 2010" Client" Bechtel User" Project User" Communities" (Interest, Practice)" myPSN" Semantic" iRing" Identity" Supplier" Search" Client User" Manager" PSN 2.0" Collaborative Framework" JV User" Supplier User" JV" PSN 2.0 Collaborative Framework " Enterprise 2.0 and 3.0 Application Stack – 2010" mail" blog" flow" form" drive" portal" record" spaces" conference" tracker " messaging" reporting" store" zimbra" wordpress" JIRA" zAgile" alfresco" liferay" alfresco" confluence" abobe connect""" jasper" amazon / Bechtel Cloud" Bechtel University" aggregator" survey" idea" InfoWorks" BecInfo" mentor" best practices" search" Moving Knowledge" elgg" TBA" TBA" CARA on Alfresco" CARA on Alfresco" liferay" TBA" pelorus on zCalm"
  • 29. User and Business Requirements" Business Cases" Work Process" Community" CFS 2.0 Application Stack" Technology"