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Go Abroad China is an 9-year-old organization (since 2003) devoted to fostering international understanding through cultural exchange and educational programs in China.

Go Abroad China has been a leader in creating life-changing, cross-cultural experiences in China including: mandarin immersion, internship, volunteer, teach, travel, high school programs, study tours and home stays. Since 2003, more than 900 individuals have participated in GAC programs. From the moment we pick you up at the airport to the moment we drop you off for your flight home, you can rest assured that we will be there for you.

We are combining Mandarin Chinese language and culture classes with extra-curricular workshops, language tutorials, social activities, interaction with native Chinese speakers, and fun events held throughout the year. Our programs are interesting, reliable and are an affordable options for total immersion into the Chinese language, culture and way of life. Our Staff at Go Abroad China is committed to giving, the best quality program, along with flawless communication.

For more information feel free to contact us on inquiry@goabroadchina.org, and we will be glad to assist you in planning your trip to China!

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Go Abroad China

  2. 2. AGENDA GAC Company Overview GAC Main Activities • Internship Program • Chinese Language Program • Volunteer Program General Stay and Activities in China Feedback Why Beijing or Shanghai ? WHY GAC ? How to Contact GAC?
  3. 3. Go Abroad China (GAC)General Information Go Abroad China is an 9-year-old organization (since 2003) devoted to fosteringinternational understanding through cultural exchange and educational programs in China.There are more than 900 individuals have participated in GAC programs since 2003.Mission • Enhancing people‟s understanding and knowledge about the Chinese culture • Providing educational opportunities • Allocating a portion of the budget and resources for improving education in rural schools and orphanages in China.
  4. 4. Go Abroad China (GAC) Main Activities Internship in China University Mandarin Program One on One Tutoring HSK Program Volunteer in Beijing High School Program Chinese Traditional Medicine Study Tour Program Gap Year Program
  5. 5. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMAs an intern, you will not only encounter new Students have the opportunity to work for at least professional opportunities and 25 hours a week in local or international challenges, but social ones too. companies based in Beijing or Shanghai.
  6. 6. CHINESE LANGUAGE PROGRAM GACs unique Chinese Language Programs are offered by Chinas top university and professional teachers in Beijing and Shanghai. GAC Chinese Language Programs are designed to immerse participants inMandarin Chinese through class instruction, after-class tutoring, language exchange with native Mandarin Chinese speakers, and culture electives and excursions. All levels are available.
  7. 7. VOLUNTEER PROGRAMOne of the best ways to get to know locals and make a lasting difference is by giving back to the community. GAC assists local children, orphanages, and poor schools in China. As an international volunteer with GAC, you are making a positive contribution and providing benefits for the children and the community that will be their lasting forever memories.
  8. 8. GENERAL STAY AND ACTIVITIESHousingGo Abroad China arranges living accommodationsto enhance your experience. You have many choicesof different types of accommodations.  Shared Apartment • Live with host family • Live with a young professional  Private Apartment
  9. 9. GENERAL STAY AND ACTIVITIESActivitiesWe are combining Mandarin Chinese language and culture classes with extra-curricularworkshops, language tutorials, social activities, interaction with native Chinese speakers,and fun events held throughout the year. GAC Social Activity Beijing Tour Chinese Dumpling Party
  10. 10. GENERAL STAY AND ACTIVITIES The Great Wall Trip Welcome Dinner Kung Fu ClassWe have exciting electives and activities for all age groups, which includes many socialand cultural activities and also guided tours and excursions across China. Excitingopportunities to learn Mandarin Chinese in an out-of-class setting are also on offer forour students.
  11. 11. INTERNSHIP FEEDBACK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM “It‟s a great experience. The staff was helpful, young and very understanding. Whenever I asked for something I would get a quick response. It was a great program, one month was like a day.” Ameni Kabboudi, TunisiaINTERNSHIP PROGRAM“The GAC Beijing Coordinators are excellent at their jobs, and veryfriendly. My trip last summer was one of the greatest experiences I haveever had! In fact, I will be returning to China for a second internship withGAC and I wholeheartedly recommend this program!”Paul Stephen, US
  12. 12. STUDENTS FEEDBACKCHINESE IMMERSION PROGRAM“It was a fantastic experience and my Chinesespeaking skills and my understanding of the cultureimproved tremendously! Living with a Chinese familywas a fantastic experience, because I enjoy adaptingto new cultures. GAC staffs are extremely helpful.”Vimal Nandwani, UKCHINESE IMMERSION PROGRAM“Go Abroad China staff gave me the assistance andguidance I needed. The social events and partiesorganized by GAC were an excellent way of meetingpeople. The GAC staff is really friendly and helpful.”Savais Tuemise , Germany
  13. 13. VOLUNTEER FEEDBACK VOLUNTEER PROGRAM “I would definitely recommend „Go abroad China‟ without a once of hesitation whatever your age they give you just the correct balance between freedom and their fun organized events. You can always get in touch with any of them if you require help which is very reassuring.” Clarisse Beurrier, France VOLUNTEER PROGRAM “I had a very nice time and it was a very enriching experience. GAC gave me a package with absolutely everything I needed in it. I was impressed by how well allthis was done. GAC always had stuff planned for us, and we were never bored. At the same time, we were given a lot of freedom to decide what we wanted to do. I think this is perfect.” Aurélie Pillot, Canada
  14. 14. WHY GAC ? GAC All Inclusive Service Pack All our packages are all inclusive; no any extra fees for other services. 24x7 Support AssistanceRound the clock 24x7 Service with Qualified, Friendly and Helpful Staff 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Best Competitive Price Guaranteed With our long history and comprehensive experience in the industry, we can offer better quality with a better price. GAC Financial AidWe commit scholarships and financial aid to qualified students annually.
  15. 15. HOW TO CONTACT GAC? Go Abroad China - US Office Go Abroad China Ltd.1201Orange Street, Suite 600 One Commerce Center Wilmington, DE 19801 United States Phone: 1-800-314-2508 (Toll Free) E-mail: info@goabroadchina.org Go Abroad China - China Office A-2101, Guorun Commercial Plaza No.46 West Forth Ring Road, Beijing Phone: +86-10-8481-6396 E-mail: beijing@goabroadchina.org