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Go Abroad China - Internship in China Program

GAC internship program in China along with Chinese immersion program is a combination of Chinese studies and practical work experience gained in a domestic or international company. The program is an exciting opportunity for young professionals and students interested to gain work experience in China whilst developing their Chinese language skills.

As an intern, you will not only encounter new professional opportunities and challenges, but social ones too. The time you spend in China enables you to develop new relationships both in personal and professional spheres of life by participating in numerous networking events in China.

Students have the opportunity to work for at least 25 hours a week in local or international companies based in Beijing or Shanghai. Students have the option to request an internship placement by preference from any one of the following fields: Banking and Finance, Business Development, Education, IT, Marketing and Advertising, Non-Profit, Retail, and Travel and Tourism.

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GAC Internship Program

  2. 2. AGENDA GAC Company Overview Why GAC Internship in China? Why Beijing or Shanghai? GAC Internship in China • Components • Sectors • Partner Companies Feedback from GAC Interns How to Contact GAC?
  3. 3. Go Abroad China (GAC)General Information Go Abroad China is an 9-year-old organization (since 2003) devotedto fostering international understanding through cultural exchange andeducational programs in China. There are more than 900 individuals haveparticipated in GAC programs since 2003.Mission • Enhancing people’s understanding and knowledge about the Chinese culture • Providing educational opportunities • Allocating a portion of the budget and resources for improving education in rural schools and orphanages in China.
  4. 4. WHY A GAC INTERNSHIP IN CHINA?In terms of growth, China is the largest economical powerhouse in the world today. Considering the tremendous growth and sustainability of Chinese economy, a work placement in a domestic or multi-nationalcompany will help you obtain hands-on experience of Chinese working culture and business environment.An internship in China also enables interns to learn Chinese language and culture.As an intern, you will not only encounter new professional opportunities and challenges, but social ones too. The time you spend in China enables you to develop new relationships both in personal and professional spheres of life by participating in numerous networking
  5. 5. WHY BEIJING OR SHANGHAI ?Beijing - The capital city of ChinaBeijing has witnessed as many as 250,000 years of fascinating history.Almost every street boasts an ancient architectural treasure.GAC offers a diversity of programs to suit the needs of a desiringparticipant.GAC programs in Beijing are offered at the most renowned universities. Shanghai - The largest, most cosmopolitan city in China! Being a truly global city, Shanghai has a major influence on China’strade, commerce, fashion, technology and transport. It’s also home to the world’s busiest container sea-port! While plentiful in its history and tradition, Shanghai also features numerous characteristics consistent with many of today’s most modern cities in the world.
  6. 6. INTERNSHIP - COMPONENTSThere are two components in the GAC Internship Program: Internship in China International or domestic companies are located in Beijing andShanghai. • Weekly discussion with internship supervisor • Salary or stipend • Reference letter and internship certificate provided by the Internship Company and Go Abroad China • Resume translation • Ongoing monitoring and assessment Chinese Language • Total immersion in the Chinese language • Different proficiency levels available • Chinese language classes in small groups • Language exchange program with native speakers • Regular guided tours, excursions, and activities • 24/7 onsite staff assistance and support
  7. 7. INTERNSHIP - SECTORS Go Abroad China has a network of over 600 partner companies.Participants have the option to choose an internship that suits their needsand preferences. GAC professional staff matches preferences and future career aspiration to a current internship position available offering participants an unparalleled service in the industry. Business Finance Internship Arts Internship Internship GAC provides internships Put your creative talent to There are many in high-profile companies. use! Internships in the arts different projects that consist of multiple fields and you could be asked to disciplines. work on in many different areas.
  8. 8. INTERNSHIP - SECTORS Hospitality / Food & Beverage Information Technology – IT Internship Internship We offer internships at some of the Chance to work for start-ups, socialmost well-know restaurants and hotels networking sites, and webzines in China.Engineering Internship Fashion Internship Journalism InternshipInternships for automotive, Working hands-on as an Work with talented chemical, and mechanical assistant to emerging Chinese writers and journalists to engineering. designers, or international become a part of the fashion magazines. buzz.
  9. 9. INTERNSHIP - SECTORS Law Internship Medicine Internship Internships in some of the top The opportunity to learn from the doctors who Chinese and multinational law integrate both Western and Chinese medicine into Firms their medical practices. PR & Marketing Internship Environment InternshipYou will be working as an assistant and We offer internships in solar energy project coordinator in some of the top companies, green businesses, campaignsAdvertising firms, Events Management for environment-focused NGOs. companies and PR firms.
  11. 11. FEEDBACK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM “It’s a great experience. The staff was helpful, young and very understanding. Whenever I asked for something I would get a quick response. It was a great program, one month was like a day.”INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Ameni Kabboudi, Tunisia“The GAC Beijing Coordinators are excellent at theirjobs, and very friendly. My trip last summer was one of thegreatest experiences I have ever had! In fact, I will bereturning to China for a second internship with GAC and Iwholeheartedly recommend this program!”Paul Stephen, US
  12. 12. HOW TO CONTACT GAC? Go Abroad China - US Office Go Abroad China Ltd.1201Orange Street, Suite 600 One Commerce Center Wilmington, DE 19801 United States Phone: 1-800-314-2508 (Toll Free) E-mail: Go Abroad China - China Office A-2101, Guorun Commercial Plaza No.46 West Forth Ring Road, Beijing Phone: +86-10-8481-6396 E-mail: