Webinar Sept 22: Gluster Partners with Redapt to Deliver Scale-Out NAS Storage
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Webinar Sept 22: Gluster Partners with Redapt to Deliver Scale-Out NAS Storage



Gluster has partnered with Redapt, Inc., an innovative data center architecture and infrastructure solutions provider, to integrate GlusterFS with hardware providing customers with highly-scalable NAS ...

Gluster has partnered with Redapt, Inc., an innovative data center architecture and infrastructure solutions provider, to integrate GlusterFS with hardware providing customers with highly-scalable NAS storage technology for on-premise, virtual and cloud environments. Gluster's storage technology enables Redapt to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective storage solution delivering the scalability, performance and reliability that companies need to effectively run their data centers.

This webinar will provide an overview of the partnership, benefits of the joint solution, and include use cases of how customers today are deploying the joint solution. .



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    Webinar Sept 22: Gluster Partners with Redapt to Deliver Scale-Out NAS Storage Webinar Sept 22: Gluster Partners with Redapt to Deliver Scale-Out NAS Storage Presentation Transcript

    • Scale-out Storage Solutions fromGluster and REDAPT
    • Some Housekeeping Items… Ask a question at any time How To Ask a Question? Questions will be answered atthe end of the webinar Slides will be available afterthe webinar The webinar is beingrecorded A Better Way To Do Storage 3
    • Today’s Speakers Tom Trainer Matt Huff Director V.P. Business Product Marketing Development Gluster, Inc. REDAPT A Better Way To Do Storage 4
    • Poll QuestionAre you working with REDAPT today?– Yes, we work with REDAPT regularly– Yes, we work with REDAPT from time-to-time– No, however we are considering REDAPT– Just researching and trying to understand the Gluster – REDAPT partnership A Better Way To Do Storage 5
    • History of Gluster How it all started – Backgrounds in high performance, clustered computing – Working at Lawrence Livermore National Labs • AB Periasamy & Hitesh Chellani design “Thunder” • One of the worlds fastest super computers • On Intel commodity hardware • Solved filesystem scalability and performance limitations – Large customer in oil & gas persuaded them to focus on storage – Gluster founded by Hitesh & AB to bring technology to market Thunder Result: award winning technology A Better Way To Do Storage 6
    • Open Source 200,000+ downloads Global Adoption – ~17,000 /month 550+ registered deployments – 45 countries 2,500+ registered users – Mailing lists, Forums, etc. Active community – Diverse testing environments – Bugs identification and fixes – Code contributions Member of broader ecosystem – OpenStack, Linux Foundation, Open Virtualization Alliance A Better Way To Do Storage 7
    • Why Gluster? Increase the flexibility of your storage architecture – Deploy on the infrastructure that makes sense for your organization – Provision elastically to meet your storage needs – Customizable hardware configuration to match your workload – Eases move to public, private and hybrid clouds Scale without boundaries – Terabyte to petabyte and beyond architecture – Scale up and out linearly in the increments you desire Control your storage costs – Maximize the ROI in storage systems investment • Cost / IoP • Cost / TB – Leverage commodity hardware – Lower management and maintenance costs through simplified architecture A Better Way To Do Storage 8
    • What is the Gluster File System? Open source, scale-out storage software Key features – Metadata free access to data – Unified NAS file server & object storage – Globally addressable namespace – POSIX compliance – High-availability – Flexible replication – Linearly scalable performance – Easy to deploy and use Innovative storage solution that helps you control storage costs A Better Way To Do Storage 9
    • Gluster Technology AdvancesSoftware only – Infrastructure combinations choice (bare metal, virtual, private / public cloud)No metadata server – Fully distributed architecture, no bottleneck – Gluster Elastic HashHigh performance global namespace – Scale out with linear performance to hundreds of petabytes – 1 GbE, 10GbE – In production with >100 nodes in singe namespaceHigh availability – Replication to survive hardware failure – Self-healing – Data stored in NFS-like native formatStackable userspace design – No kernel dependencies, simple install – Match specific workload profiles – Early maturity and rich functionality A Better Way To Do Storage 10
    • A Standard Gluster Deployment Standard clients runningClients/Apps Clients/Apps Clients/Apps standard apps IP Network Over any standard IP network Access to application data, Gluster Global Namespace (HTTP, NFS, CIFS, Gluster Native) as files and folders and or objects, in global Application Data Objects VMs ApacheTM HadoopTM namespace, using a variety of standard protocols VMDK VMDK Stored in a commoditized, virtualized, scale-out, virtual storage pool centrally managed pool of DAS, SAN, NAS A Better Way To Do Storage 11
    • Software Approach to File and Object StorageHigh performance storage across heterogeneous server environments Windows Access – Improves Windows performance – Uses HTTP, not slower CIFS Object Storage – API – Internet Protocol (IP) – RestFul – Buckets – Objects seen as files Standards based – Amazon S3 RestFul interface compatible – Access data as objects and a NAS interface – to access files (NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS) Network Attached Storage – NFS / CIFS / GlusterFS – POSIX compliant – Access files within objects A Better Way To Do Storage 12
    • Compatibility for Apache HadoopEnhanced GlusterFS provides new Hadoop storage option – Proven scale-out storage provides simultaneous file and object access within Hadoop – Introduces a 4th storage option for Hadoop (HDFS, local disk, Kosmos)Included in GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2 available August 23, 2011 – Community beta for testing and participation – Select enterprise customer engagementsRequirements driven by community & customer requests – “Eliminate the 64MB fixed block size imposed by HDFS” – “Eliminate the centralized metadata server bottleneck” – “Give us NAS” (via POSIX compliance)Benefits – Out of the box compatibility with MapReduce applications, no rewrite required – Enables organizations to unify data storage – Flexible and powerful, it simplifies access and management of data A Better Way To Do Storage 13
    • The Gluster Connector for OpenStackEnables GlusterFS to be the underlying file systemConnects GlusterFS to Xen and KVM hypervisor OpenStack with Gluster – Unified File and Object storage – Highly-available, scale-out NAS – Alternative to SWIFT Mobile Apps. Web Clients. Enterprise Software Ecosystem API Layer OpenStack Prior to Gluster … Compute Unified File & Object Storage SWIFT OpenStack Imaging Services A Better Way To Do Storage 14
    • The Gluster Connector for OpenStackConnector enables GlusterFS to be chosen as the filesystem – Provides: • Unified File and Object storage • Highly scalable NAS • High Availability – synchronous and asynchronous replication • Preferred, scalable alternative to SWIFT • Virtual motion of virtual machines (a.k.a. vmotion) VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Hypervisor Hypervisor GlusterFS GlusterFS Server Server (CPU/Mem) (CPU/Mem) Virtual storage pool A Better Way To Do Storage 15
    • Pandora Internet Radio Problem • Explosive user & title growth • As many as 12 file formats for each song • „Hot‟ content and long tail Solution • Three data centers, each with a six-node GlusterFS cluster• 1.2 PB of audio served • Replication for high availability per week • 250+ TB total capacity• 13 million files Benefits• Over 50 GB/sec peak • Easily scale capacity traffic • Centralized management; one administrator to manage day-to-day operations • No changes to application • Higher reliability A Better Way To Do Storage 16
    • Pattern EnergyDatacenter: Renewable Wind & Solar Energy Producer Problem • Create a high performance computing system • Need to deliver rapid advance weather predictions • Identify wind and solar abundance in advance • More accurately perform preventative and repair maintenance Solution • Rapid & advance • 32 HP compute nodes • GlusterFS for high throughput and availability weather predictions • 20TB+ total capacity • Maximizing energy Benefits assets • Precisely predicts solar times and wind patterns 3 to • Cost savings and 5 days in advance avoidance • Maximize energy production and repair times • Avoid costs of outsourcing weather predictions • Solution has paid for itself many times over A Better Way to Do Storage 17
    • CIC Innovates Faster with Cloud Storage Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps Client/Apps IP Network Gluster Global Namespace Private Cloud Public Cloud Replication A Better Way To Do Storage 18
    • Sample Gluster Customers A Better Way To Do Storage 19
    • Gluster Enterprise Deployment Options On-premise/datacenter Storage Software Appliance – Deploy on bare metal – Any hardware on Red Hat Hardware HCL Virtualization/private cloud Virtual Machines – Deployable on the leading virtual machines Public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Runs within Amazon Machine Image (AMI) RightScale Cloud Management – GlusterFS managed via a RightScale ServerTemplate – Deployable via the RightScale Cloud Management Dashboard GoGrid Cloud – Gluster Server Image (GSI) for scale-out NAS on GoGrid cloud A Better Way To Do Storage 20
    • Introducing REDAPTBusiness Information Technology That Propels Business A Better Way To Do Storage 21
    • Who is REDAPTFounded in 1996 REDAPT provides data center architecture: – Solutions – That tackles business objectives head-on – Which lowers TCO and provides investment protectionHeadquarters – Redmond WA Field offices and facilities – nation wide – Austin TX – Ashburn VA – Los Angeles – Santa Clara CALoyalty to the “REDAPT Way” – Over 60% of our sales team have been with the company for over 10 years A Better Way To Do Storage 22
    • REDAPT and the IT EvolutionFulfillment and Supply Chain ManagementDesign and ImplementationCustom ConfigurationCapacity Management and PlanningCloud Assessments CloudOrchestrationAutomated Provisioning VirtualizationElastic Compute Traditional IT A Better Way To Do Storage 23
    • REDAPT CLOUD RACK – Work on commodity (x86) hardware – Support for several thousand physical servers – Hypervisor flexibility – Permit a single virtual machine instance per server – Amazon-like security zones – Rightscale cloud management – IP routed network Private Cloud A Better Way To Do Storage 24
    • The RightScale Solution Multi-cloud Dashboard, User Management Configuration Asset Library Automation Engine RightScale Multi-cloud Engine API API Amazon Web Services Rackspace Cloud #1 Cloud #2 Cloud #3 Cloud #4 A Better Way To Do Storage 25
    • REDAPT CLOUD RACKSIMPLE, FAST, SMART CLOUDS Ready to Deploy Virtual cloud infrastructure POC to Production Proven performance in Hyper-Scale Deployments Hybrid Strategy Benefits – Security, Performance Focus on your business A Better Way To Do Storage 26
    • Rack Specs 44 CPU’s 1TB RAM 37TB Disk Capacity 88 Server NICs 60 PDU ports 96 Switch Ports 4 10GB Uplinks 600 Amazon Compute Units A Better Way To Do Storage 27
    • REDAPT CLOUD RACKCase study: Social Gaming Company Problem Solution – Large Social gaming company with a – Deployed cloud racks with RS significant investment in the public technology to manage static and cloud required a more cost effective elastic workloads delivery model for their offering Benefits – ROI – Greater cost control – Rapid deployment – Multiple resource pools – Elastic Compute – Security A Better Way To Do Storage 28
    • Information Week 2011 On REDAPT Hybrid Cloud Strategy “This ability to invoke and coordinate both private and public clouds is "the hidden jewel" of Zyngas success”, says Allan Leinwand, CTO of infrastructure engineering at the company. “ And its also an architecture that might work for more conventional businesses, in certain situations.” -Information Week Global CIO 2011 A Better Way to Do Storage 29
    • Current Client Projects - Zynga REDAPT provides custom fulfillment and integration for Zynga’s rapidly growing infrastructure needs. “From start to finish, REDAPT made our project a success by introducing innovative technologies and delivering fully integrated racks ahead of schedule.” -Mark Stockford, VP of Production Operations, Zynga A Better Way to Do Storage 30
    • REDAPT Practice Areas Capacity Network Cloud Management Design and Strategies and Planning Implementation Storage Custom Asset Lifecycle Capacity Fulfillment and Management Management Integration A Better Way to Do Storage 31
    • Vibes Media Joint Gluster – REDAPT CustomerDatacenter: Mobile Marketing Solutions Provider Problem • Nearing capacity limits with rapid data growth • Incumbent storage vendor costs too high • Must find lower cost, highly available storage • Need trusted infrastructure provider Solution • Network upgrade • GlusterFS for high throughput and availability • Mobile Marketing • REDAPT as trusted infrastructure advisor & deployment • >50TB‟s • Lower overall TCO Benefits • Significant cost savings and much lower TCO • Cost savings and • Higher storage performance and availability avoidance • Room for data growth • Flexible, low cost solution for future capacity expansion A Better Way to Do Storage 32
    • Summary Gluster provides innovative scale-out storage – NAS & Object combined – Big Data – Flexibility, scalability, superior performance and economics REDAPT – A leader in data center IT architecture, solutions, and implementation – CLOUD RACK – hyper-scale, performance, and security Together a powerful combination of cloud compute and storage A Better Way To Do Storage 33
    • Poll #2 Are you using Gluster today? – Yes, in a test environment – Yes, it‟s deployed in a production environment – No, however we are considering it – Just researching A Better Way To Do Storage 34
    • Questions and AnswersResources: Try Gluster for free here: http://www.gluster.com/trybuy/ Gluster resources: http://www.gluster.com/products/resources/ REDAPT Cloud Services: http://www.redapt.com/cloud_strategiesFor more information: info@gluster.com or 1-800-805-5215 A Better Way To Do Storage 35