01 19-13 abram's call challenge and convenant2


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01 19-13 abram's call challenge and convenant2

  1. 1. Sermon series: LIFE WITH YHWHAbram’s Call its Challenges & Covenant Part 2 “Unpacking the Covenant!” Genesis 12:1-9; 15; 17
  2. 2. Lot’s Challenges Decisions & Consequences 1. Captured by eastern marauders, Taken captive, then rescued by Uncle Abraham Genesis 14:1-16 2. Offered his daughters to be molested by his ungodly and vicious neighbors 3. Entire household operated in the spirit of rebellion! 4. Life was saved but he lost his possessions and his property in the burning city of Sodom Genesis 19; Luke 17:28,29 5. Commits incest with his daughters Genesis 19:30-38 which Resulted in the birth of his Descendants who were the AMMONITES MOABITES…idolaters whoLife with YHWH conspired and fought against the children of Israel.
  3. 3. Lot’s Lessons 1. Everything that looks good is not always good for you! 2. Pray, Ask God or seek godly counsel before making life decisions. 3. God is a God of Many chances. God rescued Lot several times in spite of his poor decisions. 4. You can’t live with the Sodomites and not be affected by their lifestyle, culture and mindset. His whole household was adversely affected by his poor decision. 5. Whenever we make poor decisions we must live with the consequences. The Moabites and the Ammonites are birthed in our own homes.
  4. 4. The Divine Council or Council of the Lord 1. Gen 1:26 - Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness 2. Gen 3:22 - The man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil 3. Gen 11:7 - Come, let us go down 4. Gen 18:17 - 17 Then the LORD said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?
  5. 5. The Divine Council or Council of the Lord 1. The Divine Council in the Hebrew Bible is a symbolic ruling body consisting of God as the supreme monarch and various supernatural attendants. 2. Describes how God maintains order in the Creation. 3. YHWH head of the council, holds three primary offices: King, Judge, & Warrior 4. The existence of the divine council is witnessed by historical narratives, poetic passages, prophetic visions, Temple liturgy, apocalyptic visions. Paul Sumner
  6. 6. The Divine Council or Council of the Lord 1. A few select men (prophets) gain access to the divine council. 2. During their visionary entry into working sessions of the royal throne room, they overhear what the King and his counselors decide to do regarding specific human situations. 3. These visits or throne visions gives the prophet a message to announce to his people. 4. These visions authenticate the Prophet or messenger, because he alone has stood in the council of YHWH (Jer 23:18). Paul Sumner
  7. 7. The Divine Council or Council of the Lord 1. Creation - (Gen 1:26; Job 38:7) 2. Eschatological God’s kingdom - (Dan 7:9-14) 3. Narrative - (Exodus 24:9-10; Job 1:6-12), 4. Historical - (1 Kings 22:19-23) 5. Prophetic - (Isaiah 6; Jeremiah 23:18-22), 6. Wisdom & Poetic - (Job 15:7-8; 33:23) 7. Liturgical - (Psalm 89:5-7; 103:19-22) 8. Visionary - (Ezek 1, 10; Zech 3:1-5; John 1 & Revelation)
  8. 8. Contract vs. Covenant
  9. 9. Covenant Made with Purpose Specific or Who Universal Everlasting counsel of the Commencement - Covenants (U) unfolding ofGen 1:26; Gen 3:22; Gen 11:7 ; Job 1:6-9; eternal of Creation & Redemption Covenant to 15:8;. ) Godhead (Alpha & Omega) Humanity Edenic Before sin Creation - Gods original (S) original man and(Genesis 1-2) purpose for the whole of woman Adams race Adamic Adam and Redemption - Gods judgment (S) the original sinners (Genesis 3) Eve after sin on sin and the coming of and parents of the Messianic redemption human race.
  10. 10. Covenant Made with Purpose Specific or Who Universal Noahic Noah, after Creation - reestablishes (U) all creatures (Genesis 6-9) the Flood Gods purpose as and all future revealed in the Edenic generations of the Covenant human raceAbrahamic Abraham Promise - of Blessing to (S) (U) his natural(Genesis 12-22) faithful Israelites and and national seed Gentiles into the called Israel and Kingdom of God the Messianic seed, (Genesis 12-22). Yeshua
  11. 11. Covenant Made with Purpose Specific or Who Universal Mosaic Strictly with Law - "schoolmaster" (S) not made with (Exodus 19-40; Galatians 3:24). Israel, after the to bring Israel to the any Gentile nation Exodus Christ as the Messiah Palestinian Israel, new Land - conditions for (S) not made with(Deuteronomy 27-33). generation entering & any Gentile nation before they maintaining entered Canaan the promised land Davidic David after the Kingdom - everlasting (S) David, both his(II Samuel 7; Psalms 89; Psalms 132). death of King throne and kingdom natural and Saul of the King of kings spiritual seed and Lord of lords
  12. 12. Covenant Made with Who Purpose Specific or Universal New(Jeremiah 31:31-34; two houses of Redemption - replaced (U) made available Hebrews 8; Israel and the Old or Mosaic through the cross Matthew 26). Judah Covenant with its salvation for the external and whole world temporal elements and carnal ordinance Everlasting Eph. 1: 9; Rom. Counsel of the Consummation - all- (U) unfolding of 11:34-36; Acts eternal comprehensive Covenant to 17:29; Romans 1:20; Godhead covenant of creation Humanity Colossians 2:9; Revelations & redemption.
  13. 13. Father Son Holy Spirit GodTo Us CovenantFor Us Word and Work work in usInitiator/ Sacrifice by body CovenantOriginator - & blood ExecutorTerms & PromisesMaker Keeper Mediator Ratifier CovenantBook CompleterOath Blood Covenant Seal1. Timing: Temporal or Eternal2. Irrevocable or Revocable
  14. 14. God and Covenant Abba ManCovenantal relationship - Creation Sanctuary of Covenant Heartthen redemption (Psalms 25: 14; Deuteronomy 4: 13).expression of Gods will and purpose Covenant violations; inability tofor man be fulfilled keep the terms of any covenant. (Genesis 3; Deuteronomy 17:2; Leviticus 26: 15,44).ordinance with signs or pledges Covenant Seal Circumcised(Genesis 9:9-17; Exodus 2:24).Calls man into Covenant Enters into covenant by faith andKeeps the Covenant obedience Keeps covenant by faith and obedience
  15. 15. The covenant was given to the 3 fathers and to Israel 1. Abraham - Genesis 12:1-3; 13:14-18; 15:1- 21; 17:1-27; 18:17-19; 21:12; 22:1-18. 2. Isaac - Genesis 24:60; 26: 1-5,24. 3. Jacob - Genesis 27:28-29; 28: 1-4,13-22; 32: 12,28; 35: 10-12; 48:3-4. 4. Israel - Deuteronomy 7:6-16; I Chronicles 16: 15-22; Psalm 105:8-15; Micah 7:20; Exodus 3: 15; 32: 13; Hebrews 6: 13-14.
  16. 16. The Abrahamic Covenant Land, Seed, Blessing Genesis 12:1-3 Land/Real Estate Covenant Deut 29-30 Seed/Davidic Covenant 2Samuel 7:12-16 Blessings/New Covenant Jeremiah 31:31-34
  17. 17. Abrahamic Covenant 1. Make Abrahams descendants a great nation. 2. Bless Abraham materially and make his name great. 3. Protect Abraham by blessing those that blessed him and cursing those that opposed Abraham. 4. Bless all the families of the earth through Abraham.
  18. 18. Abba’s Covenant are Beneficial 1. Abba’s Covenant comes with Blessings! We are blessed is many ways when we enter in to covenant with Abba!! 2. Abba’s Covenant comes with Grace and Wisdom; to overcome life’s challenges; if we are faithful & Obedient 3. Abba’s Covenant comes Power; even death is overcome by his power. 4. Abba’s covenants are so overwhelmingly in our Favor that we would be foolish to reject it!
  20. 20. Your Covenant Life WITH YHWH 1. What do you think about your life with YHWH! 2. Have you entered into a Love Covenant with YHWH 3. What do you expect from YHWH in this Love Covenant? 4. What does YHWH expect from you in this Love Covenant? 5. When doubts enter about your Love Covenant with YHWH, how do you handle them?