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A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 P Art 2

A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 P Art 2






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    A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 P Art 2 A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 P Art 2 Presentation Transcript

    • Part 2
    • Welcome to Part 2 of Chapter 10 of A Sim Legacy. Beatriz is two skill points from completing her Lifetime goal. She already mastered the painting skill and is working on her guitar skill. Those last two skill points take forever to fill, but she’s working on it.
    • Scotty and Amber’s ghost have started coming out every single night. Scotty enjoys playing with the family’s new sprinklers.
    • Amber likes to talk to her grandchildren a lot. They also like to constantly break the TV and computer and annoy me.
    • Beatriz tried to paint Scotty’s portrait again, and it looks funny. Are portraits supposed to look like that now?
    • She still likes to walk around in her swimsuit. “Scotty the bathtub broke again. Are you going to fix it? Scotty are you listening me?” I don’t think he is paying attention at what she says.
    • Morgan has decided to cook her own food instead of eating the leftovers in the fridge. She burns everything she cooks though.
    • She also gets really tired from working out so much. She has passed out quite a few times now.
    • Scotty and Carlotta have somehow ended up being best friends and I always see them talking with each other. “Aren’t trees great?”
    • Beatriz continues practicing with her guitar. She wanted to get some tips so she went to play her guitar in the park.
    • Some random old guys came over and started dancing. The one in the grey shirt is Parker Langerak and I don’t know who the other one is. They danced for like two hours. I guess they had nothing better to do.
    • Latonya Ursine is still around, and she’s still as evil as ever. Her daughter Elena is also quite evil. Look at that thought bubble. I wonder what she’s planning?
    • The ghost keep coming out, and continue to break the TV. Look guys I love and all, but aren’t you supposed to be resting in peace somewhere. There must be somewhere you can be?
    • The girls continue working hard. They are all in the honor roll and are very happy.
    • This repair woman looks just like the maid. It’s also funny that she doesn’t like to see things broken.
    • Oh my God! Did someone die?! That was what I thought when I saw the Grim Reaper in the house. I checked but everyone was fine.
    • It turns out Grim invited himself to Delilah and Carlotta’s birthday party. That is really creepy.
    • Latonya Ursine also invited herself. I suppose since I invited her son she came over. I still don’t understand how the Grim Reaper ended up at the party.
    • The family was invited. Here is the girls aunt Kirsten. She brought some Ratatouille.
    • This is the girls cousin, Davon. He looks pretty nice.
    • This is the girls sister Julius’ daughter Katherine. She is quite pretty.
    • And the girls brother Cedrick, Julius’ other kid. He looks kind of angry.
    • They all stood outside like always and did there pouty pout faces.
    • First up was Carlotta. Everyone cheered her. Also, note that Julius doesn’t seem to approved of Scotty. I found that funny.
    • Katherine was to busy laughing at Beatriz to pay attention to the party.
    • Carlotta ended up looking great. Her final trait was Absent- Minded. She really ooks a lot like Beatriz.
    • Humiliation struck as Tina pissed herself. Everyone thought it was gross, Davon just laughed at her, and it made Beatriz feel hungry.
    • After that incident, Tina went running inside to take a bath and the party continued. Delilah blew out her candles.
    • She looks really great. She is definitely my favorite. Her final trait is Family Oriented.
    • “That was a great party, I have to go now.” I don’t know how he enjoyed the party when all he did was stay inside watching TV.
    • Everyone went inside to enjoy some cake and the food the guest had broguht.
    • Outside Kirsten started flirting with Julius. Kirsten how could you!
    • Delilah came running outside to tell them they were acting inappropriately. She felt betrayed that her father had flirted with her aunt, but somehow she didn’t hate father like she had her mother.
    • Her relationship with Kirsten did take a plunge.
    • Here are the girls after a makeover. Aren’t they pretty.
    • Morgan continues telling everyone how buff she is and how they all need to do more exercise. Like Carlotta they al just ignore her.
    • Carlotta enjoys dancing with Tina. Lately I always seem to find them dancing togueter.
    • Look at those faces. They just reek of fun. I've never seen such emotion.
    • This is Lori Pappas. She hates trees. I saw her while Delilah was at the park. “Come and get some you trees or are you chicken?”
    • “Oh no! They are multiplying! Help someone the trees they are attaacking”
    • “The…trees…are…trying…to…kill…me.” Her mom just stood there. “This is why I don’t let you out of the house.”
    • When Delilah went to the other part she saw Kirsten. Turns out she and Carlos had another kid. Meet Thaddeus Sim. He is very cute.
    • Since Delilah is going to be heir she needs a spouse. After having no luck at the park I decided to look at her contacts and saw that her old friend Robin Bachelor had aged up. So I sent her to visit.
    • There I saw that Bella had had another child. This is Janell Bachelor. She’s absolutely adorable.
    • Robin and Delilah decided to talk about the moon in the bathroom. It seemed like a nice to have a conversation I guess.
    • She went back home and practiced her guitar skills. Delilah’s lifetime wish is to be a hit movie composer.
    • Morgan continues eating her own burnt food instead of eating the nice leftovers in the fridge. She is very stubborn.
    • Everyone seems to be getting tired of seeing the ghost around.
    • When I paused the game Delilah was like this. I like this picture a lot.
    • One day Morgan lost track of time while she working out.
    • She stayed after her curfew and got taken home by the police.
    • Scotty scolded her and that’s when she decided that she wanted to be a Master Thief.
    • She was so angry she wanted to be mean to Scotty. “No one treats me like this. They'll all be sorry.”
    • I saw Carlotta talking to Scotty and when I looked at her wants panel she wanted to kiss Scotty for the first time. That was so awkward. I think she should leave soon.
    • Morgan was happy that she was aging up. I think she has some evil plans. Look at hoe she looks at that cake.
    • She aged into an very *coughuglycough* nice young woman. Her final trait is that she can’t stand art.
    • It was Tina’s turn then. This is the farthest I’ve ever gotten in a legacy challenge so this is a personal milestone.
    • Tina wished for something and blew out the candles.
    • I absolutely love Tina. She is really adorable. Her final trait is Workaholic.
    • Remember how Cycl0n3 used to laugh at every one of Beatriz’s birthday parties. Well he wasn’t about to let death keep him from laughing at her last. I was laughing so much when I saw this.
    • “OH no! The fairies returned! Help!”
    • “The fairies made me ugly and old.” Beatriz is now an elder. I guess that wraps up this chapter. Let’s take a look at the girls. 
    • Carlotta Sim Traits: Clumsy, Unlucky, Easily Impressed,Absent-Minded, Schmoozer LTW: Be Super Popular Favorites: Indie music, Goopy Carbonara, Yellow
    • Morgan Sim Traits: Athletic, Loner, Neat, Mean-Spirited, Can’t Stand Art LTW: Become a Master Thief Favorites: Kids music, fish & chips, Orange
    • Tina Sim Traits: Artistic, Light Sleeper, Party Animal, Workaholic, Over Emotional LTW: Become a Professional Author Favorites: Pop music, Fruit Parfait, Orange
    • Finally, the heir of Generation Three Delilah Sim Traits: Brave, Virtuoso, Technophobe, Unflirty, Family Oriented LTW: Become a Hit Movie Composer Favorites: Classical music, Hamburgers, Spiceberry
    • Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. I had trouble with this chapter because I lost a lot of pictures due to some trouble with the game. At least I managed to fix everything and continue with the legacy.