Business	  So:ware	  |	  IT	  Solu?ons	  |	  ICT	  Project	  Management	  Biometrics             Automation Proposal§  Ve...
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Glonetex Biometrics Proposal


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Introducing Glonetex Technologies Fingerprint and Facial recognition scanning technologies. Optimized for small businesses, enterprise businesses and governmental agencies.

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Glonetex Biometrics Proposal

  1. 1. Business  So:ware  |  IT  Solu?ons  |  ICT  Project  Management  Biometrics Automation Proposal§  Verification Systems for Military, Government and Civilian Applications§  Reduce Ghost Worker & Customer Registrations§  Seamless Integration with Third-Party Systems§  Enhanced Governmental and Organizational Security§  National, Gubernatorial and Local Voter Registration Exercises Prepared By: Global Network Exchange Version: 1.0 Proposal ID: GTBIO01-2012 Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   1  
  2. 2. Biometrics Automation ProposalWho We AreThe Global Network Exchange (Glonetex Technologies) is a USA based software and IT services companywith over 15 years of IT and software application development experience. We customize and developcutting-edge business management and IT solutions that are designed to improve productivity and loweroperational costs. Our operations span from within the USA and West Africa.If your company or organization is looking for ways to automate your business processes, we are the rightorganization for you. We have a team of highly trained IT professionals that can implement and managemultiple projects simultaneously. Our technical team has vast experience in the latest biometrics,networking, mobile and software development tools to ensure that your business is up to date with the latesttrends in Information Technology. Additionally, we strive to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction, includingafter sales and on-site support from our product specialists. We serve the global community.Industries We Serve §  Airline §  Banking §  Construction §  Education §  Financial Services §  Government §  Insurance §  Legal §  Manufacturing §  Medical §  Oil and Gas §  TelecommunicationsWhat makes us unique §  Our Proven track record of delivery §  Our ability to improve business processes with flexible IT solutions §  Our cutting-edge solutions that really work §  Our technology innovations adapt to your changing needs. Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   2  
  3. 3. Biometrics Automation ProposalIntroduction  One  of  the  world’s  fastest  growing  technologies,  biometrics  has  revolu?onized  business  security  landscape  at  offices.  Government  organiza?ons  as  well  as  financial  and  educa?onal  ins?tu?ons,  across  the  globe,  are  also  enjoying  the  advantages  of  its  applica?ons.  Biometric  uniquely  iden?fies  a  person’s  physical  and  behavioral  characteris?cs,  and  governments  across  the  world  are  adop?ng  the  technology  to  strengthen  their  na?onal  security  and  maintain  individual  iden?ty.      Our  proposal  includes  a  host  of  biometrics  solu?ons  for  the  African  market  that  have  been  proven  to  strengthen  infrastructure  security,  lessen  ID  the:  and  provide  safe  working  environments.Practical Uses of Biometrics TechnologyOur  Biometrics  solu?ons  and  registra?on  plaTorm   Do  away  with  paper  forms.    Biometrics  technology  can  be  can  be  used  by  local  and  na?onal  governments  to   used  at  Banks,  Insurance  Companies  and  other  high-­‐volume  assist  with  the  voter  registra?on  process.    Biometric   industries  to  register  customers  and  complete  applica?on  civilian  data  can  be  captured,  stored  and  integrated   forms.    Capturing  biometric  footprint  data  can  be  used  for  with  external  databases  for  other  uses.       authen?ca?on  on  core  system  applica?ons.     Border  and  immigra?on  security  can  be   strengthened  at  Air,  Sea  and  Land  checkpoints.     Implementa?on  of  our  robust  Biometrics  solu?ons   will  enable  immigra?on  officials  to  beWer  monitor   ci?zenry  movement  in  and  out  of  the  country.   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   3  
  4. 4. Biometrics Automation Proposal Biometrics Hardware Solutions (Biometric Fingerprint Scanners) Futronic  FS80  USB  2.0:   Futronic  FS80  Features:   The  FS80  USB2.0  is  a  high  quality  op?cal   §  Precise  op7cs  –  allow  the  scanning  of   fingerprint  scanner  whose  rugged  case  and   prac?cally  undistorted  fingerprint  images.   tough  crown  glass  window  make  it  ideal  for   §  Live  Finger  Detec7on  –  rejects  fake   environments  with  heavy  or  unaWended  usage.       fingers  made  from  silicone,  rubber,  play-­‐   doh  or  other  materials.  This  feature  may   The  finger  scanning  window  is  a  crown  glass   be  turned  on  or  off  in  so:ware.   with  a  thickness  of  14mm.  It  is  much  more   §  Infra-­‐red  illumina7on  –  allows  scanning   reliable  and  robust  compared  to  any   of  wet,  dry,  blurred  and  other  problema?c  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   semiconductor  type  fingerprint  sensor.   fingers.  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   §  Rugged  sensor  –  thick  (14  mm)  crown   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   glass  used  for  platen.    Prac?cally   indestruc?ble  scanner  surface.   Futronic  FS88  FIPS201/PIV  USB  2.0   Futronic  FS88  Features:   Fingerprint  Scanner:   §  FIPS  201  and  PIV  compliant  –  cer?fied  by   Futronics  FS88  is  an  enhanced  version  of  FS80   FBI  and  included  in  US  General  Services   fingerprint  scanner.    The  scanner  is  suitable  for   Administra?on  approved  products  list.   high-­‐traffic  applica?ons  like  border  control,   §  Precise  op7cs  –  allow  to  scan  almost   iden?ty  card,  driver  license,  elec?on  or  any   undistorted  fingerprint  image   other  type  of  civilian  AFIS,  as  it  is  able  to  capture   §  Live  Finger  Detec7on  –  rejects  fake   high  quality  fingerprint  images  almost  without   fingers  made  from  silicone,  rubber,  play-­‐OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT  distor?ons  and  has  a  rugged  sensor.   doh  or  other  materials.  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   §  Infra-­‐red  illumina7on  –  allows  to  scan   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   wet,  dry,  blurred  and  other  problema?c   fingers.   §  Rugged  sensor  –  thick  (14  mm)  crown   glass  used  for  platen.   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   4  
  5. 5. Biometrics Automation Proposal Biometrics Hardware Solutions (Biometric Fingerprint Scanners) Digital  Persona  U.are.U  4500HD:   Digital  Persona  U.are.U  4500HD   The  Digital  Persona  U.are.U  4500HD  was   Features:   specifically  designed  for  business  cri?cal   §  Small  form  factor,  Conserves  valuable  desk   applica?ons  that  require  a  high-­‐level  of   space.   durability  from  fingerprint  readers  but   §  Rugged  construc7on  -­‐  High-­‐quality  metal   s?ll  need  a  high  degree  of  accuracy.    The   casing  weighted  to  resist  uninten?onal   4500HD  Reader  has  a  super  tough   movement.   coa?ng  that  stands  up  to  physical  and   §  Extra  Tough  Coa7ng  -­‐  Extra  tough  coa?ng   chemical  abuse  while  delivering   for  use  in  shared  or  customer  facing  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   unequaled  accuracy  and  performance  for   environments.  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   hard-­‐to-­‐read  fingerprints.   §  Special  undercoa7ng  -­‐  Stays  where  you  put   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   it  because  of  a  special  undercoa?ng.   §  Rota7on  invariant  -­‐  Touch  it  from  any   direc?on,  it  s?ll  provides  a  high  quality   image  and  matching  performance,  perfect   for  shared  environments.   §  Excellent  image  quality  -­‐  High-­‐quality  op?cs   ensure  best  image  every  ?me.   §  Works  well  with  dry,  moist,  or  rough   fingerprints  -­‐  Reliable  performance  over  the   widest  popula?on  of  users.  Reads  even  the   most  difficult  fingerprints.     Lumidigm  Mercury  Series  Desktop:   Lumidigm  Mercury  Series  Desktop   The  new  Mercury  desktop  sensor  is  a  stand-­‐ Features:   alone  biometrics  reader  that  can  easily  be   §  Superb  Image  Quality  -­‐  Lumidigm’s   aWached  to  a  host  PC  or  intelligent  controller  via   mul?spectral  imaging  technology   a  standard  USB  cable.     simultaneously  reads  the  surface  and     subsurface  to  capture  clear,  clean  images   The  Mercury  reader  can  be  configured  to   every  ?me.     support  several  modes  of  opera?on.  Device   §  Spoof  detec7on  -­‐  Eliminate  performance   installa?on  and  opera?on  is  simple  and  easy.   problems  associated  with  conven?onal   Once  connected,  high-­‐quality  500  dpi  images  or   fingerprint  sensors.      OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   templates  can  be  swi:ly  and  consistently   §  Ease  of  Integra7on  -­‐  Equipped  with   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   delivered  to  the  host  PC  or  controller.  Both   mul?ple  communica?on  interfaces  that   enrollment  and  user  authen?ca?on  can  be  done   easily  integrate  with  exis?ng  systems.     on  the  very  same  device.   §  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Art  Performance  -­‐   Outperforms  other  sensors  by  improving   your  applica?on’s  throughput,  accuracy,   speed,  and  security.     Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   5  
  6. 6. Biometrics Automation Proposal Biometrics Hardware Solutions (Biometric Fingerprint Scanners) Lumidigm  Venus  IP65  Shell:   Lumidigm  Mercury  Series  Desktop   The  Venus  IP65  is  an  excep?onally   Features:   reliable  fingerprint  sensor  that  virtually   §  Superb  Image  Quality  -­‐  Lumidigm’s   eliminates  the  common  performance   mul?spectral  imaging  technology   problems  experienced  when  using   simultaneously  reads  the  surface  and   conven?onal  fingerprint  sensors  such  as   subsurface  to  capture  clear,  clean  images   failure  to  enroll,  high  false  reject  rates   every  ?me.     and  poor  performance  in  outdoor   §  Spoof  detec7on  -­‐  Eliminate  performance   OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   environments.   problems  associated  with  conven?onal   Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   fingerprint  sensors.       embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   §  Ease  of  Integra7on  -­‐  Equipped  with   mul?ple  communica?on  interfaces  that   easily  integrate  with  exis?ng  systems.     §  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Art  Performance  -­‐   Outperforms  other  sensors  by  improving   your  applica?on’s  throughput,  accuracy,   speed,  and  security.     Biometrics Hardware Solutions (Biometric IRIS Cameras) Iris  ID  iCAM  TD100:   Iris  ID  iCAM  TD100  Features:   The  iCAM  TD100  includes  an  op?cal  system   §  High  Speed  Dual  Iris  Capture   specifically  designed  and  op?mized  to  operate   §  Compact  and  Lightweight   in  perfect  unison  with  the  integrated  high  speed   §  Single  Mo?on  Automa?c  Iris  and  Face   mul?-­‐sensor  iris  imager  array.  The  iCAM  TD100   Capture  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   automa?cally  processes  and  outputs  high   §  Intui?ve  Operator  Guidance  System  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   quality  ISO  standards  compliant  iris  images  as   §  Standards  Compliant  Hardware  and   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   well  as  a  properly  formaWed  ISO/ICAO  face   So:ware.     image.     Cross  Match  I  Scan  2:   Cross  Match  I  Scan  2  Features:   I  SCAN  2  is  an  integral  part  of  any   §  Designed  for  rapid  dual  iris  capture   comprehensive  biometric  iden?ty  management   §  Durable  housing   program.  The  device  brings  rapid  mobile   §  Operates  in  total  darkness  and  in  bright   enrollment,  iden?fica?on  and  verifica?on   sunlight   through  iris  capture  applica?ons  to  any  security   §  High-­‐level  image  quality  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   installa?on.     §  ANSI  INCITS  and  ISO/IEC  compliant  Can  be  used  as  stand  alone  or   §  I  SCAN  2  in  use  worldwide   embedded  in  a  kiosk  unit.   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   6  
  7. 7. Biometrics Automation Proposal Biometrics Hardware Solutions (Biometric Kiosk) Free  Standing  Lobby  Type  GNX8200   Op7onal  Features:   Series  Kiosk:   Regular  or  industrial  PC  (Detailed  specs  may   The  8200  Series  is  a  fully  customizable  free   differ  according  to  different  applica?ons)   §  Industrial  Power  Supply   standing  kiosk  solu?on.  Includes  a  powder   coated  shell  that  can  be  branded  according  to   §  15”,  17”,  19”  or  above  TFT  LCD  monitor   your  organiza?onal  requirements.    This   §  Vandal  proof  (6mm  thickness)   §  Swipe  Card  Reader,  track  1,2,3  Readable   solu?on  can  be  deployed  in  your  lobby  or  open   area  for  self-­‐service  registra?ons,  customer  or   §  Metal  Encrypted  Pin  Pad  /  EPP   §  Card  Dispenser   employee  verifica?ons  for  a  host  of  different   applica?ons.   §  Bar  Code  Scanner  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   §  Thermal  receipt  printer,  80mm  paper   Biometric  devices  can  be   width,  auto  cut  Hea?ng  and  Cooling   embedded  within.   system  (op?onal)   §  Open  Door  alarm  system   Desktop  Type  GNX8700  Series  Kiosk:   §  Uninterruptable  Power  Supply   The  8700  Series  is  a  fully  customizable  desktop   §  Fingerprint  Scanner   kiosk  solu?on.  This  solu?on  is  ideal  for  high   §  IRIS  Scanner   volume  customer  self-­‐service  loca?ons.    The   §  All  steel  alarm  system   sleek  design  is  light-­‐weight,  mobile  and   §  OEM  Logo  or  Light  Box   includes  the  basic  components  necessary  to   §  All  Steel  Made  Enclosure,  Powder  coated   capture  and  register  the  necessary  biometric   finish   data.   Other  Op7onal  Components:  OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   §  Cash  dispenser   Biometric  devices  can  be   embedded  within.   §  Telephone  (landline)   §  Cash  Acceptor       §  IP  Telephone   Variable  Height  GTV9000  Kiosk:   §  Passport  Reader       The  9000  Series  Biometric  Kiosk  can  be  adjusted   §  Signature  pad       according  to  different  environmental  layouts.   §  A4  Laser  Printer   Supports  Fingerprint  and  IRIS  scanning  ac?vi?es   §  Card  Printer       for  high-­‐volume  commercial  areas.  This  solu?on   §  WIFI   is  ideal  for  commercial  and  governmental   §  Bluetooth   loca?ons.   §  Metal  keyboard   OPTIONAL  EQUIPMENT   Biometric  devices  can  be   embedded  within.   These  kiosk  units  will  be  embedded  with  any  of  the  above-­‐men7oned  Fingerprint  or  IRIS  scanners.     Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   7  
  8. 8. Biometrics Automation ProposalBiometrics Software Solutions GT  Listener  Mul7Biometric  Client:   Features  and  Benefits:   The  GT  Listener  -­‐  Mul?biometric  ID  Client  provides   §  Runs  in  the  background  (Always  On   a  ready  to  deploy  client  side  applica?on  that  is   Applica?on)   capable  of  managing  all  GT  supported  biometric   §  Automa?c  Device  Detec?on  (Inser?on  and   devices.    The  GT  Listener  works  together  with  the   Removal)   GT  Silverlight  Controls  and  the  GT  BioServer  to   §  Allows  for  event  driven  biometrics   provide  secure  end  to  end  biometric  capture,   §  Publish/Subscribe  biometric  model   enrollment  and  iden?fica?on  in  your  applica?on.     §  Automa?cally  acquires  available  network   licenses   §  Easiest  way  to  integrate  client  side  biometric   components   GT  BioServer:   Features  and  Benefits:   GT  BioServer  takes  the  complexity  and  high  cost   §  Super  simple  deployment   out  of  implemen?ng  biometric  iden?fica?on  in  any   §  Easily  scales  to  support  from  1,000’s  to   sized  project.  GT  BioServer  has  been  built  from  the   millions  of  biometric  images   ground  up  to  be  a  powerful  mul?-­‐biometric   §  Reduces  ?me  to  market   iden?ty  matching  engine.  Leveraging  the   §  Reduces  complexity  and  cost  of  implemen?ng   performance  and  versa?lity  of  Microso:’s   biometric  iden?fica?on   Windows  Embedded  7,  the  en?re  GT  BioServer   §  Pre-­‐integrated  with  GT  mobileOne  and  a   installa?on  process  is  seamlessly  incorporated  into   variety  of  desktop  scanners  and  cameras   a  complete  OS  installa?on.  There  are  no   §  Supports  fingerprint,  face,  iris  and  palm  vein   configura?on  steps,  no  administra?ve  headaches!   iden?fica?on     GT  BioServer  simply  enables  the  easiest  biometric   server  deployment  process  possible,  hands  down.   GT  BioServer  can  be  delivered  as  a  full   GT  BioServer  is  ideal  for:   opera?ng  system  (OS)  installa?on   §  Small,  large  and  na?on-­‐scale  deployments   that  you  can  run  on  your  own   §  Mobile,  desktop  and  web-­‐based  applica?ons   hardware  or  as  a  turnkey  appliance.  It   §  AFIS  or  ABIS  implementa?ons   is  complemented  by  a  suite  of  off-­‐the-­‐ §  Premise-­‐based  or  hosted  service     shelf  GT  modules  used  for  developing   web-­‐based  biometric  applica?ons.    Figure  1:  GT  Listener  and  BioServer  Connec7vity  Diagram       GT  Biometric  Control   GT Listener < TCP/IP>   <SOAP> GT BioServer GT  Silverlight   Client  Library Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   8  
  9. 9. Biometrics Automation ProposalBiometrics Software SolutionsGT  Demographica  (Web-­‐Based  Registra7on  Management   Features  and  Benefits:  System:     §  Wen-­‐Based  plaTorm  with  Customizable  user  GT  Demographica  is  a  web-­‐based  solu?on  that  will  be  u?lized  to   interface   §  Supports  desktop,  kiosk  and  mobile  devices  capture  registrants  at  single  or  mul?ple  branches.    This  solu?on  will  be  customized  to  perform  the  following  tasks:   §  Manages  biometric  fingerprint  and  iris  images   §  Authen?cate  User  Creden?als  via  Biometric  Fingerprint  and/or   capturing  and  edi?ng   §  Supports  centralized  management  for  single   Eye  Scans  at  branch  loca?ons   §  Unlock  sensi?ve  account  Informa?on  at  the  customer  service   or  mul?ple  networks   §  Supports  registra?on  systems  for  employees   level   §  Alert  Management  of  unauthorized  account  holders   and  customers   §  Generate  alerts  and  send  automated  messages  as  pre-­‐defined   §  Intui?ve  user  dashboards  for  System   Administrators  and  end-­‐users   by  the  System  Administrator   §  Pull  data  from  external  or  third  party  systems  in  mul?ple   §  Includes  dynamic  repor?ng  tools  including   database  formats  including;  SQL,  MDB  or  Excel  format.    It   integra?on  with  MS  Excel  and  PDF  formats   §  Database  compa?ble  with  Microso:  SQL   includes  a  ODBC  connector  that  interfaces  with  biometric   devices  and  databases  for  seamless  database  integra?on.   Server,  Oracle  and  MySQL      This  system  can  be  customized  to  include  an  unlimited  number  of  addi?onal  modules  as  per  Union  Registrar  Requirements.    Here’s  a  list  of  current  features  /  modules:  User  Dashboard,  Register  New  Person,  Iden?fy  Person,  Search  Person,  Reports,  Configura?on   Figure  2:  Dashboard  View  verifies  that  the  GT  Listener  is  connected  and  so  is  your  scanner  or  camera.       ! Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   9  
  10. 10. Biometrics Automation ProposalBiometrics Software and Hardware IntegrationOur  biometrics  solu?ons  support  single  or  mul?ple  client  capture  environments.    The  so:ware  and  hardware  architecture  is  scalable,  affordable  and  can  be  easily  integrated  with  any  third-­‐party  applica?on  either  Client/Server,  Web-­‐Based  or  Cloud  systems.    The  diagram  below  shows  how  all  proposed  hardware  and  so:ware  devices  can  be  integrated  on  a  Local  Area  Network  (LAN).   Figure  3:  Biometrics  integra7on  using  a  PC,  Kiosk,  Fingerprint  and  IRIS  Scanner   Minimum  System  Requirements         HARDWARE  (PC,  Kiosk,  IRIS  Scanner)   Supported  Applica?ons   GT  Listener   §  MS  Windows  XP,  SP2  or  Higher,   Intel®  Pen?um®  IV,  2GHz  or  faster   processor  (or  equivalent),  2GB  of   RAM  or  higher,  80GB  Hard  Drive     HARDWARE  (Server)   Supported  Applica?ons   GT  BioServer  |  GT  Demographica   §  MS  Windows  7,  Windows  7   Embedded  Standard,  Windows   Server  2008,  Intel®  Pen?um®  IV,   2GHz  or  faster  processor  (or   equivalent),  2GB  of  RAM  or  higher,   ! Microso:  SQL  Server  2008  R2  or   higher  II7  or  higher     Biometrics Setup and Implementation Time-Line Enterprise Implementation Cloud Implementation BASIC  ASSUMPTIONS   BASIC  ASSUMPTIONS   §  Exis?ng  Local  Area  Network  (LAN)  in  a   §  1MBPS  Internet  Connec?on  per  device     single  loca?on   §  2  Kiosks,  4  PC’s,  1  Windows  Applica?on   §  Network  Server  has  been  pre-­‐configured   Server,  1  Windows  Database  Server   on  a  Windows®  network   §  No  customiza?on  requirements   §  2  Kiosks,  4  PC’s,  1  Windows  Applica?on   §  GT  BioServer  (1  Hour)  per  server   Server,  1  Windows  Database  Server   §  GT  Listener  (20  Minutes)  per  client  system   §  No  customiza?on  requirements   §  GT  Demographica  (2  Hours)   §  GT  BioServer  (1  Hour)  per  server   §  GT  Listener  (20  Minutes)  per  client  system   §  GT  Demographica  (2  Hours)     OVERALL  IMPLEMENTATION  PER  SITE:  1  Day   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   10  
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