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Intercultural.startup chile

Intercultural.startup chile



Intercultural Learning Session hosted by Glocalminds for a multicultural group of StartUpChile entrepreneurs from Russia, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Serbia, USA, Finland.

Intercultural Learning Session hosted by Glocalminds for a multicultural group of StartUpChile entrepreneurs from Russia, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Serbia, USA, Finland.



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    Intercultural.startup chile Intercultural.startup chile Presentation Transcript

    • Cross-cultural Learning for Entrepreneurs
    • ? ! Everything you wished you’d known about Chilean Business Culture (and no one ever warned you) -Learn how to decipher Chilean unwritten codes to accelerate your success -Enhance your cultural intelligence to improve your startup effectiveness Centro Movistar Innova Tuesday, February 28th, 11.00 am
    • Agenda 11.00 Welcome & Introduction Presentation Round Post-its: Burning Questions on Chilean Culture 11.10 Glocalminds: Who we are? 11.20 Why are we here? Culture Shock cycle. Symptoms Videos. Where are you? 11.30 Practical tips to interact with Chileans 11.40 What can glocalminds do for you? 11.50 Q&A Thanks!, Flyers + Cards
    • Team Pablo Villoch Elena Mansur Experienced Facilitator, 15 years working with multinationals, SMEs, public institutions, Born in the U.S.A. and grown up in California, NGOs and, Universities in Europe and Latin Colorado, Chile y Australia, she transformed América. Professor at UNAB, IEDE y her passion for interculturalism in a pioneer Universidad de Chile profession. Wide experience in languace teaching and research on intercultural Master in Strategic Leadership towards communication. Sustainability, BTH, Sweden. Intercultural Management in Monterrey Tech, México. Master in Cross Cultural Communication, Postgraduate studies in Intercultural Studies graded with honours at Sydney University, UPLA Chile. Postgraduate Diploma in Australia. Bachelor in Humanities and Social International Relations and Globalization, Communication at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
    • Who? Glocalminds facilitates learning through participatory methodologies that transform diversity in a powerful source of creativity and innovation. Glocalminds contributes to local sustainable development of communities opening authentic spaces of learning and participation. Glocalminds accompanies enterprises, communities, organizations, public institutions, and NGOs to face their global challenges activating the value of local knowledge. Glocalminds team has broad international work experience in Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Spain.
    • ExperiencesWWF- Quinquén, Lonquimay Art of Hosting Karlskrona, Suecia Conversations for Social Transformation, Hub Asunción, ParaguayWorld Open Space gathering Sustainable Water Management, CIPMA - ANDESS Team Mastery Arena, Finlandia (Click here to see more pictures of Glocalminds in action)
    • PartnersClients
    • Universities
    • Context http://eusolidarity.osi.bg/fce/001/0017/files/InterculturalInnovators.pdfInternational research shows evidences that culturaldimensions are a key sucess factor in the enterprisingprocesses abroad.A study from Adelaida University shows thatentrepreneurs are able to minimize the negative impactof business environment if they develop properly thecompetences needed in their cultural context.A Cross Cultural Study of Entrepreneurial Competenciesin Australia and Malaysia. Noor Hazlina Ahmad.University of Adelaide. May 2007.http://digital.library.adelaide.edu.au/dspace/bitstream/2440/48199/1/02whole.pdf
    • Why? CULTURE SHOCK CYCLE Mastery Reintegration Honeymoon Reverse Adjustment Culture Shock Culture Shock Pedersen, Paul. The Five Stages of Culture Shock: Critical Incidents Around the World. Contributions in psychology, no. 25. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1995.
    • Culture What is the colour of water for a fish? water… what is water?
    • artifacts behaviours practicesCulture rituals tangible technologies speech icons attitudes stereotypesexpectations interestsvalues beliefs paradigms history intangible
    • Cultural Differences Culture: Software of the mind Geert Hofstede ‘s Cultural dimensions: • PDI: Power Distance • IDV: Individualism - Colectivism • MAS: Masculinity - Feminity • UAI: Uncertainty Avoidance http://geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html
    • Cultural Differences
    • https://beta.cultureactive.com/ Lewis Model
    • LINEAR ACTIVE MULTI-ACTIVE REACTIVETalks half the time Talks most of the time Listens most of the timePlans ahead step by step Plans grand outline only Plans with general principlesPolite but direct Emotional Polite and indirectUses official channels Seeks out key person Uses connectionsPartly hides feelings Shows feelings Hides feelingsDoes one thing at a time Does several things at once Reacts to partners actionsDislikes losing face Uses excuses to save face Must not lose faceJob-oriented People-oriented Relationship-orientedConfronts logically Confronts emotionally Never confrontsRarely interrupts Often interrupts Does not interruptPuts truth before diplomacy Has flexible truth Puts diplomacy before truthSometimes patient Impatient PatientLimited body language Unlimited body language Subtle body languageUses mainly facts Puts feelings before facts Statements are promisesSeparates the social and the Mixes social and professional Connects the social andprofessional professional
    • https://beta.cultureactive.com/images/expand/Chile_CP.gif A Chilean meeting
    • When YES means NO In Chile…. Yes and No are flexibleYES MAYBE NO & NO MAYBE YES Up to 30% revenue can be lost on the early stages of offshoring due to this factor alone.HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS?1. Specificity.2. To be sure, offer a chance to back-out.3. Turn your benefit/problem into theirs.4. Create a communication protocol. • How quickly do we respond to e-mail? • How will we resolve conflicts? • Which goals can we all accept and commit to? • How will we handle unmet deadlines? • How will we define what is urgent?
    • What can we do for you? Enhance your cultural effectiveness Manage your Culture Shock Individual Crosscultural Coaching Intercultural Communication Group (1 hour session) Workshops (Special 20% Discount for StartUp (2 sessions of 4 hours) Chile) -Min 5 participants, Max 15. Multicultural Teambuilding Individual Crosscultural Coaching Group Workshops Sessions (2 sessions of 4 hours) (5 sessions pack: 10% discount -Min 5 participants, Max 15. included)
    • Thank you! Thank you! Muchas gracias! Eskerrik asko! Chaltumay! Maururu!
    • Contact ELENA MANSUR Elenamansur@gmail.com + 56-99-276 8050 PABLO VILLOCH pablo@glocalminds.com + 56-97-213 4039 www.glocalminds.com