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(Globebill) is a global online payment service provider based in Hong Kong and with office site in Shenzhen. Our staffs are now nearly 200 serves our clients in all major cities in China, including Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Macau and other locations.

Our system offers merchants multi-channel, multi-currency and real-time online payment processing over the internet, mail, phone and Pos.

Worldwide service - We have built up friendly relationships with banks all over the world. Therefore we could provide our global clients with multi-currency online payment and settlement service.

Good reputation- With our excellent management team which has nearly 7 years experience in international online payment industry and Chinese Ecommerce market, Globebill is confident to help all clients to access the huge Chinese market and provide professional service.

Excellent risk management- Our experienced risk management team and IT development team are confident to make your online payments offer absolutely secured.
(Our Fault Control System is from Cybersource - the most secure Fraud system control in the world)

IT Control Audit- our internal IT control audit ISAE 3402 will be ready by mid of next year - it is a worldwide IT control audit standard from USA which is recognized by most of the Bank partner.

We currently accept credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) and China debit cards, maintain a good relationship with all major banks in China particular and Banks in Hong Kong/Macau as well as several overseas acquiring banks, and provide expertise on issues such as payment processing, fraud, compliance, regulations and merchant services.

Each business is unique, so are our tailored solutions. We begin each project by taking time to gain thorough understanding of merchants` business needs so as to advise on the best possible approach and solution in a case by case manner to fit their exact requirements.

We are the first in China to receive the highest of Level 1 PCI DSS compliance certification – This further improved our strong payment gateway which is connected to several banks worldwide.

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Globebill - Online Payment & POS Service

  1. 1. The global paymentservice that meetyour local need!
  2. 2. About us • Globebill is a global online payment service provider with office site in China and other countries including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, HK, Philippines and other locations. Our staffs are about 150 serves clients from all over the world.
  3. 3. Milestone on Investment Globebill是中國率先通過PCIDSS安全標準認證的協力廠商 支付平臺,先後引進國外知名風控工具Maxmind, Cybersource,由國際知名的四大事務所之一安永(E&Y)完成 了ISAE3402認證,另外,在2011年已得到中國人民銀行所 頒發的三方支付牌照,因此Globebill是一間法定的支付機構, 及合付中國及海外的銀行的支付設備及運作要求,而且亦是 最嚴格的要求,才有那麽多銀行歡迎與Globebill合作。
  4. 4. Our Bank Partners • In China & HK
  5. 5. Our Global Bank Partners (1) • Global Payment Service by Local and Global Bank Partners
  6. 6. Our Global Bank Partners (2) • Worldwide Localised Payment Service and MORE…
  7. 7. Fraud Control Methology • Cybersource
  8. 8. Fraud Control- Cybersource • Business Rules for Fraud Control System • VISA recommended Fraud Control System • Top brand Fraud Management Brenchmark
  9. 9. Payment Flow Diagram
  10. 10. Hong Kong Market Chance of Approval  No replica products, must provide evidence of sales record or even audit report  The merchant website will need to be approved by Bank and the payment platform should be installed on the same www.  Charge-back rate not exceed 1%, refund rate within 5%  Support Multi-currency: For rare currency, application in advance is ncessary.  Settlement Currency: USD,HKD(1 currency per 1 MID only)
  11. 11. Hong Kong Market Restricted Business: • Counterfeit Products/Replicas • Illegal Substances and Products (e.g. drugs, human organs, weapons) • Child Pornography or anything that suggests child pornography, including any website that uses the following terminology to market their product: ‘lolita,” “paedo,” “preteen,” etc. • Merchants involved with bestiality or anything that suggests bestiality • Merchants involved with rape, hate, violence, incest or anything that suggests rape, hate, violence • Any illegal Internet content • HCG weight loss products • Future sales : travel, hotel booking , seminars, software downloads etc.. • Tobacco • Uncoded gambling • Drugs and sex enhancement supplements • Loans • Illegal internet content / drug / organ / weapons • Any goods , products and services by any applicable laws or directives of any Card Brand
  12. 12. Hong Kong Market KYC – Know your Customer required documents:  公司營業執照  公司章程  法人代表身份證或護照影本  6個月交易歷史記錄及拒付和退款記錄  功能變數名稱註冊證明  法人地址證明(水電單,銀行開戶回執等顯示私人位址的檔) Remarks:如審核過程中,銀行有要求其他檔,會另行通知。
  13. 13. Hong Kong Market What is on your website in order to be approval smoothly: 1. Complete merchandized and service descriptions 2. Company name/contact information must be stated on your page 3. Customer service hotline and email 4. Delivery and refund policy 5. Privacy and cardholder protection policy 6. Service or products should be delivered with 3-6 months Remarks: Further info. requested by Bank may be necessary
  14. 14. Why sell online? 1. Save rent 2. Save costs (Labour costs, Shop design) 3. Easy Management – Centralised Delivery System 4. Fast turnover 5. Faster way to reach audience 6. Fast Feedback Collection 7. Customer Database – Service made easy - membership 8. Promotion made easy 9. New Product selling 10. Stock Clearance Sales 11. If I have store, why I still need online selling?
  15. 15. What is wrong with Paypal? 1. Take time for buyer to register 2. Not cover in Europe and Bricks markets 3. More protection imposed on buyers but not the merchants – Dispute Issue 4. Hold your money for every minor dispute or complaint 5. Hidden costs that you never realised – currency exchange, sold costs…. 6. None CS is available for help!!! 7. We are local company with local people help!
  16. 16. Why Globebill? Why pick Globebill for your payment choice: 1. A wide range of varieties of payment service – Consolidate all transactions as one 2. Coverage your target market 3. Bargaining Power - Spend less when you connect those gateway one by one yourself 4. Easy to work with us 5. Investment of our Fraud Control System, Maintenance, Professional 6. Fast Settlement period 7. Currency Coverage (real-time exchange rate) 8. Our Bank partners are all over the world with trust 9. 7/24 hours Global Customer Service (Call centre in both Philippines and China
  17. 17. Brazil Market  同多數歐洲國家一樣,巴西的線上信用卡支付使用率不高,國內線上支 付主要是通過銀行轉帳和Boleto支付,Boleto是由多家巴西銀行共同支 持的一種使用Bar Code識別碼的支付方式,在巴西佔據主導地位,客戶 可以到任何一家銀行或使用網上銀行授權銀行轉帳。
  18. 18. Brazil Market BOLETO Characteristics: 一旦付款,不會產生拒付和偽冒, 100%保證商家的交易安全  無需預付交易保證金  不是網上即時付款,消費者需在網上打單並通過網上銀行、線下銀行 或其他 指定網點進行付款消費者有五個工作日的時間進行付款,銀行 需要1-3個工作 日的時間完成支付操作,每筆交易一般需2個工作日時 間確認付款狀態,最長不會超過7天。  每個消費者每月消費不能超過3000美金(每月的1號到30或31號)  單筆消費不能低於USD10美金(Globebill幫商戶設定)  只收取成功交易的手續扣費,失敗和取消的交易無需付費  交易幣種及結算幣種:USD, EUR, BRL
  19. 19. Russia Market信用卡在俄羅斯的使用率也不高,大部分當地人更願意通過線上系統支付和現金通道支付,當地的主要線上支付產品為電子錢包,以下是幾個當地主要品牌: 電子錢包的優點是不會產生拒付和偽冒,同時它可以自動填寫你的網上訂購單,節省你 自己填寫的麻煩。客戶有時會因為複雜的網上訂購單填寫從而放棄網上購物,但是通過 自動化完成這一步驟的電子錢包則可以杜絕這種現象,從而幫你贏得等多的客戶 。 同樣的,電子錢包也有它的缺點。如果您嘗試使用網上訂購表格其內容和順序跟您的電 子錢包資訊不符或您的電子錢包不能識別時,填寫的內容會不夠完整或者不正確。這將 迫使您手動輸入您的個人資訊。 電子錢包支付需要消費者註冊一個帳戶, 帳戶可以通過多種方式充值及取現,非常方便。
  20. 20. Market AnalysisAlternative payment methods to credit cards are essential forsuccess in Europe