'How mobile research can use consumers' 'lost’ moments' - Valuewait B.V. (Mobile Research Conference 2011)


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The respondent is king in this story of interaction between producer and consumer. Whether known panel members, or unknown consumers responding to an advert, they decide when they want to respond and are rewarded for participating. They can register their details and availability and remain anonymous and interact with companies in a range of creative ways. The impact on response rates and times, engagement and satisfaction levels will all be addressed in this presentation.

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'How mobile research can use consumers' 'lost’ moments' - Valuewait B.V. (Mobile Research Conference 2011)

  1. 1. Mobile Research Conferencebecause we are curious...
  2. 2. Mobile interaction• Interaction is part of our lives!• Relationships only exist on the premises of interaction• And just as in real life: • It must be easy to participate • It must not take too much effort • Taking part in interaction should add value • Interaction should be based on reciprocity
  3. 3. Mobile interactionWe are Valuewait, The Mobile Interaction Company
  4. 4. ValuewaitValuewait facilitates mobile interaction for• Mobile research• Mobile marketing & sales• Mobile solutions
  5. 5. Valuewait• In the browser (“App in the cloud”) and with native Apps !"#$%&&%() 4(/"5#+6() *+&",) 7%/8)&0%+1) $",%+) -.&/$"#)%() 90+1"+*1") 0(/#1) 2#+(&3+#"(/) :1";%*1"<) =.%0>)+(,) 3"()
  6. 6. Valuewait Panel• Panel of mobile respondents• Who all have indicated when and how often they are available to participate• And are invited to participate• Participants are rewarded when they participate for spending time
  7. 7. Non panel• Clients can also invite consumers who are not in the Valuewait panel• Clients customer bases• Publishers and media companies reach• Any random consumer (passing by)
  8. 8. Mobile interaction:Everybody at your fingertips
  9. 9. Case
  10. 10. LRKC• Independent knowledge centre• Focus on The Netherlands• Structural research in the different aspects of Life Rhythm, with goal to achieve an optimal balance in Life Rhythm• New (technological) developments change people’s Life Rhythm and are the topics of research
  11. 11. Goal of research• Diagnose how the usage of (mobile) ICT is impacting the way Dutch people experience “being on the move”, how this impacts their life rhythm and their overall happiness.
  12. 12. Research setup• Research split up in two phases• First phase: mobile research - N = 1.200• Second phase: online dialogue - N = 600
  13. 13. Research setupMobile research:• Approximately 60 questions divided into two sessions• Two groups: man & woman• All kinds of questions, including nested• Picture response based on gender
  14. 14. Research setup• Photograph assignment• Respondents were invited with a Text message• At their designated moment• During their daily commute• No Geolocation used
  15. 15. Examples
  16. 16. Examples
  17. 17. Photo assignment• Take a photograph of the bag you are carrying with you• E-mail this photo to Valuewait• More than 450 photo’s received• Photo’s provided nice insight in what people carry with them
  18. 18. Photo assignment
  19. 19. Results• Insights in influence of modes of transportation on stress, Life Rhythm and happiness• Insights in impact of activities while on the move on stress, Life Rhythm and happiness• Insights in dimensions in travel time perception• Typology of Dutch travellers based on how they prepare for travel and what they carry with them
  20. 20. Learnings• Mobile research is powerful for engaging with people and capturing relevant data in a contextual manner• Conversion to participation was excellent• Mobile research decreased the data collection time• Combining mobile research with an online dialogue provided for capabilities to clarify findings by extending the dialogue
  21. 21. Valuewait, The Mobile Interaction CompanyDatabankweg 183821 AL  AMERSFOORTThe Netherlandswww.valuewait.com