Educational Organizations V Email


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Educational Organizations V Email

  1. 1. Empowering the World to Learn Global Scholar has become one of the leading online tutor- ing companies, providing services for students, parents, Helping Educational Organizations Deliver teachers and educational organizations. We have accom- Online Tutoring plished this by developing a state-of-the-art Virtual Class room to deliver tutoring services. Now Educational Organizations can take advantage of this leading-edge technology and have their very own Educational One to One Tutoring Organization-branded tutoring program leveraging our One to One Homework Help reliable, user-friendly, and cost-e ective Virtual Classroom. Online Writing Labs Virtual Classroom : One to One and One to Many Learning Experience World-Class Online Homework Help and Standardized Test Prep: Math, Science and English Business Subjects: Finance, Accounting and Statistics In pursuing the mission of serving patrons by providing Test Prep: opportunities to learn, read and connect, Educational Organi- SAT, GMAT, State Standardized Exams zations now must provide services online via the Internet. As Internet access has grown and the need for online services, including tutoring, has increased, Educational Organizations must explore ways to expand their tutoring programs to support Educational Organization patrons. Global Scholar o ers its tried, tested and proven online tutor- ing technology and services to empower learning in Educa- tional Organizations everywhere. Our state-of-the–art Virtual Classroom and experience makes us an ideal partner for your online tutoring needs, o ering the following: Multiple Types of Tutoring Safe Connection with trusted Educators Quality Tutoring in many Courses Free Assessments Free Educational Content page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Comprehensive Solutions for Your Tutoring Programs Online Tutoring Programs Competitive Advantages Expanded O ering of K-Grad School Tutoring Low Cost Provider Online Writing Tutoring 24/7 Tutor Availability Adult Education Courses and Technology Courses Large Number of Course O erings Homework Help Highly-Scalable Technology Minimal Bandwidth Requirement We o er two Solutions Options to One-Click Live Connectivity Educational Organizations: Friendly-User Interface Option 1: Technology-Only Solution Educational Organization-Speci c Branding Educational Organizations can use Virtual Classroom for 24x7 Live Customer Service and Support internal training Most Flexible Tutoring Options, including Group Learning Educational Organizations can enable Volunteer and Group Tutoring Proven Capabilities Educational Organizations can choose own Technology tutors/librarians for tutoring/help Educational Organizations can set up customized Your private-branded Virtual Classroom utilizes a reliable, voice- courses enabled interactive Whiteboard, providing a quality tutoring expe- Option 2: Turnkey Tutoring Solution – rience every time. Sessions are recorded for review by students, Technology and Services parents and tutors, les can be shared and tutor’s educational material accessed in a personal online classroom. GlobalScholar provides technology, tutoring and support Fixed Budget and Usage-Based Pricing Models available Services All tutors have gone through educational veri cation Our Tutors provide high-quality tutoring by understanding the and background checks individuals needs of students and parents. They are knowledge- GlobalScholar manages tutor availability to minimize able about state standards and achievement tests, standardized exams; wait times SAT and ACT. Global Scholar o ers the following types of Technology and Services tutoring: User Authentication Instant Tutoring Access using an Email account and Password Scheduled Tutoring All sessions are recorded Homework help Integrates with third-party Active Directories Self-Guided Tutoring Zero Footprint Technology Flash Based Whiteboard, Chat, and VoIP Support One-Click Connection to private-branded Homepage We provide real-time 24x7 customer support for tutoring, techni- Management and Reporting cal and administrative questions via chat, email and voice to Detailed reporting for analysis and accounting ensure high-quality tutoring sessions. We also provide technical and operational support to ensure that your tutoring platform is Live Customer Care and Support launched in a timely manner. 1100 112th Avenue NE To Learn More . . . Suite # 100, South Building Bellevue, WA 98004 1-425-460-7078 for Justin Email: page 2 of 2