Website Translation For Today's Digital World


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Website Translation For Today's Digital World

  1. 1. Website Translationfor Today’s Digital World
  2. 2. CONTENTSTop Challenges of GlobalWebsitesWebsite Translation isEvolvingGetting to the Top of theSearch ResultsSEO TranslationGlobal Content MarketingSummaryIntroduction 34567910How Lionbridge Can Help 11
  3. 3. 3Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookIntroductionThe internet has revolutionized the way you engageyour customers. Has your approach to websitetranslation changed too?The Internet can extend your brand to customers all over theworld in an instant. At the same time, the explosion of digitalchannels makes it seem like “going global” should be as easy asflipping a switch.But reaching your global customers is about much more thansimply translating your website word-for-word. You need toconsider culture, context and channel – in a word, “localizing”your website to meet the requirements and expectations ofindividual markets.How do you pull it all off? You need a proven, comprehensiveapproach that streamlines website translation, ensures keywordoptimization, and builds a global content marketing program thatcreates fully-optimized content, targeted to your specific markets.Keep reading to learn more.
  4. 4. 4Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookTop Challenges of Global WebsitesEven after you’ve made the move to adapt your website for yourindividual markets, there are a couple of big “gotchas” waiting totrip you up.“I’m looking at my web analytics and we’re only getting 10visitors a month to our Italian web pages.”You built it – but they didn’t come. If you go to allthe effort of building a local web presence, it can bedisheartening to see only a trickle of visitors coming toyour translated pages.Your search marketing success didn’t translatealong with your messaging. Search campaigns rarelytranslate directly into other markets. You need help toretool your marketing with local search behaviors inmind.“My business ranks #1 in the US for ‘hotel,’ but we’re not evenin the top 100 for ‘hotel’ in any other market.”Knowing these pitfalls is the first step to avoiding them - andturning your website into a global success.Let’s see how…12
  5. 5. 5Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookWebsite Translation is EvolvingIn the past, the web was static and centrally managed, witha one-way flow of information. Marketing spend focused ontraditional media and websites were managed centrally by ITdepartments.Today’s dynamic web offers unprecedented reach for marketers,providing access to consumers anywhere, anytime. It hasbecome an interactive, collaborative dialogue where brands arepublishers and consumers are in control.The evolution of the internet and the shift to digital, social andmobile marketing also represent a shift for your approach.Intelligent marketing strategies are now driven by how customersfind and engage with your brand.Let’s take a look at what that means.SEOTranslation
  6. 6. 6Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookGetting to the Top of theSearch ResultsIncreasingly, companies who have already localized their websiteare frustrated with the traffic they’re seeing on their localizedcontent pages and by their current keyword rankings in variousglobal markets. They’re realizing they need to think like theirtarget customers:• 72.5% of worldwide Internet users use search engines tofind what they need• 30-50% of users enter a generic word or phrase as astarting point and refine their search to improve the resultsuntil they achieve the desired result….or they give up!• Searchers on average scan 3.9 results, assimilate 140words and spend 6.4 seconds before clicking on a link• 79% of users scan your copy instead of reading every wordKeywords that are simply translated word-for-word insteadof being selected especially for the local market just won’tcut it. What’s required is an approach that infuses SEOthroughout the translation process, ultimately leading toa 15-40% increase in website traffic.
  7. 7. 7Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookSEO TranslationTransforming your global website from a static content repositoryto a full-blown lead generation tool requires infusing SEO into yourtranslation process—a process known as SEO Translation. Here’show it works:Establish a baselineBenchmark your current search performance in your targetmarkets, including site traffic by language, search results pages(SERPs) for your target markets and keywords, and competitivekeyword analysis.Keyword researchIdentify, analyze and refine optimal keywords by creating a criticalkeyword list, localize those keywords based on how peoplesearch for them, and vet them against various tools to determinetraffic and competition.SEO TranslationProvide your source content and associated keywords for eachlanguage to SEO-trained translators so they can translate toget the appropriate keyword density, metadata, and descriptivesentence for the search results page.STEP 1STEP 2STEP 3
  8. 8. 8Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookLocalization and SEO QAIn a staging server environment, check for completeness oftranslations, appropriate keywords on each page, optimalplacement of keywords and duplicate content.Ongoing optimizationIdentify keyword performance in each of your markets, trendsfor that keyword, and any new trending keywords you should bebuilding new content around.STEP 4STEP 5
  9. 9. 9Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookGlobal Content MarketingCompanies even further along in their website marketing nowrecognize that an online presence needs to span beyondlead generation to include local content creation. Remember,consumers are now in control of their buying decisions andsearching the web for information no matter where in the worldthey live. Your goal is to be found and recommended and shared.Global content marketing success is driven by the results of yourSEO benchmark, so you’re able to create significant amountsof fresh, highly-optimized content in the languages of your localmarkets, and expand it beyond your website to include othermobile and social realms. In addition, content marketing allowsyou to engage with local market influencers to build inbound linksto your content and participate in local conversations around yourproducts and services – all leading to significant upward searchengine mobility.As you can imagine, what influencers consider “compellingcontent” is as unique as the local culture in every individual marketyou’re targeting. So simply translating your core content strategyinto a new language is simply out of the question.
  10. 10. 10Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookSummaryThe evolving global web requires a newapproach to website translationSEO Translation infuses SEO throughoutthe translation process, uplifting yourglobal website traffic by 15-40% onaverageGlobal Content Marketing producescustomized, in-market content thattypically drives a 50-100% uplift intraffic over traditionalwebsite translation
  11. 11. 11Website Translation for Today’s Digital Worldwww.globalmarketingops.comShare this eBookHow Lionbridge Can HelpLionbridge is helping leading companies evolve their websitestrategies. We can help you too.• We are the only company offering all three approachesto global web translation (traditional translation, SEOTranslation and Content Marketing)• We have the most expertise, giving you the highestprobability of success• Companies leading in SEO, like Expedia and Microsoft,are choosing our approach• We are much more cost effective and skilled in globalSEO than a regular ad agency• Our delivery model gives you the ability to change yourapproach without changing vendorsLionbridge brings together unique and proven programmanagement strengths and local market “crowd” expertise withadvanced cloud technology. Based in Waltham, MA, we operateacross 26 countries and enjoy thriving, trusted relationships withmore than 500 clients.Learn more about our approach to website translation by