PRIME Short Messaging Server v8.0
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PRIME Short Messaging Server v8.0



Wavenet's PRIME SMS is the World's first amalgamated messaging platform! ...

Wavenet's PRIME SMS is the World's first amalgamated messaging platform!
It is a Next Generation Messaging solution incorporating FDA Router, SMSC, MMSC, USSD, SMPP, SMS SDP, SMS Hub and SMS Firewall in a unified platform.



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PRIME Short Messaging Server v8.0 PRIME Short Messaging Server v8.0 Presentation Transcript

  • SHORT MESSAGING SERVER V 8.0World’s First Amalgamated Messaging Platform
  • Short Messaging Server• Natural evolution of WaveNET’smessaging suite, bringingtogether behavioral patterns ofpopular messaging solutions in aunified platform• Designed as an aggregationpoint for SMS messaging, itseeks to go beyond the basicneeds of today’s mobilemessaging business• Engineered to provide thehighest levels of availability andadaptability
  • The Pedigree• Wavenet Prime Short Messagingserver is borne out of year’s ofresearch and experience being atthe forefront of the messagingfield• Messaging platforms deployed atthe world’s leading operators,delivering over 1.5 billionmessages each and every day• Reputation of creating world classmessaging solutions View slide
  • SMSC• Provides high availability messagingservices in a high performanceenvironment• Uses SMPP open for easy integration withIP based applications• Supports MO and MT text messaging withacknowledgements in GSM, CDMA, GPRSand UMTS network environments.• SMS facilitates the introduction premiumservices– information services (news, weather, stockquotes, and customized alerts)– Internet/corporate e-mail alerts– ring tone downloads– interactive services such as voting View slide
  • SMS Hub• Designed to cater for SMS HUBBINGrequirement for SS7 carriers. Amongother things it carries out:– SMS-HUB operates as a routingpoint between multiple operatorsmay it be international/local– SS7 to SS7 messaging– SS7 to SMPP messaging– SMPP to SS7 messaging– MNP application– Firewalling for trespassing traffic
  • SMPP Gateway• In Today’s messaging environmentSMPP is heavily used as abackhauling / communicationmechanism between MC corenetwork elements• A Routing Entity (RE) is a genericterm for a network element that isutilized for MC to MC and ESME toMC message routing• A RE has the ability to emulate thefunctionality associated with both aMC and an ESME
  • Service Delivery Platform• Comprehensive service deliveryplatform, developed for efficienthosting, management and deliveryof subscription services• Geared towards providing flexibilityand transparency in the deploymentof services• Campaign module facilitates rapidcreation and deployment of newservices.– Deployment is just a matter of clicksaway (Under 30 minutes!)– Can be deployed by just a singleuser from the ground up
  • Key Feature - Content Grabbers• SMS SDP’s content grabber functionality gives content providersan automated web extraction solution that minimizes the need formanual content uploads• Can be programmed to extract information at regular intervals fromvirtually anywhere across the internet, including:– News articles– Financial information– Blogs– Sports news etc.• This information will then be formatted according to predeterminedtemplates.• Supported formatsHTML RSS XML
  • SDP Benefits• Seamless services management: Deploy and manage multipleservices via a single seamless interface• Rapid Service Deployment: Timely service deployment is ensuredalong with complete service lifecycle management• Resource allocation optimization: Eliminates the need to allocatemultiple personnel for services management• Comprehensive Reporting: Intuitive and easy to use interface toobtain comprehensive statistical reports• Reduced Integration Costs: Due to tight integration with theexisting network elements integration costs will be greatly reduced
  • FDA Router• Ease the load of an SMSC byoffloading up to 90 percent ofSMS traffic during peak traffic• Optimize capacity utilization byeliminating instances ofbottlenecks in the network• Extremely effective in instancesof public events, holiday periodsetc. where SMSCs struggle toaccommodate the capacityefficiently
  • SMS Firewall: Combating the Threatsto Messaging• Profitability of SMS services is underattack due to– spam– spoofing– flooding– faking etc.• SMS spam and fraud comes in manyforms and can cause substantialdamage with respect to– network operations– financial performance– customer satisfaction• Operators have to be proactive incombating the threat
  • Impact on Operator•Revenue Loss, Disputesresulting termination ofRoaming AgreementsBilling Errors•Software/hardwareupgrade - Licensing ofSMSC/MSC/HLR•customer care – increasedcustomer contacts•International/Inter-operator Link upgradesNetwork upgradesrequired to copewith the traffic•Loss of faith•Identity compromised•Loss of personal wealthdue to informationsurrendering, wrong billsSubscriber ChurnOperator isAccused of SMS-FraudStains OperatorImage/Brand
  • Benefits of an Inbuilt Firewall• Increases profitability: Regain and protect revenue streams byeliminating SMS revenue leakages• Advance customer relationships: Minimize customer conflictarousal by minimizing billing discrepancies• Preserve inter-operator relationships: Reduce erroneous inter-operator billing thereby reducing conflict scenarios• Maximize network performance: Eliminate usage of networkresources by fraudulent SMS traffic• Minimize operator CAPEX: Reduce network usage by fraudulenttraffic, thereby decreasing network resource demand and the needfor regular network upgrades
  • Short Messaging Server Features• Highly scalable and available SMSC functionality• Enables simple implementation of personalized services• SMS hub facilitation• Efficient SMS service deployment• Inbuilt SMS firewall offers comprehensive fraud protection• Answer the complex message routing needs in a unified &distributed system• Horizontally scalable architecture• Nurtures load distribution & high availability