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Global Reach Out Informational PPT
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Global Reach Out Informational PPT


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A brief powerpoint that explains the how, what, where, when, and why -- and Global Reach Out's place in the world today. …

A brief powerpoint that explains the how, what, where, when, and why -- and Global Reach Out's place in the world today.

This powerpoint presentation helps explains the reason behind GRO and its delegation process with two different programs (spring break and winter/summer). You will also learn about GRO's long term goals, strengths, and challenges.

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  • 1. November 19, 2009 Alim Chandani Global Reach Out Initiative, Inc.
  • 2. Before GRO… Global Youth Connect – Summer 2005
  • 3. What’s Missing?
  • 4. PILOT PROGRAM Manila, Philippines Spring 2006 PEN-International Conducts Training on Student Development and Counselor Skills Training De La Salle College of Saint Benilde
  • 5. WAS BORN… Spring 2007
  • 6. MISSION Global Reach Out Initiative, Inc. (GRO) strives to create a sustainable community of Deaf advocates through the establishment of peer-to-peer cross-cultural programs in developing countries.
  • 7. Values of GRO We expect to acknowledge and assume our responsibility for the actions that we say we will do to help achieve goals. We value honesty and openness as we engage ourselves and others in communications and services for the good of the whole. We learn what we can do to foster the growth of others and ways that we can give of ourselves to the needs of global communities selflessly. We seek ways to work together as effective as possible and help create our work environment safe and positive for everyone involved.
  • 8. HISTORY Kenya Summer 2009Honduras Spring 2009Guatemala Spring 2009Thailand Spring 2008 Bangalore Summer 2007Mumbai Summer 2007Thailand Spring 2007
  • 9. GOALS FOR GRO DELEGATIONS Build delegations with specified organizations from different countries with a focus on cultural exchange and information gathering. Provide resources for overall understanding of the organization as well as the individual delegations themselves. To provide both groups of delegates the sense of volunteer-ism and an understanding of international services as well as deaf- related issues on a global scale which would then increase their leadership experience in their home communities and/or inspire them to continue their global work To provide a basic understanding of leadership for the international delegates with the hope and intention for them to be self-sufficient in future delegations by leading the younger generation and empowering them to be self-starters.
  • 10. Starting a Delegation End
  • 11. TWO MODELS • GRO Spring Break Program • GRO Summer/Winter Program
  • 12. GRO Spring Break Program • Brief overview of country. • Information gathering/collecting resources in country. • Opportunity to meet with foreign peers. • Collaborate with universities in the USA (large deaf programs). • Identify a long term project.
  • 13. GRO Summer/ Winter Program • More time spending with foreign deaf peers in developing countries. (i.e. KYLC) • Allow to work intensively on pressing deaf issues identified in each respective country. • Develop a collaboration project.
  • 14. GRO’S LONG TERM GOALS Collaborate with organizations by working them through delegations Identify needs and create projects to address those needs in each country with the help of Point-of-Contacts and organizations from the country for GRO to work with. Use GRO’s online forum for delegates to gather and exchange information before, during and after delegations. Past delegates participate and become self-starters in coordinating projects of their interest that they have already identified with through their delegation experience.
  • 15. Organizational Strengths • A non-profit 501c3 status • Establishment of the Board • 100% Volunteer Staff • Community Service • Run by and for Deaf communities • Delegation Planning • Peer to peer cultural and educational program • Internal and External Empowerment • Open to new changes and growth • Level of interest from those who want to participate • Number of requests from developing countries
  • 16. Organizational Challenges • Post Delegation • Statistics • Internal and External Communication • Stay updated with resources in the field of Int’l Dev. • Funding for Operations Expenses • Fundraising Events and Grant Proposals • PR to those who don’t know GRO • Outcome Measurements • Stability
  • 17. TIPS for Starting out a NGO Organization • Commitment of at least 5 years of your life • Legal Advice • Business Plan • Strong staff of people who believe in your mission • Accept criticisms (“thick skin”) • Be upfront and honest • Approachable skills/ Interpersonal skills • Be ready to be the “Face” of your organization • WE instead of I • Less Competition/ More collaboration • Networking Skills • Fundraising/Donors/Grants • Be prepare for unexpected moments • Intensive knowledge and get updates
  • 18. BY MARGARET MEAD “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does.”
  • 19. Any Questions? Thank you!
  • 20. FOR MORE INFORMATION Future Delegations: Guatemala 2010 Kenya 2010 Thailand 2010