[Mr. Caprara] GPF Strategic Partnerships & Leadership Networks: Empowering Young Leaders and Service


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Date: Dec. 7th 2013
Session: Plenary III: Global Peace Foundation – Making a Global Impact for Peace
Speaker: Mr. David Caprara; Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Global Peace Foundation, USA

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[Mr. Caprara] GPF Strategic Partnerships & Leadership Networks: Empowering Young Leaders and Service

  1. 1. 12.01.2013 GPF Strategic Partnerships & Leadership Networks Empowering Young Leaders and Service
  2. 2. Latin-American Presidential Mission • The Latin-American Presidential Mission is comprised of 20 former Latin-American presidents. • A proactive association - addressing regional problems by taking advantage of the leadership and experience of former Presidents. • The Mission facilitates cooperation between South, Central and North America.
  3. 3. Latin-American Presidential Mission Founding Members NICOLAS ARDITO BARLETTA (Panamá) VINICIO CEREZO (Guatemala) ALVARO COLOM CABALLEROS (Guatemala) LUIS ALBERTO LACALLE (Uruguay) HIPOLITO MEJIA COLLAZO (Dominican Republic) CARLOS MESA (Bolivia) GUSTAVO NOBOA (Ecuador) JAIME PAZ ZAMORA (Bolivia) JOSE FERNANDO QUIROGA (Bolivia) ERNESTO SAMPER (Colombia) JUAN CARLOS WASMOSY (Paraguay)
  4. 4. IDDPS Institute for the Development of Thought for National Renewal  The think tank “Institute for the Development of Thought for National Renewal” joins scholars and multi-disciplinary intellectuals to work together on finding solutions to the obstacles that hinder Paraguay’s development.  It promotes practical solutions based on moral values and principles and make them available to all Paraguayans, enabling them to be main actors in the construction of our dreamed nation.  The institute organizes high level events in different areas such as workshops, seminars, conferences allowing the citizen participation.
  5. 5. IDDPS Institute for the Development of Thought for National Renewal
  6. 6. Africa Leadership Mission & Africa Peace Service Corps
  7. 7. Africa Leadership Mission PEACEBUILDING, YOUNG LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo Former President, Nigeria H.E. Kenneth Kaunda Founding President, Zambia H.E. Sir James Mancham Founding President, Seychelles H.E. Girma WoldeGiorgis President, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia H.E. Amani A. Karume Former President, Zanzibar
  8. 8. Africa Leadership Mission MULTI-SECTORS Dr. Manilal Chandaria Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Comcraft Group Kenya Chance Zabaghe Chairman Zambia Association of Manufacturers Dr. Markandey Rai Global Parliamentarian Chair UN-HABITAT
  9. 9. Africa Peace Service Corps “I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.” -Nelson Mandela
  10. 10. Africa Peace Service Corps Objectives  Build a youth peace service network among African countries through new social media and social entrepreneurship taking action on the environment, health and positive peace.  Engage stakeholders in policy formulation and implementation advancing UN Millennium Development Goals and post MDG 2015 agenda.  Encourage peaceful mechanisms of conflict prevention and resolution, as well as communitybuilding and social cohesion across tribes and national borders predicated upon universal principles and values – One Family Under God.
  11. 11. Africa Peace Service Corps 2010 Global Peace Convention, Nairobi Kenya H.E. President Mwai Kibaki with PM Raila Odinga open convention with 40 nations where plans for East Africa Peace Service Corps were first announced in the Nairobi Declaration.
  12. 12. Africa Peace Service Corps Three-Level Service Engagement Platform • Youth and Social Media Engagement (GPYC) • NGO and Corporate Partnership Networks (35) • National and Regional Government Agencies: East African Community, COMESA, African Union, United Nations (UNON, UN Habitat, UNV, and UN Environment Programme) • ASEAN – Asia Region buildup via GPF Manila and Malaysia Convention • 2014 June Convening on Volunteer Action at UN Bangkok and IYLA August at UN New York
  13. 13. Africa Peace Service Corps Four Service Areas • • Conservation and Environmental Service Tree planting, All Lights Village, youth social enterprises Health Service Corps Integrated Health Model: Addressing hygiene, malaria and indoor pollution (GPW Cook Stove Alliance) through mobilization and training of community health volunteers. • Positive Peace and Conflict Reconciliation •Rift Valley Kenya - Peace Initiative prototype •Youth Entrepreneurship •Entrepreneurial training, micro-financing and asset development
  14. 14. Africa Peace Service Corps Health Service Nigerian Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA) cochaired by the Sultan of Sokoto and the Catholic Cardinal directed by Bishop Sunday Onuoha, supports life saving malaria prevention across the nation and interfaith harmony. Sultan Sa’adu Abubakar of Sokoto Bishop Sunday Onuoha Cardinal John Onaiyekan of Abuja
  15. 15. Philippines Coastal Clean-up Service Project at the Manila Bay
  16. 16. Philippines 15,000 National Service Training Program students from 15 colleges and universities in Metro Manila
  17. 17. Philippines Global Peace Volunteers Assembly launched Asia Peace Service Corps
  18. 18. Philippines GPF pledged 4,000 solar lanterns for Yolanda Recovery With Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez (Leyte)
  19. 19. Philippines Speaker Jose de Venecia at Global Peace Volunteers Assembly Announcing Asia Peace Service Corps
  20. 20. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly New York City Philadelphia Washington, D.C.
  21. 21. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly ―Moral & Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service & Entrepreneurship‖ United Nations
  22. 22. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly UN High Level Plenary ―Moral & Innovative Leadership: Vision, Service & Entrepreneurship‖
  23. 23. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, Ambassador Ahmad Alhendawi
  24. 24. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly UN Young Leaders Plenary
  25. 25. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly UN Mission Visits by Young Leaders
  26. 26. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Convening at World Bank, Washington, D.C.
  27. 27. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Convening at World Bank Keynote Speaker: Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director of World Bank
  28. 28. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Convening at World Bank Global Forum on Youth Service
  29. 29. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Convening at World Bank Global Forum on Youth Entrepreneurship
  30. 30. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.
  31. 31. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly US-China Youth Summit Moderator Yeqing Li
  32. 32. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly US-China Youth Summit Speakers
  33. 33. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly 50th Anniversary Celebration of Dr. King’s ―I Have a Dream‖ Speech at the Lincoln Memorial
  34. 34. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly 50th Anniversary Celebration of Dr. King’s ―I Have a Dream‖ Speech at the Lincoln Memorial
  35. 35. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Graduation Ceremony at the Organization of American States
  36. 36. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly
  37. 37. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Partnership: 22 UN Mission Sponsors Lead UN Sponsor: Paraguay
  38. 38. IYLA International Young Leaders Assembly Opportunities Expand Our Global Network of Top Level Young Professionals and Student Leaders Unprecedented Opportunity to Build a Solid Foundation at the UN through Partnership with Many UN Missions and Agencies and to Leverage it for Broader GPF Development Globally Similar Opportunity for Strengthening Relationships with Nations of Interest through Embassy Partnerships Self-Sustaining and Revenue-Generating Model Huge Potential for Social and Traditional Media Impact Create Platform for Individuals and Organizations Who Want to Make a Substantial and Ongoing Impact
  39. 39. United Arab Emirates Dubai UAE GPF Strategic Partnerships
  40. 40. UAE Embassy, Washington, D.C. The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates hosts reception for the International Young Leaders Assembly
  41. 41. UAE Convening & Financial Power Dubai is opening a new front door to the world! Dubai is at the Crossroads joining India, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The Dubai International Airport is the 5th busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, and the 8th busiest cargo airport in the world. Terminal 3 of the airport is the single largest building, by floor space. Dubai is fast becoming the financial and cultural hub for over a billion people. Dubai’s International Peace Convention Dubai International Humanitarian City
  42. 42. Dubai, the City of Gold, Facts In less than 30 years, the city of Dubai has transformed itself from a regional center to a global one. Population: 2.106 million (2013) Area: 1,588 sq miles (4,114 km²) Founded: June 9, 1833 Gross domestic product: 82.11 billion USD (2008) GDP per capita: 16,350.00 USD (2005)
  43. 43. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, and constitutional monarch of Dubai. Launch of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation with an endowment of $10 billion, and International Peace Convention (150,000 Muslim participants) and World Peace Awards. The foundation's aim: to promote human development by investing in education and the development of knowledge in the region by cultivating future leaders in both the private and public sectors, promoting scientific research, encouraging business leadership, empowering youth, renewing the concept of culture, preserving heritage and promoting platforms of understanding His book, My Vision, Challenges in the Race for Excellence, provides an account of his vision on the UAE development experience essentially based on excellence towards achieving distinction and transforming the UAE and the emirate of Dubai into international hubs for commerce and finance.
  44. 44. International Peace Convention Dubai’s International Peace Conventions, Forums and Awards Website http://www.peaceconvention.com Where http://www.peaceconvention.com ―Peace on a personal and a Global Scale is the need of every individual and creation that exists around us and the same is sought for human success and progress‖. ―Bringing everyone on the same level of understanding about peace can inculcate pure thoughts that reflect in any individual’s personality – this convention thus aims towards enlightening the people of the world with the knowledge endowed to us by the one God who defined, created, and elaborated what peace really is and its means to achieve‖.
  45. 45. Dubai International Humanitarian City (IHC) Vision. A leading global humanitarian logistics hub The global humanitarian and aid hub. Mission. The IHC is a non-religious, non-political Services. IHC provides its member that connects East and West, empowering those to create lasting change in the lives of people in need. and non-profit, independent free zone authority mandated by the Government of Dubai to facilitate international humanitarian aid by: Supplying leading humanitarian actors with a world-class logistics infrastructure, valueadded services and administrative support Providing a platform for UN, NPO and regional staff to strengthen aid responses Facilitating coordination and collaboration among all aid providers IHC is chaired by Jordanian Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of the Prime Minister. organizations with a range of specialized services to facilitate aid agencies as they reach out to help the victims of crises and families whose lives are scarred by hunger and poverty. IHC provides their operations -- offices, conference management, facilities management, government services, portals for recruitment, volunteerism, and pro-bono work and public events, plus donor assistance and press office functions. The IHC's capabilities and strategic location — within eight hours by air to two-thirds of the world's population — have helped deliver assistance in some of the worst humanitarian crises of the past decade, including the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia, the recurring drought in the Horn of Africa, civil unrest in Afghanistan and Darfur and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
  46. 46. UAE Main Mosque
  47. 47. Malaysia team with Secretary General Mohamed Abdullah Buhannad, Secretary General of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for World Peace (Left to right) Hon. Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail, Mr. Mohamed Buhannad, David Caprara, Dr. Su Thye Teh