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Global Markets Coaching Program Part 10
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Global Markets Coaching Program Part 10



This presentation is an introduction to Month 10 of our Global Markets Coaching Program. The Global Markets Coaching program facilitates business growth and development between developed and emerging ...

This presentation is an introduction to Month 10 of our Global Markets Coaching Program. The Global Markets Coaching program facilitates business growth and development between developed and emerging countries - for entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders - particularly by our unique coaching program.



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Global Markets Coaching Program Part 10 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Global Markets Coaching: Part 10 Cultural Education for Your Emerging Market Venture Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 2. Delivering Global Business Opportunities........ 2Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 3. we enable business owners to succeed in entering new markets 3Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 4. by coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators on how to do business in emerging markets 4Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 5. Our Clients Come to Us to: • Develop Mastery personally and for their business ambitions • Attract new business, find new opportunities and employ correct strategy into the emerging markets • Learn new skill sets to accomplish global aspirations • Develop a robust business plan, test their opportunity & gain a sound market entry strategy • Build cross-cultural awareness and skills and develop their wealth and success strategies 5Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 6. What We Do The Global Markets Coaching program facilitates business growth and development between developed and emerging countries - for entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders - particularly by our unique coaching program. Our focus is on the emerging markets, in particular the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China - and we help companies of all sizes take the first step in developing business offshore. 6Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 7. The Future In Business As the Emerging Markets look to the future, transform and modernize their economy and continue down the path of urbanization, infrastructure development and nation-building, Western companies need to engage on many levels. Where are the opportunities? What are the risks? What is an optimal approach to establishing successful and sustainable businesses in Emerging Markets and where should you start? Companies and entrepreneurs from Western countries need to maximize their opportunities, minimize risks, and learn from past successes. We help you do this! 7Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 8. Gateway to Global Growth We find that those who choose to come through our coaching program have never been trained through a four year degree on how to do business in the new emerging markets of the world and in fact, there is no such program. We enable our clients to learn how to do business successfully in their choice market and we coach them instead of doing it for them. Most of our clients go on to repeat their learning in many more emerging markets and add success upon success. 8Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 9. Month 10: Cultural Intelligence for Your Emerging Market Entry •The coaching program covers twelve main topics and seeks to prepare you to be able to launch successfully into your chosen market at the end of 12 months. •We work at a furious pace and cover select new topics weekly while working towards this goal. •Week 1 - Culture Clashes •Week 2 - Intercultural Leadership •Week 3 - Negotiation Approaches •Week 4 - Cultural Intelligence 9Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 10. Culture Clashes is the ‘Norm’ in Emerging Market Entry Learning how to interact in other cultures takes effort beyond just learning another cultures language. For the Western business leader operating in another culture, interaction requires a deeper cultural understanding about how things are done. The greatest challenge with leaders in this era of globalization is working effectively through cultural barriers in order to achieve business ambitions and objectives. The key to uncovering new global opportunities is leaders who have cultural understanding and have developed these competencies. We cover many issues in the first week of this module on Cultural Education. Click on the link to get a taster. 10Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 11. Intercultural Leadership in Your Emerging Market Endeavor Intercultural Leadership is Crucial for Success New companies are entering the global markets, seeking to understand what competitive advantage means in a crowded quixotic economy. Most companies realize that the ability to create or acquire human capital or talent assets can provide a singular competitive advantage. Leadership talent may be the critical driver of corporate performance and a companys ability to maintain competitive advantage far into the future. Within this module, we look at the attributes necessary for your choice leaders of your organizations, whether they be local talent, hired expatriates or even yourself. This sensitivity and willingness to adapt can be the difference between complete ruin or incredible success! Click on the link to get a taster. 11Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 12. Negotiation Approaches, Norms and Communication The fact is that cultures vary in perceptions about negotiating; some frown on it, especially in certain situations, while other cultures rely on it as an integral aspect of any business exchange. Mismatches commonly occur between culturally different individuals due to misunderstandings about discretionary power, about what is and is not negotiable. Another issue frequently blocking negotiations between culturally different individuals is approach. Within this module we look at a variety of approaches and by module 10, you will be fairly certain about which market that you are looking to enter into, so we will be able to enable you to know the particular success factors that must be involved in negotiations which lead to success within your choice market. Click on the link to get a taster. 12Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 13. Cultural Intelligence in Your Emerging Market Expansion In addition to extraordinary business leadership skills, a leader now needs cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence requires transcending ones own cultural background to interact with diverse and unknown intelligences. Nobody is right and no-one is wrong. Culture is important because culture controls our life with or without our permission. The key to being successful in international business is recognizing how different things are and doing the homework necessary to understand with whom you are doing business. We analyze a lot in this module and upon ending this month’s session, you will be enabled to engage effectively with your choice clients and customers in your new emerging market endeavor. Click on the link to get a taster. 13Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 14. The Global Business Coaching Process Our program is a twelve month program, and you have seen a very brief overview of what takes place in month 10. We have basic overview slides of all 12 months. By the end, you will be ready to launch successfully into your new chosen market and be ready to achieve great profitability and success. 14Global Markets Business Coaching
  • 15. Thank You for Your Interest Contact us today for information on our Global Markets Coaching Program www.globalmarketscoach.com 4144 N Central Expy, Suite 1020, Dallas, TX 75204, USA 888-283-5055 enquiries@globalmarketscoach.com 15Global Markets Business Coaching