FPS CPA partnership


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FPS CPA partnership

  1. 1. FPS Client Services & CPA Partnership Business & Financial Consultancy
  2. 2. Take your business to the next level … Make your finances work for you BUSINESS FINANCIAL PLANNING FINANCIAL CONTROL PLANNING Sales Tax Bookkeeping Purchase Journal Sales Ledger Tax Returns General Ledger Payroll Cash Management Financial ReportsBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  3. 3. Adding Value to the Client  Enabling control and freedom to grow their business  Management Accounts - Owners Dashboard  Quarterly Business Advice & Coaching  Guaranteed cost savings on the cost of their accounts  Online solution  Remove the hassle of regulatory compliance and paperworkBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  4. 4. Adding Value to the Client  Being added to their ‘team’  ‘Insourcing’ our expertise at a level and in a way that is comfortable to their business  Totally accountable  Clear step by step processesBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  5. 5. Owner’s Dashboard ‘Guaranteed’ to improve business Business Planning Financial Planning Your margin BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Your margin Before After Cost Reduction Profit Extraction Tax reductionBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  6. 6. Added Value Services Profit extraction assessment  FPS to Client: When did you last assess the best ways to withdraw and retain your profits?  Salary  Bonus  Dividends  Retirement Schemes  Expense strategiesBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  7. 7. Added Value Services Cost Reduction Example - $750K turnover Current Position Financial Management $18-30k Services Opportunity •FD Advice •Financial $13-20k Control •Online access Outsourced Finance Total Cost of Department Accounting -Total Cost on & Admin Services accounting Services - Tax Returns - Bookkeeping & Audit - Internal CostsBusiness & Financial Consultancy
  8. 8. Added Value Services Tax Reduction Assessment  Undergoing reviews of client’s corporate structure for tax efficiency  Bringing to light tax mitigation strategies that the client is not currently taking advantage of  Reviewing and verifying that the client has taken advantage of all the available tax allowancesBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  9. 9. Added Value Services Management Accounts Assessment  Management accounts (Financial Reports) & KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)  Monthly or Quarterly  Business coaching to review/understand margins, financial statements, use reports to make informed decisions  Details Accounts Receivable & Payable  Cash-flow planning  Allows client to strategize for cost reduction strategies and targets  Sales & Marketing investment budgetsBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  10. 10. Unique Selling PropositionMaking business life easier by doing the ‘Insource’ expertise at a level and in abasics better way that is comfortable to theirFPS Delivery business CPA Partnership Delivery Totally accountable and clear step-by-step processes 100% Bookkeeping, postings & CPA Final Review & Filing reconciliations 72 hours after pick-up 24/7 online access to accounts and financial Business Added Services: Achieving records – anytime, any place, anywhere Monthly management accounts that include a Doing the Expertise: ‘On demand’ financial direction unique view of the client’s business through an online financial dashboard accounting their goals creative & Tax Consultancy Financial records available online at a click of a button meaning no more foraging through basics better simple Analysis & Interpretation of Financial data and KPI’s piles of paperwork and no lost receipts. solutions Taking their business The client’s accounts go through at least two Presentation of accounts at Finance levels of review by qualified chartered Meetings accountants giving assurance and peace of mind over their accuracy All inclusive monthly fees meaning no to the next level Board Packs unexpected additional costs No more filing, we pick up all the client’s financial information as often as they like Tight deadline management, means the client’s information always arrives on time Giving them freedom, time and they never miss an IRS deadline & reassurance to achieve their goals Quarterly reviews of their The Client’s 90 day business review business, its We work alongside the client to identify the key areas they need needs, goals to address to achieve business success and their ambitions & plans Minimizing corporate and personal tax Grooming a business for sale Business growth and performance strategies Refinancing Identifying the gaps in their business Cash flow strategies Maximizing profit extraction Inheritance tax planning Tax efficient business structure Management buy outs Exit strategies and end game planning Mergers acquisitions Wealth generation strategies and plans Allowing them to sleep at night
  11. 11. Financial Management Services 1. Bookkeeping 2. Payroll Services 3. Sales Tax Reporting 4. Monthly Management Reporting 5. Year End Accounting 6. Tax Services (Including Personal Returns) 7. Franchise Tax – Annual Returns 8. Business & Financial ForecastingBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  12. 12. Financial Management Services 9. Sales/Purchase Order Processing 10. Sales Ledger Management • Collections • Credit control 11. Purchase Ledger Management • Approvals • Supplier statement rec’s 12. Expense Accounting 13. Factoring and Confidential Invoice Discounting 14. Corporate & Employee BenefitsBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  13. 13. Management Accounts KPIsBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  14. 14. Management Accounts - Monthly Profit & LossBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  15. 15. Management Accounts - Profit & Loss AccountBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  16. 16. Management Accounts - Balance SheetBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  17. 17. Management Accounts - Cash flowBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  18. 18. Management Accounts - Accounts ReceivablesBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  19. 19. Management Accounts - Accounts PayableBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  20. 20. What we do - Accounts in a box From messy in trays To folders taken cluttering up the office away weekly Put data in Courier Folder Folder 1 Data folder 1 as it collects delivered to posted back scanned is received folder 1 Scan Centre to client Put data in Courier Folder Folder 2 Data folder 2 as it collects delivered to posted back scanned is received folder 2 Scan Centre to clientBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  21. 21. How it works – Financial Management Services We pick up Documents Documents Transaction records uploaded to distributed according approval as online to pre-defined needed PO Box process workflow document Monthly management & Transaction update management workflow same day/overnight reports with A/R system and KPIsBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  22. 22. Partnership Model 1. Simple Engagement process  Transaction based & Value Add pricing versus Time and Fee charging  No “lock-in” minimum period 2. Partnership Model - Share in ownership of client & % of GRF  FPS - gains clients & oversees outsourcing  FPS - Services clients & provides Value-Add  CPA - Reviews & Files Returns  CPA - Acts as Finance/Tax Consultant in additionBusiness and Financial Consultancy
  23. 23. Partnership Model Benefits  FPS delivers clients, thus no customer acquisition needs  Focused work & filing due to a finely tuned bookkeeping system  Extra revenue for firm - Gross Recurring Fees %  Gain of capital value of clients  Range of Consulting Opportunities - Clearly defined & sold into clients by FPS  No risk. FPS bills and collects 23Business and Financial Consultancy
  24. 24. Partnership Model FEE COMMISSION INCOME (“FCI”) MODEL FCI can be earned from many sources: Gross Recurring Fees Virtual Financial Direction Tax Consulting Partner Income: 20% of GRF fees 60% of Consulting & FD ($125/hr increments of 2 hour sessions each quarter) CAPITAL 50% ownership of client value 24Business and Financial Consultancy
  25. 25. Partnership Target Case Value 4.33 new clients per month $528 average monthly fee 1 client per/month - quarterly VFD/TXC 6 Month Income Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Total Target 1,604 2,063 2,521 2,979 3,438 3,896 16,500 GRF VFD 250 250 250 250 250 1,250 TaxC 250 250 250 250 1,000 Total 18,750 25Business and Financial Consultancy