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GLS Legal Translation & Localization Services
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GLS Legal Translation & Localization Services


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Overview: Global Linguist Services LLC Legal translation & localization services

Overview: Global Linguist Services LLC Legal translation & localization services

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. An introduction to our Legal Translation Services Global Linguist Services LLC April 2011
  • 2. Our Mission
    • provide and manage production and delivery of Language Services to benchmark standards for your clients across Europe & the CEE/FSU region
    • measured by customer satisfaction, through delivering performance excellence (as measured through agreed metrics) and by winning repeat and continuing contracts with discerning clients
  • 3. Language Services Operations Overview
    • Offices in:
    • The Ukraine; Nottingham-UK; Wilmington-USA
    • 20+ staff in Europe comprising in-house expert Legal linguists, Legal consultants, project managers, DTP & IT technicians
    • Network of over 1000 Global Linguist Services quality assured translators and linguists
  • 4. Organisation & Capabilities Global Linguist Services
    • Translation Process Outsourcing
    • Localization Consultancy
    • Internationalization Consultancy
    • Globalization Consultancy
    Consultancy Services
    • Document, Software & Web translations
    • CAD localization
    • Terminology Management
    • Glossary Development
    • Project Management
    • IT Engineers
    Language Services
  • 5. Flexibility
    • Highly outsourced model
    • Translations undertaken by expert mother-tongue Legal linguists
    • Switchable resources between external & internal staff
    • Maintains balance between permanent & contract staff
  • 6. What do we mean by language services?
    • Of course, we translate:
    • Source language English (US & UK)
    • Source languages Russian & Ukrainian
    • Into over 40 commercial languages
    • Project manage ( our project managers have extensive experience with large, complex legal cases )
  • 7. What do we mean by language services?
    • We also
    • Page make-up (Desktop publishing)
    • Provide glossary, terminology & translation memory services
    • Provide consultancy
  • 8. Legal Sector Competencies
    • Our clients rely on us to capture every nuance of a legal document, making sure their words carry the same force in law, covering but not limited to –
      • Court documentation / transcripts
      • Legal letters, contracts
      • Patents, patent infringement cases
      • Corporate statutory documentation (statutes, charters, articles of incorporation & association, corporate/board level resolutions)
      • Legal commercial & financial documentation (contracts, authorized capital / issues of security)
  • 9. Additional Sectors of Competency
    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical
    • Heavy Automotive / Agriculture
    • Military
    • Engineering
    • Transport & Logistics
  • 10. A selection of our Clients
  • 11. Quality at every step . . . Through our people
    • Highly motivated team of professionals with 10-years experience of translating highly confidential legal documentation
    • Quality Assurance provided by in-country legal experts
    • Strict adherence to client confidentiality; this is our most monitored process, applicable to all staff
    • Preferred linguist status for several large-scale court cases involving high-ranking officials, businessmen and VIP's from Russia and other CIS countries
    • Positive feedback on all aspects of our legal language services; leading to preferred linguist status with many of our clients
  • 12. Quality at every step . . . Through effective integrated processes
    • Performance-based service level agreements
    • Working agreements agreed for each project
    • Strict confidentiality agreements signed by all staff involved in the handling of sensitive legal documentation
    • Benchmark translation processes
    • Source file evaluation process prior to translation
    • Global Client / Project Management
  • 13. Quality at every step . . . Through effective integrated processes
    • Terminology management process
    • Translation Quality Sampling (TQS)
    • Controlled supplier management process
    • Quality Control processes – in process checks and “reviewer” feedback
    • Customer satisfaction survey process
    • Complaints & escalation process
  • 14. The way we work – Performance-based Service Level Agreements
    • As part of the implementation phase with any new customer, Global Linguist Services will agree & implement customer specific Service Level Agreements
    • The Service Level Agreement will include agreed roles, responsibilities, schedules, escalation procedures, performance measures, volume of work, delivery criteria, quality requirements, translation memory / terminology procedures etc
    • Strict confidentiality agreements are signed by all staff involved in the handling of sensitive legal documentation
  • 15. The way we work – Translator Quality Control
    • Qualifications required for any in-house / freelance translators:
    • Native language fluency in target language
    • Mandatory 5 years professional legal translation experience
    • Full understanding of and experience in translating from required source language
    • University degree in languages or a technical discipline (e.g. legal, engineering, science, technology)
    • Subject matter expertise in target vertical market sectors
    • Experience in working with terminology, translation memory and other linguistic tools
  • 16. The way we work – Translator Quality Control
    • We encourage creativity & understanding of context whilst translating, to avoid misleading word for word translations by –
    • Employing qualified, skilled translators with in-depth knowledge about the subject matter in question
    • Ensuring Translation Quality Control
    • Deploying state of the art translation memory and terminology tools
    • Providing documented style guidelines and reference material
    • Subject Matter Training
    • Centralised query resolution process
    • Ensuring a translation feedback process
  • 17. The way we work – Client & Project Management
    • Dedicated Client & Project Managers will be appointed and will focus on process improvements, expanding and deepening partnership opportunities, providing regular status reports and participating in account reviews
    • The Client & Project Manager will both be responsible for efficient production, managing the staff assigned to the various production tasks, including technical processes, translation, desktop publishing, quality control and delivery
    • Client Managers have a minimum of 2 years contract management experience from the translation / internationalization / globalization industry or related industries such as printing, publishing or software development
    • Project Managers have a good combination of customer, project management and commercial skills, providing leadership and direction for project teams. Any translation service requests will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt
  • 18. The way we work – Customer Reporting
    • We will hold regular performance / account reviews, the frequency & content of such reviews would be agreed with you , reporting on these key areas:
      • Spend per document type (annual)
      • Spend (quarterly / annual)
      • Cost per word, by document type
      • Cost per page, by document type (if applicable, i.e. if published output is required)
      • Turnaround times, by document type
      • Delivery performance against targets by document type
      • Customer Satisfaction - Key Contacts & End Users
      • Complaints logged & resolved, quarterly
      • Translation Memory re-use levels, by document type
      • Number of words translated (annual) in relation to spend
      • Volume split across document types (annual)
  • 19. The way we work - Complaints & Escalation process
    • Why do we need a complaints process
      • to understand & improve the quality of the service that we provide you
      • to understand the activity within each account
    • What is a complaint -
      • An issue raised by you indicating a fault in the service provided
    • Any complaints received are logged by the Client / Project Manager
    • An owner for the complaint will be assigned and any complaints logged will be formally acknowledged
    • All complaints will be resolved or have an action plan agreed with the customer within 5 working days of having received the complaint
    • Any action plans or solutions agreed are documented and kept on file for reporting to senior management on a monthly basis.
  • 20. Our Business Partnership with you
    • Working together – we make it our duty to:
    • Understand your long-term strategies and objectives
    • Understand where we can best contribute and …
    • Drive your key critical success factors
    • Building on our expertise and experience within the Translation & Localization Industry
  • 21. In Summary – A structured Language Service
    • Providing translation & localization services through an outsourcing relationship
    • Supporting your language service requirements
    • One-stop-shop – we can provide one, many or all of the components
    • Global Project Management
    • Your Long term strategic partner
    • Through understanding the business we can provide control and enhancements to the process through a business partnership
  • 22. Global Linguist Services: delivering Legal Sector Customer Benefits
    • Russian & Ukrainian languages, 2 markets, 2 source languages
    • legal contracts, patents, patent infringement cases, financial documents, judicial transcripts and statutes, depositions, litigation materials and other official documents
    • 2010 ACTIVITY
    • 4 million source words
    • 99.7% delivery on time
    • 97% customer satisfaction
  • 23. In Closing . . . Thank you for your time. We look forward to receiving your feedback.