India Workshop Presentation January 2012


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  • What is GlobalGiving?A website that helps organizations raise money to help their communities.We offer organizations a unique set of online tools, strategic support, and the opportunity to connect with our vast network of individual donors and corporate sponsors.
  • Get your cell phones ready and handy if you’re in the US and you want to try it yourself!
  • PJ Staff Report. "Online Giving Grows." Philanthropy Journal. 21 Feb. 2011. <>.Steve MacLaughlin. "Blackbaud Index for November 2010." Philanthropy Journal. 18 Jan. 2011.>.
  • Millenial Donor Report, research conducted by the folks at Johnson Grossnickle & Assoc. This online study of nearly 3,000 20-35 year-olds revealed that Millenial donors thrive in online and mobile environments, but they are still driven by personal relationships and human connections.
  • If you’re going to motivate a community to do what you want, you need to have a strong sense of what exactly it is that you want. The first step is to write out goals for your social media presence. (We as communicators owe it to the people we serve to have a plan and strategy!)
  • These core points are relevant on a meta (big picture) scale – you should be able to answer these questions with any of your messaging, but also on a micro, per-post level, you should be addressing these key points
  • I realize that none of that was the sexy stuff, that you’re ready to move on to tangible ideas and not the basics, but a LARGE number of the people who engage with us on Facebook never get to this point, so I’m driving it home. You need to have a plan!
  • India Workshop Presentation January 2012

    1. 1. Agenda• Welcome and Introductions• About GlobalGiving• Online fundraising for non-profit organizations – Trends in giving, online fundraising – Telling your story – Building and deepening networks – Building an online fundraising strategy• Break• Joining the GlobalGiving community – Why GlobalGiving? – Due Diligence – $4000 dollars, 50 people 1and your project
    2. 2. About GlobalGiving“To catalyze a global market for ideas, information, and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy”
    3. 3. GlobalGiving by the Numbers• Overall donations made through GG to date: $80.6 mn• Overall donations made through GG in 2011: $30.1 mn• Number of donors to date: 249,500• Projects receiving funding: 5,200+• Number of visitors who visit each week: ~50K• Average donation amount per org: ~$9,000/year (Median: $2,400)• Countries disbursed to: 120 countries• Top Donor Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore• Percentage of donors who ‘add on’: 50%• Average donation size: $78 (Median: $25)
    4. 4. Corporate Partnerships• Corporate partners in 2011: 65• Corporate partners: Eli Lilly, Hilton, Dell, HP, Nike, Capital One, Moodys, Google, Neutrogena, Cummins, and dozens more• Donation volume in 2011 through corporate partners: ~$7.5 million• Amount given by Nike’s employees: ~$1 million/yr 1/30/2012 6
    5. 5. Our Corporate Partners
    6. 6. Example: Employee Engagement: Eli Lilly and Company• 37,000 employees globally• Have access to all pre-Existing GlobalGiving projects in the categories of health, environment, education and hunger• All donations of $25 or more are matched 1:1• Received a $50 gift credit to from Lilly Foundation
    7. 7. Online fundraising for non-profit organizations
    8. 8. Video Networking IM photo-share gamesBlogs Creators podcast twitter dating
    9. 9. Online fundraising trends• Overall giving in the US has been flat, but is ~$300 billion per year• Online giving continues to grow at an 8-10% rate• 34.5% Growth in Online Fundraising in 2010 – Large Non-profits: +8.3% – Medium Non-profits: +4.8% – Small Non-profits: +20.2%• 1/3 of online giving occurs during October, November, and December
    10. 10. this isn’t the story
    11. 11. this is
    12. 12. technology doesn’t make us social
    13. 13. it influences our behaviors
    14. 14. relying on each otherYou Your networks Source: David Armano
    15. 15. our social circles expand Source: David Armano
    16. 16. Mom Dad Mom Best Friend Cousin Dad Co-worker Classmate Pastor Best Friend Neighbor Volunteer Donor Cousin Mom Dad Best Friend Co-worker Your Cousin Co-workernetwork: Classmate Classmate 10 Pastor Neighbor Pastor Volunteer Donor Mom Neighbor Dad Best Friend Cousin Volunteer Co-worker Classmate Pastor Donor Neighbor Volunteer Donor
    17. 17. donoremail fundraisers websitesocial offlinemedia events
    18. 18. FOCUS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.
    19. 19. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself
    20. 20. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself• Share your mission
    21. 21. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself• Share your mission• Demonstrate your personality
    22. 22. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself• Share your mission• Demonstrate your personality• Prove your worth or impact
    23. 23. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself• Share your mission• Demonstrate your personality• Prove your worth or impact• Explain your challenge
    24. 24. Developing Your Key MessagesEstablish your goals. Then talk about them.• Identify yourself• Share your mission• Demonstrate your personality• Prove your worth or impact• Explain your challenge• Ask people to respond
    25. 25. Yes, The Same Old Communication Rules Apply.1. Identify your audience2. Choose the right medium3. Develop your key messages4. Deliver them in an interesting way
    26. 26. Things to talk about?• News• Pictures, Videos• Beneficiary Stories• Articles about Your Organization and/or Staff• Articles about Your Cause• Feedback (good and bad)• Questions for Your Network• Partner News• Volunteer Opportunities• Job openings
    27. 27. First Steps• Start slow• Choose one or two networks• Make someone responsible• Be a good partner• Identify your audience• Start conversations, make friends• Don’t ask for money too soon
    28. 28. Joining GlobalGiving
    29. 29. Joining GlobalGiving DueHow to join Open DiligenceGlobalGiving Challenge process
    30. 30. • Online Donations • Donor Management • New DonorsGlobalGiving Value • Fundraising and capacity building trainingProposition • Credibility/Recognition • UK and US Charitable Status
    31. 31. How to Join GlobalGiving• Choose US or UK• Nominate your organization using the online nomination form• Complete GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence requirements• Post a project and participate in an Open Challenge• Raise $4,000 from 50 donors
    32. 32. Eligibility Requirements• Registered organization – no individuals, businesses, etc.• Advanced English• (At least occasional) access to the internet• Non-evangelizing• Non-discriminating• Eligible to receive international donations• Charitable purpose
    33. 33. Due Diligence Details• Certificate of Registration• Organizational Documents • How is your organization run? • Dissolution Clause• Financial Statements • Be detailed!• List of Board and Staff members • Text document only• Program documents • What are your programs? How do they work?
    34. 34. Post a Project:tell a powerful story specific simple
    35. 35. How to Succeed in an Open• Use the Fundraising Survival Guide!• Attend Online Trainings• Develop an online fundraising strategy• Make a plan and schedule• Identify networks • Family, friends, neighbors • International networks: volunteers, donors • Internet access • Credit cards
    36. 36. Then What?• Become an active GlobalGiving partner• Post frequent Project Reports• Send Thank You’s to your donors• Join GlobalGiving UK• Post another project• Participate in GlobalGiving campaign
    37. 37. Building Fundraising Capacity• Monthly trainings• One on one consultations• Connecting with highly-skilled volunteers• Blog: Come here for: – External opportunities – Summaries and slides from past trainings – Details on matching campaigns and other – opportunities – General online fundraising tips
    38. 38. Thank You! Donna Callejon Chief Business Officer GlobalGiving Foundation @dcallejon (twitter)
    39. 39. Resources• Social Media Revolution• NameChk – find out if your org name is registered• Social Media ROI – how to justify what you’re doing• Facebook Page Best Practices – by Zoetica• So you want a Facebook Fanpage for your Nonprofit? – by Beth Kanter• How Charities are Finding the Good with Facebook Fanpages (case studies)• Facebook Bestpractices for Nonprofits (beyond the basics)• 26 Slideshares on Social Media for Nonprofits• 10 Facebook resources for nonprofits• Social Media Starter Kit – by AARP• Mashable’s Social Media Page