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Network mapping jul24

  1. 1. Mapping networksIdentifying and finding new friends and supporters September Global Open Challenge Manmeet Mehta GlobalGiving July 24, 2012
  2. 2. September Global Open Challenge• Joining the GlobalGiving site – Raising at least $4000 from at least 50 donors – From November, threshold is changing to a minimum of $5000, from at least 40 donors – $18000+ of bonus grants – Once you join the site, you have access to a variety of corporate, marketing & fundraising opportunities.• Due Diligence Deadline : August 1• Project Submission Deadline: August 29• Challenge launches on September 1
  3. 3. Previous trainings focused on..• What do you want to accomplish through this campaign?• What is your story?• What are the best ways to share your story?• How do you engage and inspire?And, now..• Who is your audience?• How do you find new friends and supporters?
  4. 4. Network of UserPartners High Current Donors You Staff Low Social Volunteer s Media
  5. 5. Key things to remember • How do you communicate with each cluster? • For each group, identify supportive, passionate, social and or well-networked members – Reach out to them personally – Use the means of communication your audience prefers • Make a communication plan – Don’t hesitate to send reminders
  6. 6. inspire
  7. 7. engag e
  8. 8. follow- up
  9. 9. saythanks
  10. 10. Important dates• Nomination & Due Diligence Submission – August 1, 2012• Project (one) submission – August 29,2012 – Note that you can submit a project only after due diligence has been approved• September Global Open Challenge – September 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012
  11. 11. Suggestions• Do not wait till the deadline to submit DD – The earlier DD is submitted, the earlier it is approved• Start mapping out your network now – Identify and reach out to your ‘fundraising captains’ – Make a communication plan – Build a project plan for the Challenge • Don’t forget to plan in milestones• Email us for a one-on-one consultation
  12. 12. Questions?Contact informationManmeet
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