Making the Most of GlobalGiving in 2012


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  • Disclaimer: This training is for current partners – if you have not succeeded in an open challenge, if you are not a current partner – this training is not for you! The purpose of this training is to help you develop a GlobalGiving strategy that’s right for your organization! We’ve found that organizations that set goals and evaluate their progress on the site are most successful in fundraising on GlobalGiving. At the end of this training, I challenge you to idenfify a few ways that you can improve your fundraising on GlobalGiving—maybe that means participating in a few campaigns, posting reports more frequently, or setting up a call with a member of GlobalGiving’s team.2012 campaigns – we will go through each campaign, some of the tentative terms and conditions, and tips for success, including case studies of organizations that have succeeded in these campaignsGlobalGiving Strategy – We asked you to tell us what you were interested in learning from this training in the online registration form. We received A LOT of different feedback. Some people wanted to know what content to include in the project page. Others were interested in hearing how to best attract donors through the site. I’ve done my best to provide relevant information for everyone on how to best utilize GlobalGiving attract new donors, keep existing donors engaged, and best position your organization to be promoted by GlobalGiving through our donor outreach and corporate campaigns.Any questions before I get started?
  • Show off the worksheet!
  • These campaigns are only available to organizations with projects on If you only have projects on GlobalGiving UK or one of GlobalGiving’s corporate partner sites, unfortunately, you are not eligible for these campaigns. Please feel free to email me to learn how to join
  • Bonus Days are our most popular fundraising campaigns. In 2011, we gave away $220,000 in matching funds and raised $820,000. These are particularly popular campaigns because donors get an extra return on their donation and the limited time frame – Bonus Days last 24 hours starting at midnight EST –creates a sense of urgency to give NOW. Be prepared, in some cases, donations have run out before the end of the day (midnight EST).This year we have 3 Bonus Days….Explain the Partner Rewards Level Campaign
  • In 2011, GlobalGiving made it possible for you to embed Youtube videos in your project page. In 2012, we’re offering you the chance to have your video promoted on GlobalGiving’s social media.Demonstrate how to embed a video in the project page.
  • GlobalGiving’s Third Annual Photo ContestBack by popular demand! Last year, the winning photo had over 1,200 “likes”This contest is a great way to grow your Facebook network and engage donors without asking them to give!
  • We know, we know. Our Fundraiser pages need a Face lift! So we’re giving them one! The extreme fundraiser make over is scheduled for early 2012.
  • To celebrate our new, sure-to-fabulous fundraiser pages, we’re hosting a campaign this September Why September? We picked September because your summer volunteers are back at school. Board members and large donors are getting back to work after vacations.
  • Why the Recurring Donation Campaign in December?
  • Close to $400/month in recurring donations
  • Picture of a magnet attracting people
  • Example of a great project page – arrows to specific things
  • Pull ranking from Washington ranking
  • Picture of people getting involved
  • Give your donors advanced notice. - Develop a communications strategy around your campaign. Usually, asking your donors to give once isn’t enough. Let them know about upcoming campaigns in advance. Be sure to send at least one reminder, if not more!Identify advocates. Advocates can be a huge help during campaigns. Bonus Day winners and successful campaign fundraisers frequently rely on advocates that they identify weeks before the campaign begins! Consider giving them a specific goal—to raise $1,000 or to recruit 10 donors. Offer an incentive—a small gift, website recognition—to your supporters for fundraising on your behalf.Build excitement on your Facebook and Twitter! Ask your fans and followers to donate and spread the word. Update them throughout the day with your progress. Ask donors to comment once they’ve made a donation.Reach out to your large donors personally. GlobalGiving will match up to $1,000 per donor per project on Bonus Day. Reach out to your large donors via email or phone.
  • Show thank you feature on the donation managerTalk about – building relationships through thank you emails
  • Engage donors using project reports
  • Show off the worksheet!
  • Making the Most of GlobalGiving in 2012

    1. 1. United through Sport SA Making the Most of GlobalGiving in 2012Alexis
    2. 2. Develop a long-term strategy  Include your GG strategy in your overall fundraising strategy  Set ambitious, but realistic goals  Plan a calendar  Take advantage of special events or opportunities  Use GlobalGiving’s tools to help you reach your goals  Involve your supporters!  Aim for Superstar-dom
    3. 3. Bonus DaysOn Bonus Day, we match donations made through up to $1,000 per donor at 30%-50%. Additional bonus prizes are awarded to top fundraisers.March 14 – 30% MatchJune 13  Partner – 30% Match  Leader – 40% Match  Superstar – 50% Match October 17 - 30% Match
    4. 4. February Video Contest You asked for it, so we’re doing it! Submissions are due Wednesday, February 15th Videos must be 2 minutes or less Video must be embedded on your project page Submit the project page link using the online contest form More than Me Five videos will be selected by an expert judge to be featured by GlobalGiving on Facebook and Twitter.
    5. 5. Mother’s Day Tribute CardCampaignMay 1 – May 13$500 will be awarded to the top 10 projects with the most unique tribute card donors A project must have at least 10 unique tribute card donors to be eligible for bonus awards. Only projects on are eligible to participate in this campaign.
    6. 6. Mother’s Day Gifts for GoodLast day to submit for Mother’s Day – April 9Give away a ―gift‖—jewelry, scarves, and more—in exchange for donations of a certain amount ($25, $50, $75)Organization provides ―gift‖ and manages shippingGlobalGiving will provide you with the mailing addresses of participating donorsGlobalGiving provides promotion through donor newsletter and social media
    7. 7. Third Annual Photo ContestPhoto Submission Voting Due July 20  August 1 – 15 Up to 3 photos per  1 vote = 1 ―Like‖ on organization Facebook Photos must be uploaded  75 photos will be on your project page categorized and 75 photos will be selected uploaded onto by a professional GlobalGiving’s Facebook photographer to page for voting participate in online voting  Winner will receive $1,000 bonus  Winner and runner up from each remaining category will be featured
    8. 8. Tool
    9. 9. September FundraiserCampaign GlobalGiving is offering financial incentives to your organization and prizes for your donors during this month- long campaign! WomensTrust, Inc. Suggestions?
    10. 10. Holiday PromotionsGifts for Good – Deadline Nov. 9Recurring Donation Campaign – Dec 1 - 31GlobalGiving is offering bonus prizes to the top projects with the most new donors who sign up for recurring donations during the campaignAt least 10 new unique recurring donors to qualifyThe final results of this campaign will be announced in March 2013. Bonuses will be awarded based on the amount raised and the number donors at this time.
    11. 11. Tool
    12. 12. New Initiatives Leadership Council Apply online by Thursday, February 16th A new advisory committee made up of representatives from our non-profit partners The Leadership Council will meet (via conference call) quarterly to discuss important topics for GlobalGiving Ambassadors Program Apply by March 9th A new program that will identify leading GlobalGiving partners to visit other non-profit partners and host workshops overseas Selected individuals will visit GlobalGiving in Washington, DC for training
    13. 13. Your GlobalGiving StrategyAttract GlobalGiving DonorsEngage Existing DonorsBecome a Superstar
    14. 14. Attracting GlobalGivingDonors
    15. 15. Compelling Project PageSpecific,action -orientedClose-up, Tangible,high - realistic,resolution variedphoto Easy to understand, jargon-free, project specific
    16. 16. Your project here!
    17. 17. Search Ranking Criteria40% the amount of time since your previous project report20% the number of donors that your project has attracted20% the amount of money your project has raised, relative to other projects20% how close is the project to being fully funded
    18. 18. EngagingExistingDonors
    19. 19. Campaigns! Campaigns are designed to help you keep your donors engaged.Give your donors advanced noticeIdentify advocatesBuild excitement on your Facebook and TwitterReach out to your large donors personally
    20. 20. Donor Tools! You don’t need a campaign to take advantage of our donor tools.Build donor tools into your regular interaction with donorsFundraiser pages, recurring donations, gifts
    21. 21. Tool
    22. 22. Become a…
    23. 23. Develop a long-term strategy  Include your GG strategy in your overall fundraising strategy  Set ambitious, but realistic goals  Plan a calendar  Take advantage of special events or opportunities  Use GlobalGiving’s tools to help you reach your goals  Involve your supporters!  Aim for Superstar-dom
    24. 24. Questions?Want to work one-on-one with a GlobalGiving team member? Set up a call today!