Holiday fundraising webinar


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  • Set goals. Take a look at your holiday fundraising volume from last year. How much did you raise? How much do you need to raise this year? How much would you like to raise this year? How much do you think you can raise online? In checks? Via text-to-give? Give yourself a specific monetary and donor goal. You may even consider sharing your goals with your donors in your messaging.2) Mobilize through a campaign. You won’t be the only organization fundraising this holiday season. You will be competing with other organizations for donations from your donors. Use a campaign to galvanize support. Looking for ideas? GlobalGiving has great holiday promotions going on this year. Read more here.3) Create a communications calendar. Determine how you are going to communicate with your donors—email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.—and when. Think strategically about important dates in November and December.Remember that you want to be present in your donors’ minds as they’re making giving decisions throughout the holiday season but without being annoying!
  • 4) Develop your messaging. What are you going to say to stand out this holiday season? What photos are you going to show to introduce your donors to the people that they’re helping? What stories are you going to tell to help your donors understand the impact of your organization’s work?Remember to keep your emails, project reports, and Facebook posts short and sweet. Make your messages about your beneficiaries—what they need and how your donors can help—not about you and your organization. Include a clear call to action and a link to your project page in each of your messages.Katya Anderson’s blog: “We may live by the campaign calendar, but our audiences do not.  They don’t care if it’s time for our annual appeal.  That’s why they don’t work in our development department or put our campaign dates in their Blackberries and iPhones.  They have other lives.Fortunately, it’s easy enough to fix this problem.  The remedy, of course, is to stop waving the fundraising calendar and start looking into our donors’ hearts and minds. We need to explain to donors why giving now makes sense for them.  Tell them what urgent, compelling, fascinating thing can they achieve with their gift.  Express how their money will go further right this instant.  Spin them a story that engages them on their terms.”5) Evaluate your progress and prepare to be flexible. Why do you set goals? So that you can set benchmarks and evaluate your success. Set some time aside each week during the holiday season to evaluate your fundraising progress. Determine if you’re on track towards meeting your goals and, if not, what you need to do to meet your fundraising goals. Be prepared to be creative and to make last minute changes to your plan.
  • This campaign will make it easier for you to reach out to your donors…Helps you stand out against other organizations that are making an ask this year. People are helping you by giving a gift to someone else!Limited time frame, sense of competition, added bonus prizes
  • How do you ask donors to sign up for recurring donations?Let donors know that it’s so much more valuable than a one time donation! What could you do each month with the amount that you’re asking forAsk for a specific amount!Offer an incentive for signing up for a recurring donation
  • Holiday fundraising webinar

    1. 1. Agenda• Holiday Stats• Year-end fundraising strategy• GlobalGiving Promotions – Tribute Card Campaign – Gifts for Good – Mobile Giving
    2. 2. 2 popular American holidays+ Year-end tax deductions Golden fundraising opportunity
    3. 3. What’s all the excitement about?• 33% of online fundraising happens in Dec!• $32.6 billion in US retail e-commerce Nov - Dec• GlobalGiving raised $3.2 million in Nov – Dec 2010
    4. 4. What should you do to get ready?1. Set Goals2. Mobilize through a campaign3. Create a communications calendar
    5. 5. What should you do to get ready?4. Develop your messaging 4. What photos are you going to show to introduce your donors to the people that they’re helping? 5. What stories are you going to tell to help your donors understand the impact of your organization’s work?5. Evaluate your progress and prepare to be flexible
    6. 6. What is GlobalGiving doing to help?• Tribute Card Campaign• Gifts for Good• Mobile Giving
    7. 7. Tribute Card Campaign• $10,000 to the top 15 projects with the most tribute card donors – $500 will be awarded to 15 projects with the most unique donors giving tribute cards – $1,500 to the project will the most tribute card dollars – $1,000 to the project with the most unique donors giving tribute cards
    8. 8. Your project URL + ?show=gift
    9. 9. Psst…we’re launching customized email and print-at-home cards! Just edit your primary project photo…
    10. 10. Terms & Conditions• Eligible projects must have at least 10 unique tribute card donors• The campaign will begin on Wednesday, Nov 23 at 12:01 am EST and will end on Saturday, Dec 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST• Donations made on or any GlobalGiving corporate sites (including Nike, Global Action Atlas, etc) are NOT eligible for this campaign• Only permanent GlobalGiving partners (not those participating in an Open Challenge) are eligible for this campaign• Projects must be live on the GlobalGiving site by 5 pm EST on Tuesday, Nov. 22 to be included in this campaign.
    11. 11. Gifts for Good• Give away a “gift”—jewelry, scarves, and more—in exchange for donations of a certain amount ($25, $50, $75)• Organization provides “gift” and manages shipping• GlobalGiving will provide you with the mailing addresses of participating donors.
    12. 12. Gifts for Good
    13. 13. Gifts for Good• GlobalGiving provides promotion via donor newsletter and social media – 100,000 newsletter subscribers – 30,000 Twitter followers – 28,000 Facebook fans• Attract new, higher value donors• Submit requests by November 10th – for-good-form/
    14. 14. Tips for Good• Consider the ROI when determining donation amount• Give gifts that are unique, interesting, and relevant• Include the “story” behind your gift in your description• Let donors know exactly how the donation of $X will help the community you serve• Ship items quickly – keep Christmas and Hanukkah in mind!• Include a personalized note or card in your package
    15. 15. Mobile GivingPerfect for holiday fundraising events!
    16. 16. Carrier Compliance: $10.00donation to GlobalGiving.Charges will appear on yourwireless bill, or be deductedfrom your prepaid balance.All purchases must beauthorized by accountholder. Message and DataRates May Apply. Text STOPto 80088 to STOP. Text HELPto 80088 for HELP. FullTerms: Privacypolicy:
    17. 17. Mobile GivingBenefits Limitations• No extra fee! • No donor contact info• Unique and easy way to • No project report give emails• Great for events and • Only $10 donations media!
    18. 18. Getting Ready for 2012• Ask donors to commit to a year of giving – GlobalGiving recurring donations• Get ready for gift card redemptions! – Optimize your ranking
    19. 19. Take Aways1. Set Goals2. Mobilize through a campaign3. Create a communications calendar4. Develop your messaging5. Evaluate your progress and prepare to be flexible