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Current Partner Workshop Presentation 2012

Current Partner Workshop Presentation 2012






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Current Partner Workshop Presentation 2012 Current Partner Workshop Presentation 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Wednesday, September 26 9:00 am – 2:00 pmGlobalGiving’sNew York City Workshop
  • Welcome(and some logistics)
  • Introductions• Elevator pitch about your organization – 30 seconds or less• What is your organization’s fundraising like? Individual giving, foundations, corporates?• Name 1 thing you LOVE and 1 think you would CHANGE about GlobalGiving• What are you most interested in learning today?9/27/2012 3
  • How much is being donated?• $93.7 million (overall), $65.3 million (gg.org)• 2012 Median Donation: $28.75• Annual volume: $20.5 million (2011)9/27/2012 4
  • Who are GlobalGiving’s non-profit partners?• 1,200 organizations on GlobalGiving.org• 59% US-based; 41% International based• Countries receiving donations: 120• $5,500 average (2011)• More than 6,300organizations havereceived funding throughGlobalGiving9/27/2012 5
  • Who is donating?• 280,000 donors to date – 103K in 2011 alone• GlobalGiving has already received a million unique visitors in 2012• Donors including add-on: 50% – Last year that was an extra $502K9/27/2012 6
  • Project Team Updates• Increased donation opportunities – Campaigns: Recurring donation, tribute card, gifts for good, video, and photo – Bonus Days: Over $600K already raised – Special matching: Japan, Animal Planet, Safer World, Youth Opportunity• Improved impact/quality measures9/27/2012 7
  • Project Team Updates• Improved feedback from partners – Leadership Council – GlobalGiving Ambassadors• Learning – Peer Mentoring – Scaling and delivering community feedback – Expert webinars9/27/2012 8
  • Corporate Partner Updates• Number of corporate partners in 2012: 54• Services: gift cards, corporate grantmaking, API, cause marketing, employee giving• New partnerships: Microsoft• Top five partners include: Microsoft, Pepsi, Nike, Ford Motor Company, Cummins 9/27/2012 9
  • Product Updates• Increasing donor conversion – Recurring donations – Search feature redesign – Improvements to make page loading quicker• Back end improvements – Due Diligence Renewal System• New features – Microprojects• Marketing – Bricks for Good9/27/2012 10
  • Fundraising Success on GlobalGiving9/27/2012 11
  • Agenda• GlobalGiving Success Stories• Donor attraction• Donor engagement – Matching and fundraising campaigns – New features and fundraising tools• Holiday fundraising9/27/2012 12
  • Leadership InitiativesProject: Create 120 Jobs and 10 new business inNigeriaRaised to date:$98,000 + 50,000 in matchingGlobalGiving Style:• Bonus Day & matching opportunities• Sincere relationship building with donors & GlobalGiving• GlobalGiving Ambassador Program9/27/2012 13
  • Take 2Project: Teaching Children w/ AutismWashington, DC• Raised to date: $43,000• GlobalGiving Style:• Immediate, customized thank you’s• Regular reports• Bonus Day & Campaign participation9/27/2012 14
  • More than Me FoundationProject: 500 Girls off the Street & Into School inLiberiaRaised to Date: $72,000GlobalGiving Style:• Experimentation• 2 Year Photo Contest Winner• Gifts for Good• Bonus Days• Enthusiastic engagement with GlobalGiving team 9/27/2012 15
  • Shining Hope for CommunitiesProject: Clean Water for the Kibera School forGirls!Raised to Date: $88,000GlobalGiving Style:• Campaigns!• Girl Effect Challenge• Recurring Donation Campaign• Mother’s Day Tribute Card Campaign• Self-created promotions 9/27/2012 16
  • Attracting Donors9/27/2012 17
  • What does your organization do to attract donors?9/27/2012 18
  • Lessons from GG’s top fundraisers1. Look for venues to share your story. • Rotary Clubs, religious institutions, universities, house parties2. Give prospective donors a reason to fall in love with your organization. • Zimkids International through pen pal programs, video conferencing, and emails3. Be intentional about expanding your network of advocates. • MHOP mobilized close to 400 donors in one campaign using a network of advocates9/27/2012 19
  • Lessons from GG’s top fundraisers4. Give your advocates a reason to do outreach. • Lotus Outreach uses GlobalGiving tools to create their own promotions and campaigns5. Don’t be afraid to tap into your own networks! • “Many of our donors are literally our staff’s third grade teachers or dentists.” – MHOP6. Increase your visibility on GlobalGiving’s site.9/27/2012 20
  • Who are GlobalGiving donors?• 280,000 donors all time• 103,000 this year to date• 80% American• 30,000 – 40,000 visitors to the site weekly• 37,000 Eli Lilly Employees• 34,000 Nike employees• Half a million YourCause users• 20/20-viewers9/27/2012 21
  • Compelling Description + Visibility New donors9/27/2012 22
  • Compelling Project PageSpecific,action -orientedClose-up,high - Tangible,resolution realistic,photo varied Easy to understand, 9/27/2012 jargon-free, project 23
  • Your project here!9/27/2012 24
  • 9/27/2012 25
  • Search Ranking Criteria• 40% the amount of time since your previous project report• 20% the number of donors that your project has attracted• 20% the amount of money your project has raised, relative to other projects• 20% how close is the project to being fully funded9/27/2012 26
  • 9/27/2012 27
  • 9/27/2012 28
  • 9/27/2012 29
  • Engaging Existing Donors9/27/2012 30
  • Name 3 must-haves for any donor engagement plan9/27/2012 31
  • Campaigns! Campaigns are designed to help you keep your donors engaged.• Give your donors advanced notice• Identify advocates• Build excitement on your Facebook and Twitter• Reach out to your large donors personally9/27/2012 32
  • 9/27/2012 33
  • Bonus Day: October 17th• 30% Match• Up to $1,000 per donor per project• $50,000 available in matching funds• $1,000 bonuses for most donors and most money raised• Money will go fast! Get donations in early!9/27/2012 34
  • 9/27/2012 35
  • Donor Tools! You don’t need a campaign to take advantage of our donor tools.• Build donor tools into your regular interaction with donors• Fundraiser pages, recurring donations, gifts9/27/2012 36
  • Tool9/27/2012 37
  • 9/27/2012 38
  • 9/27/2012 39
  • 9/27/2012 40
  • Mobile Giving- Screen shot of yellow box on project page- Screen shot of These Numbers promotion9/27/2012 41
  • 9/27/2012 42
  • Fundraiser Pages9/27/2012 43
  • Donor Communication!• 46% of donors stop giving because they feel like their donations are not recognized or appreciated!• Send thank you notes multiple times per month• Share photos, anecdotes, and stats in project reports9/27/2012 44
  • 9/27/2012 45
  • 9/27/2012 46
  • Looking for more help with donor communications?Join us for our upcoming training, Effective Messaging for Your Target AudienceGuest Host: Raurai McKenna, a StrategicCommunication Consultant with Kosovo-AddisDate: Wednesday, October 3rdTimes: 9 am EDT and 3 pm EDTWebinar link: anymeeting.com/globalgiving19/27/2012 47
  • 2 popular American holidays + Year-end tax deductions Golden fundraising opportunity9/27/2012 49
  • What’s all the excitement about?• 33% of online fundraising happens in Dec!• $32.6 billion in US retail e-commerce Nov - Dec9/27/2012 50
  • Recurring Donation Campaign• December 1 – 31• 10 or more recurring donors• $500 bonus prizes to top 10 projects• Donors must give for at least 3 months9/27/2012 51
  • 9/27/2012 52
  • Gifts for Good• GlobalGiving provides promotion via donor newsletter and social media – 100,000 newsletter subscribers – 30,000 Twitter followers – 28,000 Facebook fans• Attract new, higher value donors• Submit requests by November 9th9/27/2012 53
  • Planning for the HolidaysHoliday Planning GuideDate: Tuesday, October 30Times: 9 am and 3 pm EDTGuest host Erica Tavares, Director of ResourceDevelopment for International Medical Corps, will shareher tips for getting ready for holiday fundraising.9/27/2012 54
  • We’re here to help!9/27/2012 55
  • Training & Support• One-on-one calls & planning• Monthly webinars – Facebook, Corporate Giving, Twitter, Proposal Writing, etc.• Tools & Training Blog• Project Leader Facebook page9/27/2012 56
  • 9/27/2012 57
  • 9/27/2012 58
  • Holiday Fundraising Strategy:Pick an organization to • Group 1: Recurring Donationrepresent. Work as a group Campaignto create a fundraising • Group 2: Gifts for Goodstrategy for November & • Group 3: Tribute CardsDecember 2012. • Group 4: Mobile Giving• Set a fundraising goal • Group 5: Recurring Donation• Create a communications Campaign plan • Group 6: Tribute Cards• Incorporate GlobalGiving tool or campaign9/27/2012 59
  • Feedback DiscussionsTopic 1: Incorporating Impact Measurementsinto Ranking and Partner RewardsTopic 2: Making GlobalGiving Campaigns MoreEffective for YouTopic 3: Developing GlobalGiving’s First-EverOnline Fundraising Academy9/27/2012 60
  • Alison’s Tips for Social Media9/27/2012 61
  • Share staff culture9/27/2012 62
  • If it doesn’t have a photo or a link, don’t post it (on Facebook)9/27/2012 63
  • Join the conversation around the cause9/27/2012 64
  • Use calls-to-action to direct behavior 9/27/2012 65
  • Celebrate BIG news9/27/2012 66
  • Start your own traditions9/27/2012 67
  • Measure the levels of engagement9/27/2012 68
  • Social media…1. Why would anyone want to listen to us on any social network?2. How can we deliver value, experience or content worth sharing?3. Why should people want to stay connected to us over time? Why should they come back?4. Why should they choose to ask others to share our content?5. Why would they invest their time and express loyalty in their networks?9/27/2012 69