CLEEN Foundation - GlobalGiving Workshop - Lagos


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CLEEN Foundation - GlobalGiving Workshop - Lagos

  1. 1. GlobalGiving WorkshopHosted by CLEEN FoundationLagos, August 3, 2011IntroductionsIntro to GlobalGivingNetwork GameOnline Fundraising BasicsFundraising SimulationHow to Join GlobalGivingOffice Hours
  2. 2. Introductions- What is your name?- What is the name of your organization?Group Discussion- Do you have a web site?- Do you use Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Other sites?- Do you do online fundraising?- Do you receive donations from individuals?- Do you receive donations from individuals outside of Nigeria?
  3. 3. GlobalGiving Mission $40M+ / Year To More and More Effective Orgs Worldwide Amplifies Impact on Billions
  4. 4. • Online Donations • Donor ManagementGlobalGiving • New Donors Value • Effectiveness TrainingProposition • Credibility/Recognition • UK and US Charitable Status
  5. 5. GlobalGiving Today• 2,600 projects• 1,400+ nonprofits• 110 countries• 200,000+ donors• $48 million• Corporate Partners headquarters countries with projects
  6. 6. Networking Group GameSomething has happened, and you need toget a message to as many people as youcan, as quickly as you can. How manypeople can you reach?How you would reach as many people asyou possibly can in three days.NO RADIO! NO TV! NO BULK SMS!
  7. 7. Mom Mom Dad Best Friend Cousin Dad Co-worker Classmate Pastor Best Friend Neighbor Volunteer Donor Cousin Mom Dad Best Friend Co-worker Cousin Your Co-worker Classmatenetwork: Pastor Classmate Neighbor 10 Volunteer Donor Pastor Mom Dad Neighbor Best Friend Cousin Co-worker Classmate Volunteer Pastor Neighbor Volunteer Donor Donor
  8. 8. Yes! You can use the Internet to:• access your network• communicate messages quickly and freely• raise money for your organization
  9. 9. Yikes!
  10. 10. What does this mean for NGOs?• Direct donor relationships• Bottom-Up Revolution• Nata Village Blog
  11. 11. Where do I start?•What are your objectives?•Where is your audience?•What are other organizations doing?•What social networks are popular in Nigeria?
  12. 12. First Steps• Start slow• Choose one or two networks• Make someone responsible• Be a good partner• Identify your audience• Start conversations, make friends• Don’t ask for money too soon
  13. 13. What should I talk about?• News• Pictures, Videos• Beneficiary Stories• Articles about Your Organization and/or Staff• Articles about Your Cause• Feedback (good and bad)• Questions for Your Network• Partner News• Volunteer Opportunities• Job openings
  14. 14. Facebook• More than 500 million active users• 50% of these users log on daily, 70% monthly• #1 site in the US• It is estimated that someone who has “liked” a Facebook brand will spend an average of $71.84 more per year.
  15. 15. Facebook Do’s and Don’t’s• DON’T: Set up a user profile for your org. Profiles are for people; Pages are for organizations• DO: Keep your page name short and relevant• DO: Use your logo as your picture• DO: Fill out your information tab thoroughly and completely• DON’T: Auto-feed an RSS onto the page• DO: Be authentic, engaging and honest
  16. 16. Facebook Details• Regular interaction, but mind the 80/20 rule• Post articles, pictures, questions and commentary• Enable feedback on your wall and posts• You might get negative feedback, but that’s ok! Let your fans defend you. They will, unless it’s a true problem.• You can have a rule about civility or offensive language• Facebook and Twitter are not the same platform. Post separately.• Add comments or questions to articles you post.• Think about ways to engage your fans where they already are – on Facebook.
  17. 17. Twitter• Micro-blogging platform• You send updates or “tweets” in 140 characters or less• Tweets are seen by your followers – people who opt in• You see tweets from people you are following• Unlike Facebook, following doesn’t have to be reciprocal• is the 3rd most popular social network site• In June 2010, Twitter had 190 million users tweeting 65 million times/day (techcrunch)
  18. 18. Twitter answers thequestion…•What are you interested in?•What has your attention right now?
  19. 19. Fundraising GameYou have been given a challenge. Can you raise$4,000 from at least 50 different people in onemonth?Directions- Form groups of four or five- Together, brainstorm how you would accomplish this challenge.- Elect a spokesperson to share your results.
  20. 20. Joining GlobalGiving DueHow to join Open DiligenceGlobalGiving Challenge process
  21. 21. How to Join GlobalGiving• Choose US or UK• Nominate your organization using the online nomination form• Complete GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence requirements• Post a project and participate in an Open Challenge• Raise $4,000 from 50 donors
  22. 22. Basic Eligibility Requirements• Registered organization – no individuals, businesses, etc.• Advanced English• (At least occasional) access to the internet• Non-evangelizing• Non-discriminating• Eligible to receive international donations• Charitable purpose
  23. 23. Due Diligence Details• Certificate of Registration• Organizational Documents • How is your organization run? • Dissolution Clause• Financial Statements • Be detailed!• List of Board and Staff members • Text document only• Program documents • What are your programs? How do they work?
  24. 24. How to Succeed in an Open• Use the Fundraising Survival Guide!• Attend Online Trainings• Develop an online fundraising strategy• Make a plan and schedule• Identify networks • Family, friends, neighbors, church congregation • International networks: volunteers, donors • Internet access • Credit cards
  25. 25. Then What?• Become an active GlobalGiving partner• Post frequent Project Reports• Send Thank You’s to your donors• Join GlobalGiving UK• Post another project• Participate in GlobalGiving campaign
  26. 26. Our Corporate Partners
  27. 27. Online Giver Profile• Women and Men• Average 40 Years Old Margaret Coughlin• Progressive Chief Marketing Officer• Affluent• Disaster Givers• Event Supporters• Last Minute Gift Givers- Source: Network for Good Robert DuBois Marketing Associate
  28. 28. Why will someone give to your organization?Because you do something they believe in.Because you asked them to.Because someone else asked them to.Because you make them feel good.Because they trust you.
  29. 29. Thank You! John Hecklinger Chief Program Officer GlobalGiving Foundation jhecklinger (skype) @jhecklinger (twitter) Seth Reynolds Project Manager GlobalGiving
  30. 30. Resources• Social Media Revolution• NameChk – find out if your org name is registered• Social Media ROI – how to justify what you’re doing• Facebook Page Best Practices – by Zoetica• So you want a Facebook Fanpage for your Nonprofit? – by Beth Kanter• How Charities are Finding the Good with Facebook Fanpages (case studies)• Facebook Bestpractices for Nonprofits (beyond the basics)• 26 Slideshares on Social Media for Nonprofits• 10 Facebook resources for nonprofits• Social Media Starter Kit – by AARP• Mashable’s Social Media Page