AGTR Case Study


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AGTR Case Study

  1. 1. The ProblemBlanca had no access to online fundraising tools, strategy workshops, or donor bases.She had never drafted an online fundraising strategy, and her organization’s presence on Social Mediaplatforms was limited.She identifies the biggest challenge to fundraising as being able to have a person dedicated to “buildinga network of target donors and maintaining communications.”BackgroundAsociacion de GrupoTrabajoRedes (AGTR) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission isto defend the rights of minorities discriminated against due to poverty, age, gender, color, language, orculture. They currently have one active project on GlobalGiving dedicated to empowering 800 womenand girls in order to “escape 14 hour days, avoid abuse, attend school, and earn fair pay.”AGTR’s previous experience with online fundraising was purely transactional: they paid a fee to be listedonline, and the costs significantly outweighed the benefits. “During the time we were listed online we didnot receive any advice and we did not run any campaigns – we had no idea how.” Furthermore, inBlanca’s organization there was no one with a background in fundraising.In 4 ½ years (beginning January 2007) AGTR had fundraised $27,000, averaging at $500 per month.The SolutionGlobalGiving enables AGTR to access fundraising tools, attend training sessions to enhance their onlinefundraising strategy, and capitalize upon the resources available. Blanca and her organizationsucceeded in the April 2011 Open Challenge, raising $13,443. In the first two months on GlobalGiving 1AGTR successfully raised $16,071, securing a 1,507.1 % increase, and averaging at $8035.5 permonth.GlobalGiving runs training sessions and webinars prior to the Open Challenges, ensuring thatorganizations are adequately prepared for a fundraising sprint that they may or may not haveexperienced before. AGTR made use of these training sessions and went on to being in the top five onthe leaderboard.The accessibility of GlobalGiving provides AGTR with a constant supply of new donors.Anyone with access to the Internet can create an account and register with GlobalGiving, either todonate to a cause or to nominate an organization; as such, the user database is constantly expanding.AGTR’s project has successfully brought in over 300 donations from 293 unique donors (and counting).GlobalGiving provides a skillset that inspires the motivation needed to frame a coherent and engagingonline fundraising strategy. We help AGTR identify and mobilize previously untargeted donor-bases,ultimately driving volume. “GlobalGiving has helped us in formulating a strategy to contact people and start a network for the future. It has allowed us to fundraise in a new way.”
  2. 2. InnovationAGTR use Social Media, their website, and email marketing campaigns in conjunction with theresources available through GlobalGiving, such as personalized donor thank-you letters, interestingproject reports, and training sessions to boost visibility, increase the number of unique donors, andenhance their overall online fundraising strategy.GlobalGiving allows AGTR to fundraise to scale; expanding their organization and changing the lives ofyoung women and girls in Peru. Innovation stems from the learning experience that GlobalGiving offersto Blanca and her co-workers at AGTR. The true potential of AGTR is realized through providing themwith the support that no one else can offer, and the infrastructure that inspires innovation.Through achieving a self-sustainable model Blanca can look to expand the orphanage, reaching morechildren and increasing impact.Looking AheadBlanca and AGTR envision a future in which “La Casa de Panchita” is a completely sustainableoperation – GlobalGiving helps realize this vision. AGTR are looking at expanding their donor basesthrough increasing their presence across Social Media and email marketing, and are considering takingon a volunteer to help maintain these communications and micro-manage their donor-base. “I feel that with GlobalGiving we will continue learning and that is truly excellent for AGTR.”