Annika branstrom short global forum nov.2012


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Annika branstrom short global forum nov.2012

  1. 1. E-Government Practices andFuture Direction in SwedenAnnika BränströmDirector General, Swedish Companies Registration OfficeChairman, Swedish eGovernment DelegationDeputy Chairman, Swedish eIdentification Board
  2. 2. Sweden • 450 000 • Population 9,5 million • 23 persons/ • Stockholm, pop. 2 000 000 • Gothenburg, pop. 900 000 • Malmö, pop. 650 000 • 21 counties/290 municipalities Stockholm • 93 % Access to the Internet atGothenburg home • 86 % Access to broadband at Malmö home • 5 % Never used a computer *Individuals aged 16-74 Source: Sweden Statistics 2012
  3. 3. 12 Ministries Ministry of Rural Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of the Ministry of Culture E Ministry of Employment Ministry of Health Ministry of Defence Ministry of Justice The Ministry for Ministry of Finance Ministry of Enterprise Foreign Affairs Prime Ministers Office More than 250 autonomic authorities2011-03-04
  4. 4. Need for a delegation• Autonomous Government Agencies• Duplication of work occurs• Governance and inter-agency coordination needed• Increase the efficiency• Develope more user-friendly interfaces for eServices
  5. 5. Goals & Purpose • As easy as possible for as many as possible • IT in the service of people – Simplify life for individuals and businesses. – Smarter and more transparent public sector supports innovation and participation. – An effective and more efficient public sector.2012-11-13
  6. 6. The eGovernment Delegation17 of them got the challenging task… The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth The SwedishThe Swedish mapping, cadastral andEmployment Agency land registration The Swedish Tax authority AgencyThe SwedishCompanies The SwedishRegistration The Swedish Association of LocalOffice Migration Board Authorities and The Swedish Regions CustomsThe SwedishSocial InsuranceAdministration The Swedish Transport Agency The Swedish The Swedish National Civil Archives Contingencies Agency Swedish Board for Study Support The Legal, Financial The Swedish and Administrative National Police Services Agency Board The Swedish Pensions Agency 2012-11-13
  7. 7. The eGovernment Delegation• Draw up and develop strategy• Coordinate development projects• Follow up impact• Coordinate IT standardisation issues• Assist the Government in international work• Open data (PSI) and social media – Interim reports twice a year – Final report by 31 December 2014
  8. 8. Businesses CitizensPRODUCTS AND CHANNELS Printed matter Agencies, Personal meetings Sector Portals municipalities Telephone websites EtceteraSHARED INFRASTRUCTURE Basic data Basic data business person ”My power of eID ”My messages” attorneys” Basic data Basic data ”My cases” ”My e-archive” Etcetera GIS …GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Back-end Data and Information Systems Archives and service2012-11-13
  9. 9. eID in Sweden• App 4,5 million eIDs, population 9 million• The private sector is the provider of eIDs• The public sector purchases autentication and e-signature services on a commercial usage basis• 250 million autentication transactions last year• 15 million electronic signatures in public sector• No qualified electronic signatures
  10. 10. Important pieces and challanges • Coordination – Processes – Connect and sharing information – Standards – Architecture • IT • Information • Regulations • Financing2012-11-13
  11. 11.