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Global Enterprises Need Business English


Published on

Learn more about the global need for Business English! …

Learn more about the global need for Business English!

See why there’s a critical need for all companies to develop a global Business English communication strategy. View the SlideShare deck now to see the full poll results.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Global Enterprises Need Business English July 20121
  • 2. English is the dominant language for international business 91% of talent executives agree that English is the international language of business2
  • 3. Agreeing on this common language is crucial 3 out of 5 business people consider a single business language strategically crucial for their company3
  • 4. Misunderstandings due to poor communication lead to bad business outcomes 83% have seen harmful ? business outcomes due to the lack of a shared corporate language 97% said poor communication has led to misunderstandings internally or with clients4
  • 5. These bad outcomes affect all parts of business 84% 60% 48% Miss Team Team Opportunity for Collaboration Productivity Innovation 44% 32% 20% Customer Vendor/Partner Hiring/Employee Satisfaction Relationship Retention Biggest impacts of poor 4% communication is on team productivity, innovation, Time to Market and relationships with Deadline customers and partners5
  • 6. This is not an isolated problem More than half of respondents reported that all departments or all geographies are affected by poor communication skills6
  • 7. Enterprises know the solution 70% agree that having English as a corporate language would improve business7
  • 8. GlobalEnglish delivers the solution Instant on-the-job support Formal Cloud-based Business English learning Working with 450+ development & support global enterprises software Informal learning Company-wide reporting Mobile productivity Global collaboration Enterprise platform integration Global & local support w w w. G l o b a l E n g l i s h . c o m8
  • 9. About this presentation The data presented in this slideshow was collected at the 14 June 2012 Economist Talent Management Summit in London, UK. Executives answered a poll co-sponsored by the Economist Conferences and GlobalEnglish.9
  • 10. Thank you10