2014 Guide to Acquiring & Developing Top Talent in a Global Economy


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Finding people with the skills you need that can work well together is difficult. And finding the next generation of leaders in a global market is another challenge altogether. Pearson English Business Solutions explains why a language strategy is essential to talent acquisition and critical in developing a collaborative work culture.

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2014 Guide to Acquiring & Developing Top Talent in a Global Economy

  1. Why an English Test is the New Weapon in the War for Talent
  2. Finding top talent is TOUGH
  3. US business spends over $72 BILLION a year on recruitment services and products
  4. It’s even TOUGHER in emerging markets…
  5. …where according to McKinsey, less than 1 in 5 GRADUATES is suitable for employment with multinational companies…
  6. …primarily because of a lack of ENGLISH skills
  7. Why is ENGLISH so important?
  8. Employee success today is built on COLLABORATION Key drivers of employee success in a more complex, interconnected environment 2012 Global CEO Study 67% 61% 61% 75% COLLABORATION Communication Creativity Flexibility
  9. Business success is built on MASS Collaboration The Evolution of BUSINESS The Social Organization “Just like mass production, mass distribution and mass marketing before it, mass collaboration is the next big evolution in expanding business impact. ! We now have hundreds of examples of organizations that have substantially magnified their capabilities by tapping into the power of the masses.”
  10. Mass Collaboration requires a COMMON LANGUAGE
  11. Global business requires a LANGUAGE STRATEGY Tsedal Neeley, Assistant Professor Harvard Business School “Companies with a global strategy need a language strategy. ! A one-language directive is likely the most important policy that multinationals can institute for their globalizing companies.”
  12. The Tour de France has a LANGUAGE STRATEGY “In the 100th edition of the Tour, English has become an equal of, if not superior to, le français. Teams with multinational rosters, seeking unity, are adopting English, not French, as their lingua franca.”
  13. English has become the LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS 15 February 2014 “A growing number of firms worldwide are adopting English as their common language…”
  14. Even local companies in emerging markets are looking to recruit ENGLISH SPEAKERS 15 February 2014 “Lenovo is one of a growing number of multinationals from the non-Anglophone world that have made English their official language.”
  15. Making competition even fiercer in the 21st CENTURY WAR FOR TALENT
  16. Yet most recruiters are still fighting a 21st CENTURY WAR FOR TALENT with 20th CENTURY RECRUITMENT TOOLS
  17. Typical assessments for English proficiency are still based on one-to-one human conversation, which is… COSTLY, TIME CONSUMING & INCONSISTENT
  18. The current process leaves everyone unhappy CANDIDATES LEADERS RECRUITERS
  19. TALENTED CANDIDATES ! with multiple job offers, are increasingly reluctant participants in an antiquated process that leaves them hanging around for days & weeks waiting for test scores
  20. BUSINESS LEADERS ! are increasingly frustrated with the number of candidates who pass the English test, but fail in the workplace
  21. RECRUITERS ! have a time-consuming, expensive and inconsistent process which pleases neither candidates or clients
  22. The 20th Century methods - testing for grammar and written classroom skills - are failing the 21st Century business demands for cognition and personal communications skills
  24. SPEED UP THE PROCESS Assessments can be completed by candidates in under an hour across a range of computing and mobile platforms
  25. IMPROVE RESULTS Language proficiency is assessed within practical business situations, testing both written and verbal skills
  26. REDUCE COSTS Automated tools can easily and accurately assess up to thousands of candidates at any stage of the application process - delivering scores within 1% of human scored tests
  27. But the problem still remains, that the talent pool of A-GRADE TALENT is not big enough to meet demand
  28. Three ways 21st Century tools can help EXPAND YOUR POTENTIAL TALENT POOL
  29. Create a more attractive offer 1 than the competition
  30. Candidates are desperate to improve their ENGLISH skills…
  31. …they understand that English skills hold the key to career progression and earning power
  32. Offering further English learning as part of the job offer can help candidates see a clear career path ahead of them, and differentiate yourself from the competition
  33. Test for the exact skills that 2 your positions require
  34. Different roles require different levels of English proficiency
  35. A B C BENCHMARK FOR JOB ! Benchmarking options allow you to determine the level and type of language proficiency needed to meet your specific job requirements
  36. 3 Improve borderline candidates
  37. A B C ENGLISH PROFICIENCY GAP ! Gap analysis can show the level of improvement needed for borderline candidates to meet your requirements
  38. A B C ENGLISH PROFICIENCY GAP Customized English learning programs can provide a pathway for borderline candidates to make the grade CUSTOMIZED LEARNING PROGRAMS
  39. Integrating English learning programs into the recruitment process can be a cost effective way of broadening your potential talent pool EXPAND THE TALENT POOL
  40. ONE MORE THING… Even after you manage to identify and attract top talent… ! …the biggest challenge is usually still to come
  41. How do you RETAIN your top talent?
  42. “About 20 percent of GSK’s sales force in China and India quits each year in favor of better offers from rivals. ! There’s a huge war for talent. It’s hard to do anything about. If you have a good person, they could find someone else willing to pay twice as much.”
  43. Integrated English learning can also be used to retain top talent
  44. Japan’s largest online marketplace, implemented English as its common business language in 2010 Today, 3 OUT OF 6 senior executives in their engineering organization aren’t Japanese. They represent the best talent from around the globe
  45. Ongoing English learning drives a virtuous circle of… IMPROVED PERFORMANCE CAREER PROGRESSION TALENT RETENTION
  46. With 21st Century Recruitment Tools You Can Identify, Attract and Retain Top Talent For Less
  47. Pearson English Business Solutions helps corporations develop talent to realize their potential enabling them to communicate, collaborate and operate using a common language of business, English. Click here for your free 30-page guide to acquiring and developing top talent in a global economy. FREE GUIDE Pearson English Business Solutions is part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. Learn more at www.globalenglish.com
  48. Pearson English Business Solutions harnesses the power of technology and premium content to enable talent to communicate, collaborate and operate using a common language of business English, whether down the hall, across continents and across business boundaries. Pearson English Talent Management Solutions augment English learning products with a range of assessment, benchmarking and diagnostic tools to help you discover and develop global talent Pearson English Business Solutions is part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. Learn more at www.globalenglish.com