Doing Business in India


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Doing Business in India

  1. 1. Doing Business in India Prepared for
  2. 2. 1 Teachers 2 Reflection4 Life Experience 3 Companions
  3. 3. 18 YEARS76 NATIONS 1000’s OF PEOPLE
  4. 4. Getting to know…me 1 My name is: Shanti No last name! Mrs. Shanti (does not matter if you are Ms. or Mrs. they will gauge you by your age and address you) 2 My husband is… / I have two children... Indians will share and expect a lot of personal information. This is small talk in India
  5. 5. Getting to know…me 3 I live as part of an extended family 60% of India still lives in the joint family system* 4 I speak five languages An average Indian will speak between three to five languages India has 22 official languages and almost 2000 languages and dialectsIndian Census Bureau, 2011
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda • Core Values in the Workplace • Indian Business Etiquette • Indian View of NZ • The Art of Indian Negotiation • Communicating in India • Q&A
  7. 7. Indian Values
  8. 8. Behaviours HeroesSymbols Customs/Rituals
  9. 9. Beliefs Assumptions Values Worldview
  10. 10. Indian Values:
  11. 11. GroupTeam and Relationships
  12. 12. Obligation
  13. 13. Applications• Share the bigger picture• Identify key individual relationships and try to get inside their circles!How?• Attend personal functions• Have meals together• Ask for advice• Let them help you!
  14. 14. Indian Values:Respect for HierarchyLeadership
  15. 15. Be aware of Hierarchy Chief Secretary Secretary Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary Under Secretary Desk Officer
  16. 16. Applications• Titles are important, use them• Give importance to age, status & wealth• Respect hierarchy on its way up, down & match it• Don’t disagree with seniors in front of juniors
  17. 17. FateIndian Values: Time
  18. 18. Applications• Expect little planning• And then expect a lot of energy to meet the deadline• Agendas & schedules may be set but not followed• Respect a line of thinking that may seem to defy logic
  19. 19. Indian Values:
  20. 20. Indian Business Etiquette
  21. 21. Introductions• How big/powerful is your circle?• Business Cards• What to share: • Size of company • Important contacts in India • Large/well-known clients• Follow up
  22. 22. Dress• North vs. South• Don’t mimic traditional Indian styles• Don’t be too informal• Prepare for the heat, and the AC• Have at least one nice accessory
  23. 23. Small TalkCricket • IPLCelebrities • Business, Cinema, Sports
  24. 24. A.) Sachin TendulkarWhich of these is not a B.) Mahindra Singh Dhoni famous Indian C.) Sushmita Sen cricketer? D.) Virat Kohli
  25. 25. Sushmita Sen
  26. 26. Match the following movie stars with their pictures:
  27. 27. Which of the following A.) Narayana Murthyis not the founder of an Indian conglomerate B.) Jamsetji Tata with revenues over C.) Dhirubhai Ambani $40 Billion? D.) GD Birla
  28. 28. Ambanis Birlas$67 billion $41 billion Tatas$100 billion $7 billion
  29. 29. Small TalkTravelFamily
  30. 30. Gifts • Unique from your country • Chocolate or Sweets • Alcohol • Piece of Art • Photo frames
  31. 31. Body Language• No winking• Eye contact• Reduced Personal Space• No finger pointing• Don’t show the soles of your feet to elders• Speak slowly and clearly
  32. 32. Dining Etiquette• Enjoy yourself and ask for seconds!• Always reciprocate an invitation to an equal level of restaurant• Offer more food and alcohol several times• You must fight for the bill!
  33. 33. Indian Views ofNew Zealand
  34. 34. Negotiation in India 1 Strengthen your BATNA 2 Stay friendly – no “hard ball” 3 Be willing to be creative Agreements are adhered to but 4 buffers are expected
  35. 35. Negotiation in India 5 Bundle the Buying 6 Crucial Silences Help Use a mediator for language 7 and red tape
  36. 36. • Expect a large give-in• Give it time• Find the decision makers• Match status, move for move
  37. 37. Rajan: So what’s the price on this service?Thomas: In total it will be 6 crore.Rajan: But that is your list price. Isn’t there a discount for us?Thomas: For you? We give the best price to all our clients.Rajan: I know but we are looking at a long term relationship. Surely there is a special price you can give?Thomas: Well, we might be able to a 5% discount to start on the first order.Rajan: What if we took a premium order? Would you then cover the shipping cost for us?Thomas: Yes, shipping comes free with premium orders.Rajan: Great, so it will be 5% off and free shipping and I’ll get back to you on the premium order.
  38. 38. Communication: Indian Style
  39. 39. Indirect Direct Blunt/Rude Indirect Direct Blunt/Rude
  40. 40. The Indian “disagreeing” rope trick Repetition of the ? Topic changing Asking your opinion Silence/No Response Praising Parts
  41. 41. Patrick: Shobha, I was wondering if you could come in on Saturday?Shobha: Saturday?Patrick: Yes, just for a couple of hours.Shobha: I see.Patrick: Just to finish that application test.Shobha: Right, right.Patrick: I think Rams team is coming in too, so it should be pretty fast.Shobha: Yes, they work quite fast.Patrick: So, do you think it will work, Shobha?Shobha: Let me ask my team and get back with you.Patrick: No problem. Source: Craig Stortis Cross Cultural Dialogues
  42. 42. Bernd: So we are all in agreement about all the prices listed here?Ram: Yes, everything looks great. I’m sure we will be flexible as we move forward.Bernd: Great. Shall we move on to some logistics strategies then?Ram: Yes. As we will be providing some extra ground staff, we will need to adjust some of our figures, but only very small changes.Bernd: Are you sure? Is everything the same from the proposal that you gave?Ram: Of course, yes. As the market fluctuates, we will just need to be flexible as to how many people we need on the ground.
  43. 43. Context/Background Answer Answer Supporting Reasons
  44. 44. Cinnamon Roll vs. Jalebi Dec 18 2011
  45. 45. Trainable TalentAcceptanceJourney
  46. 46. "Welcome aguest, send home a friend"