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Bringing Together Content and Process
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Bringing Together Content and Process


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This PowerPoint deck explains how organizations can achieve better business results by bringing together content and process.

This PowerPoint deck explains how organizations can achieve better business results by bringing together content and process.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 3. Bringing Process and Content Together Business Value Process ContentDrives the Work… …Provides the Context BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 3
  • 4. + =Business Process Solutions BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 4
  • 5. Executive Business Architect Supervisor Analyst Strategic PlanningReviewer Developer Processor Marketing Data Entry Researcher Legal BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 5
  • 7. A Better Way to Capture and Transform Content Automate capture-driven processes and cases Transform paper and electronic documents / forms into actionable information Improve document preparation, manager approvals, and back office- routing Eliminate lost or misfiled documents Find documents faster with automated metadata collection Knowledge Worker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 7
  • 8. A Better Way to Work with Content in Context Integrate all information sources within the context of the task, including structured & unstructured data Access all related work in one single screen Ensure all necessary work is completed Eliminate paper and manage versions, archival, discussion history, etc. Knowledge Worker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 8
  • 9. Do Work See today’s work and its status Find reminders for work in progress Track my personal performance Let my manager know how I’m doing now Read important news/eventsKnowledge Worker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 9
  • 10. A Better Way to Access Legacy Systems Integrate legacy systems Abstract users from the back-end complexity Eliminate switching between applications Access and update data via SharePoint web parts, Business data catalog, and InfoPath Forms Services Knowledge Worker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 10
  • 11. A Better Way to Meet Customer Demands Examine business trends Monitor SLA’s and respond to potential bottlenecks Manage team productivity and workload balancing Escalate work priorities Manager BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 11
  • 12. A Better Way to Allocate Work Ensure highest productivity when managing hundreds to thousands of workers. Intelligently allocate work based on backlog, time, skills, and schedule. Synchronize with SharePoint profiles and Outlook schedules. Simulate expected service level attainment. Supervisor BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 12
  • 13. Collaborate Provide real-time guidance for in-flight business processes Details of the case are populated to the IM window, providing context. Conversations are captured in a decision audit trail. Lync integration ensures a faster time to the RIGHT decision. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 13
  • 14. A Better Way to Work from Anywhere Deploy mobile- enabled, hybrid location, or on- premise apps Provide thin-client mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry Collaborate around key events and initiate tasks within a secure environment BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 14
  • 15. A Better Way to Guide Process Outcomes Contextualize advice and recommendations to deliver the desired business outcome Guide workers to next best action based upon crowd-sourced guidance Share and capture guidance to process and case repositories Deliver key nuggets of advice to the right people at the right time BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 15
  • 16. A Better Way to Communicate with Customers Engage more profitably with customers by leveraging personally relevant information Rapidly and directly create process-related content to support cross/upsell offers and campaigns Control how and when content is included in customer correspondence Marketing BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 16
  • 18. A Better Way to Discover Processes Define the process through collaboration Detail the process participants by personas Track discovery efforts through to the business case Prototype user experiences Collaborate on process alternatives and optimization Business Analyst / Architect BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 18
  • 19. A Better Way to Collaborate on Process Design Business Analyst / Architect BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 19
  • 20. A Better Way to Align Governance Policies Map governance and compliance requirements across the organization Identify cross-functional gaps or risks before the business is impacted Create and easily update governance policies and relationships SharePoint Compliance Legal Knowledge Storage Admin Officer Worker Pro BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 20
  • 21. A Better Way to Set Policies on Information Administer corporate policies locally within SharePoint Manage governance and archiving from SharePoint As new sites are created in SharePoint, automatically apply the correct governance policy SharePoint Admin BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 21
  • 22. A Better Way to Design for Change Visual drag-and-drop modeling environment Pre-built tasks for faster development No code deployment Pre-built data, content, and application integration BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 22
  • 23. A Better Way to Adapt for Change Optimize investment choices using a no-risk sandbox Improve collaboration for process design Imitate process behaviour and results faster than real life Discover bottlenecks ahead of implementation Business Analyst / Architect BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 23
  • 24. A Better Way to Deliver Process and Case Applications Speed development of process applications with pre-defined user workbenches and pre- built web parts Automatically connect data, content, and context relationships between web parts with a single click Surface data, content, and communications with web parts for SharePoint, Lync, Visio, SQL, and Outlook. Developer BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 24
  • 25. A Better Way to Manage Records Reduce risks associated with audit and litigation Maintain and dispose of process-related content according to defined policies and legally approved methods Verify the integrity of business practices with complete audit trails Make the complexity of records management transparent to end users. Legal BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 25
  • 26. A Better Way to Archive Information Automatically classify documents for with the proper record keeping policies Specify file and case folder versions to archive. Establish Rules and schedules for information archiving Fully restore information sites from corporate archives Compliance Officer and IT Pro BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 26
  • 27. Finance Public Sector Commercial BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 27
  • 28. Want to learn more aboutOpenText Business Process Solutions? Visit us at BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 28