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Identity Theft: Protecting Our Seniors

Identity Theft: Protecting Our Seniors



Scott Tolstad of the Escondido Police Department explains different ways senior citizens are scammed out of their money, particularly by thieves who steal identities. It's a valuable lesson for all of ...

Scott Tolstad of the Escondido Police Department explains different ways senior citizens are scammed out of their money, particularly by thieves who steal identities. It's a valuable lesson for all of us, regardless of age, to know. Scott spoke during the June 7, 2013 Glenner Symposium on Elder Abuse.



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    Identity Theft: Protecting Our Seniors Identity Theft: Protecting Our Seniors Presentation Transcript

    • Identity TheftIdentity TheftPresented by:Presented by:InvestigatorInvestigatorScott TolstadScott TolstadEscondido Police Dept.Escondido Police Dept.Financial Crimes/Fraud UnitFinancial Crimes/Fraud Unit(760) 839-4971(760) 839-4971stolstad@escondido.orstolstad@escondido.orgg
    • Identity Theft Who is targeted? How do they get your information? What happens after they get it? How can I protect myself?
    • Identity Theft/Penal Code PC 530.5(a)-Every person who willfully obtainspersonal identifying information, as defined insubdivision (b) of Section 530.55, of another person,and uses that information for any unlawfulpurpose, including to obtain, or attempt to obtain,credit, goods, services, real property, or medicalinformation without the consent of that person, isguilty of a public offense, and upon convictiontherefor, shall be punished by a fine, byimprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year,or by both a fine and imprisonment, or byimprisonment in the state prison.
    • What Is Personal IdentifyingInformation? Social Security Numbers Driver’s license numbers Address, phone numbers, date of birth Birth Certificate information Mother’s maiden name, other family information Financial account numbers Biometric information Medical information
    • Identity Theft: The Classic View Identity theft occurs when an imposter gainsaccess to personal identifying informationand uses it for financial gain– New lines of credit, loans, and mortgages– New accounts, checking/debit fraud– Tenancy and utilities– Medical billing and identity
    • Identity Theft: The Big Picture Identity theft also occurs when an impostergains access to personal identifyinginformation and uses it for:– Jobs, employment, contracts– Government accounting issues– Government support services– Avoidance of arrest and criminal records– Medical services
    • Identity Theft
    • How Thieves Obtain Information Lost/Stolen wallets Mail theft Dumpsters Shoulder surfing Telephone solicitations “Phishing” and scams Lack of computer security / Internet Areas beyond control Data breach
    • Skimming Primarily aimed at your debit card Gasoline retailers Restaurants General retailers Now Taken over by organized crime Loaded onto gift/Green Dot Card Electronic pickpocketing
    • Hand Held Skimmer
    • Electronic Pickpocketing
    • Prevention/Tips Deposit outgoing mail at a Post Office or ablue USPS collection box, or give it directlyto your letter carrier. Shred unwanted documents that containpersonal information. Review your credit report quarterly. NEVER give personal information over thephone or the internet unless you initiated thecontact. Phone spoofing.
    • Prevention/Tips Report lost/stolen cards to issuer ASAP. DON’T carry your SSN card. Destroy credit card receipts ( some will haveyour entire credit card number on it). Keep track of monthly financial statements. Contact the company if you don’t receiveyour monthly statement.
    • PC 530.8/Victim Rights In a nutshell, you are entitled to a copy of theapplication the suspect used. If the companyrefuses to turn over information, they can becivilly fined up to $100 a day fornoncompliance.
    • Penal Code/Who takes your case? PC 530.6(a)- A person who has learned or reasonablysuspects that his or her personal identifying informationhas been unlawfully used by another, as described insubdivision (a) of Section 530.5, may initiate a lawenforcement investigation by contacting the local lawenforcement agency that has jurisdiction over his orher actual residence or place of business, which shalltake a police report of the matter, provide the complainantwith a copy of that report, and begin an investigation ofthe facts. If the suspected crime was committed in adifferent jurisdiction, the local law enforcement agencymay refer the matter to the law enforcement agencywhere the suspected crime was committed.
    • Fraud Alert/Credit Freezes Experian-888 397-3742, www.experian.com Transunion-800 680-7289,www.transunion.com Equifax-800 525-6285, www.equifax.com Numbers to use to place fraud alert-2,2,3,2,1, hold, 2, enter info, 2 for phonenumber or 1 not to enter phone number,obtain confirmation number.
    • Work At Home Scam International company is looking for part timeat home employers within the whole territoryof the United States, Canada, Australia andUnited Kingdom. You can get over 3000USD monthly which highly depends on yourresults. We are looking people at the age of 18 to 85for rather easy operations on processing ofthe incoming tasks and performance ofsimple management assignments. You dont
    • Nigerian ScamsMystery ShopperOverpayment ScamRomance ScamLottery Scam
    • Check Fraud Fictitious check– no such account exists -wrong routing number, wrong bank, accountholder doesn’t exist Fraudulent Check – real account - accountnumber, account holder exists Reproduced check Stolen check – Actual check just stolen andusually washed
    • Mortgage Scams FICO score sites Loan modification Foreclosure prevention Foreclosure prevention products Brokers
    • ATM Skimming Devices
    • ATM Card Skimmer
    • ATM Skimmer
    • Card Skimmer
    • Card Skimmer
    • Card Skimmer
    • Pinhole Camera
    • Camera in FasciaWhat do PIN capturing deviceslook like?How about now ?Removal of fitted device from fascia- the additional part can now beclearly seen.
    • Camera in Fascia
    • Pinhole Camera
    • Pinhole Camera
    • Keypad
    • Keypad