Types of contact lenses


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Based on the lifestyle & budget, Calgary opticians offer a wide range of contact lenses for people with vision problems. Contact lenses can effectively help and correct near vision or myopia, distance vision or hypermetropia, astigmatism.

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Types of contact lenses

  1. 1. Types of contact lensesCalgary opticians offer a wide range of contact lenses for people with visionproblems based on their lifestyle or budget. Contact lenses can effectively helpand correct near vision or myopia, distance vision or hyperopia, astigmatism.Contact lenses are also available for those who need bifocals or multifocal torectify presbyopia. Some of the types of contact lenses you will come across are: • Disposable lenses • Oasys contact lenses • Soft daily wear lenses • Coloured and tinted lenses • Toric or astigmatic lenses • Bifocal and multifocal lenses • Extended wear lenses • Planned replacement lenses
  2. 2. Some people use contact lenses to simply enhance or change the color of theireyes or to hide an abnormal cornea or iris.Contact lenses can be broadly categorized into soft and rigid gas permeable. • Soft contact lenses – disposable and non-disposable Soft contact lenses are constructed with soft polymer plastic and water to allow the passage of oxygen so that the eye is comfortable. You can also get soft contact lenses with UV protection. These are more convenient than the rigid gas permeable contact lenses for first-time users. Soft contact lenses are invariably disposable and meant to be used for a specific period. This minimizes the risk of infection and involves less maintenance. Non- disposable soft contact lenses are also available. Among the disposable types, there are daily disposables and extended wear disposables. One of the most popular contact lenses is the Oasys contact lenses. Calgary opticians recommend these for their ease of use and health benefits. Oasys contact lenses are disposable lenses that use a special technology to help the eyes stay moist. These are especially convenient for those who have to out in windy or dry outdoor conditions or work at a computer all day. In Calgary,
  3. 3. Oasys contact lenses are suitable for myopic, hyperopic, astigmatic and presbyopic vision correction. • Coloured Soft Contact Lenses These come in different types for different uses. The visibility tint helps you find your contact lenses quickly. Enhancement tints highlight eye color. Color tints are used to change eye color while light filtering tints enhance certain colors. • Rigid Gas Permeable Hard Contact Lenses These are made with silicone polymers allowing oxygen to reach the cornea and more rigid and longer lasting compared to soft lenses. • Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses These are for people with presbyopia who need Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses. • Toric Contact Lenses For people with astigmatism, special lenses called toric contact lenses are prescribed.There are contact lenses used to reshape the cornea to improve vision in the longrun. These can be used overnight.Whether you need disposable Oasys contact lenses or multifocal or Toric lenses, itis best to consult with a Calgary optician to find the right type of contact lenses.
  4. 4. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center your eye health and sight are importantto us. Our team of professionals is able to provide thorough vision care for thewhole family. We also provide services like Contact lenses, Optical Lenses,Invisible Progressive Lenses, Hi-index lenses and more.