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Twitter workshop created Oct 2012
Delivered at Constant Contact workshop
Oct 23, 2012

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  • *From Twitter Terms of Service
  • Show video of SF EarthQuake
  • This is not as true today with smart phones.
  • Tip: add the contest to your website with the details REMEMBER:
  • Email- Add Twitter handle for instant savings
  • Twitter,tweeter,t what-oct-2012

    1. 1. Twitter, Tweeter, T–WHAT? Using Twitter to Brand & Grow Your Business
    2. 2. Glena Stephenson Business owner since 1981 Social Media Director Powerful Women International since 2011 Social Media Consultant Constant Contact Email Marketing Solution Provider Researcher for Writers, Authors & Bloggers
    3. 3. Twitter account since Feb 8, 2009  Didn’t use it much  I didn’t know what I was doing  Love it now for research and connecting on the go  Have created a business twitter account @glenastep  What about You? (Participants)
    4. 4. What we will cover Twitter basics: sign up, handle, profile, etc. Twitter Best Practices Anatomy of a Tweet Who to Follow & Why Value of twitter for Business Twitter Marketing Campaigns
    5. 5. Sign up Page Oct 2012
    6. 6. Your Twitter Handle Make it short if possible Make it part of your brand Keep it simple, so that people can find you You may want to use your own name to brand yourself My twitter handle @glenastephenson (16 characters) is too long. My tweets must be no longer than 116 so that others can retweet. I created a new Business Account @glenastep
    7. 7. Newest Twitter Profile Page
    8. 8. Settings: Online Bio You only have160 characters You do want to come across as human and let a little personality come out Tell about your products Use Key words
    9. 9. Glena’s BIO
    10. 10. Settings: URL Make sure you use your website url in the box provided so that it stands out on your home page
    11. 11. Basic Signs & Etiquette
    12. 12. Taken from:
    13. 13. Twitter Limits You cannot follow more than 500 people a day You initially can follow only 2000 people After you reach 2000 Twitter computes the # of followers to how many you’re following and you can follow more 50 tweets per day 250 Direct Messages a day
    14. 14. Video Clip The best of Twitter TV v=1cfzSYYj8qk&feature=channel
    15. 15. # Hashtag
    16. 16. #lisalive Hashtag Search Results
    17. 17. # Hashtag Lets people group messages by category It’s an ongoing conversation #lisalive #occupywallstreet Collect Ideas by asking a question and use to track the conversation #favnovel Share an Experience #americanIdol Tracking tools for conversations: or or
    18. 18. @ Mention @yourname is a public message to you@ can be used to acknowledge“Thanks @glenastep for the great information about twitter”
    19. 19. RT RT – Retweet is a way of reposting someone’s message Make sure you are Retweetable by leaving enough room for others to add their user name Can re-write or comment: aim for clear message & add their @name for credit
    20. 20. DM DM – Direct Messages; This is active if you are following and being followed by someone. It gives some privacy if you want to answer a question that may be sensitive It can still be found through searches Either person can delete it and it is completely deleted
    21. 21. Who to Follow & Build YourFollowing
    22. 22. Who to Follow Search on the twitter search bar at the top or Find people who are tweeting about your topic or market niche Follow people primarily related to your niche Fewer followers who are interested are much more valuable than many followers Follow people who follow you (yes & no)
    23. 23. Follow the Experts Follow key players in your niche Follow some of their followers Reply to their tweets (authentic comments) RT - Retweet their relevant tweets Tweet – Your opinion or take on what the “expert” said & use “via” to reference them
    24. 24. Building Your Following Provide education and information Generate interest with article titles Add links to the full article that lead to your website Tweets need to contain Key words that relate to your market niche
    25. 25. Engage Your Followers Initiate conversations with followers Provide information Answer questions Retweet Follow @glenastep & each other Acknowledge @glenastep for the great twitter seminar Care more than others & be helpful
    26. 26. Value of Twitter It’s the real-time value of tweeting and Twitter that makes it such a unique social networking tool.
    27. 27. Video Faster than Earthquakes
    28. 28. Value of TweetingWhat differentiates Twitter from other forms of Social Media: Immediate & mobile The ability to write quick, short, easy to read messages Viewable in public by cell phone via SMS text
    29. 29. VIDEO Bookstore v=dB6_mmXiH50&feature=g-user- u&context=G22f85f4UCGXQYbcTJ33ZPv zbpS5EcDun7OV_oCKpeTRjmPWAYbpA
    30. 30. Tweet Headlines Grab attention so they will click through Emotional: Get what you want - Lose weight How to eat the right foods to burn fat Tricks of the Trade Stock Market secrets exposed Learn to read faster and retain more
    31. 31. Marketing Campaign Why are you using Twitter What are the advantages Short term goals Long term goals Strategies to meet these goals
    32. 32. Marketing Promotions: Use twitter specific discount codes Post special offers, sales items, etc. Contests: Generates fun and interest Sale announcements next hour get free pie with coffee New product announcements
    33. 33. La Madeleine Website
    34. 34. LaMadeleine - eclub
    35. 35. Establishing Your Presence Tweet daily: min of 5 times max 10 Tweet some personal stuff to reveal your personality Provide information Use headlines like a newspaper and provide links (1:10 ratio) to your website or blog or article
    36. 36. Set Low to Moderate ExpectationsGoals may be: • Increasing customer base • Better serving existing customers • Offering customer service • Connect with potential partners • Branding
    37. 37. Create Business only Twitter AccountPublish Your Twitter Handle Create Business only Twitter Account Business Cards Website Facebook Business Page Facebook Profile Page LinkedIn
    38. 38.
    39. 39.
    40. 40. Management Tools Tweetdeck – Owned by & only for Twitter Hootsuite – Manage multiple accounts free Social Oomph- Manage multiple accounts $ Rapportive – cool app to use with gmail, Google now owns
    41. 41. HootSuite
    42. 42. Rapportive: Connect Social Mediato Gmail
    43. 43. Video The Twitter Experiment Classroom