Top 50 PR agencies 2012


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The Top 50 PR Agencies in Australia 2012

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Top 50 PR agencies 2012

  1. 1. The PR Report The Top 25 PR agencies by size The Top 25 Fastest Growing PR agencies 2012
  2. 2. Introduction W elcome. The Public Relations industry is a vital part of the Australian economy. PR and Corporate Communications practitioners influence a number of key stakeholders that drive our national conversation and legislative agenda. Now, through social media, PR practitioners influence millions of people around the world. PR is a powerful business. In the same way organisations use external consultants, lawyers, and accountants, the use of external PR advisors is now accepted not just as good business practice, but a service that gives an organisation a competitive advantage. From: len Frost, G Editor Publisher, The PR Report PR practitioners need more information about the PR agency sector to help them select an agency that fits their needs, and that is the main reason for this report. This report is an Australian first. This report is the first time PR agencies in Australia have been ranked by revenue and growth, and it is the only independent ranking in Australia. Firstly, thank you to the PR agencies who participated in this report; your support is noted and appreciated. To the agencies who didn’t send in revenue statistics; I have used a variety of ways to determine your revenue; without going into details, let’s call the process of finding out your agency’s revenue, good old fashioned journalism. The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and the Registered Consultancies Group (RCG) did not support this report. I invited the PRIA over a year ago to be part of this report, and offered them co-ownership. They declined. The agreement with the agencies is that revenue details won’t be published, but the revenue statistics are used to rank agencies in order of size, and/or fastest growing. We’ve split the report into two categories: • The Top 25 PR agencies by size (revenue) • The Top 25 Fastest Growing PR agencies (% increase in revenue) Why rank agencies by size? 1. 1 In-house PRs need information to help them make a decision on which agency to hire. Size is important. If you’re a large organisation, chances are you’ll need a large agency. 2. want 2 PR practitionersfor. information to help them decide which agency to work 3. PR 3 theagencies ask their clients to be transparent, and we are asking same from agencies. 2 The PR Report 2012
  3. 3. PR is a “people to people” business, and a PR agency’s best assets can sometimes walk out the agency’s front door and set up their own agency. The new PR agency’s biggest selling point is that the owners work on the accounts, ideally delivering better service/results than the bigger mob down the road with the less experienced staff working the accounts. So we recognise the alternative view to the “bigger is better” mantra; size isn’t everything... That’s why we’ve created a list of the Top 25 Fastest Growing agencies. PR agencies in this category experienced year-on-year annual revenue growth rates of between 20% and 335% between 2010-2011. Agency growth rates reveal a number of interesting stories. The top 25 fastest growth section contains a variety of agencies. From new agencies who are experiencing a dramatic growth in their second or third year, to established agencies in WA or Queensland who are benefitting from the mining boom. What else did our research find? As part of our mission to inform you about the PR industry, our research has calculated the following: • Revenue for The Top 100 PR agencies in Australia was $280m in 2011 • The Top 100 PR agencies in Australia employ 1700 people (FTE) Thank you to our advertisers I would like to thank the advertisers in this year’s report: Radio Release, VIVA! Communications and The Write Girl. Your support enables this valuable research to be undertaken, and ensures this is a free report. Thank you. I hope you find this report valuable. If you have any comments or suggestions for next year’s report, please contact me. Kind regards Glen P.S. There’s a handy guide on the back page with a few tips on selecting a PR agency Glen Frost Editor, The PR Report Australia Tel: +61 (0)2 9476 3333 Email: Subscribe to our newsletter and industry reports here: The PR Report 2012 3
  4. 4. At a glance: Largest PR agency: Ogilvy PR Group Fastest growing agency: GSG Counsel Growth rates of the Top 25 fastest growing agencies between 2011-2010 20% - 335% Revenue for The Top 100 PR agencies in Australia in 2011 A$ 280m Number of employees in the Top 100 PR agencies in Australia 1,700 4 The PR Report 2012
  5. 5. Australia’s Top PR Agencies use Radio Release Australia’s leading provider of audio news releases. Maximum reach with just one telephone interview. Efficient delivery to more than 500 radio stations. Realtime feedback on your Radio Release. * BASED ON TOP 50 PR AGENCIES 2012 (THE PR REPORT)
  6. 6. Top 25 PR agencies by size (revenue) for 2012 Ranking Agency 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 6 Ogilvy PR Group PPR Rowland Hausmann FTI Consulting (formerly FD Third Person) Haystac Edelman Hill + Knowlton Kreab Gavin Anderson Porter Novelli Liquid Ideas Burson-Marsteller Senate SHJ One Green Bean The Phillips Group n2n Communications Purple Communications Sefiani Buchan Weber Shandwick Thrive PR Undertow Media BlueChip Communications Res Publica CPR Communications The PR Report 2012
  7. 7. Stand out from the crowd – be seen heard like never before VIVA! Communications is a dynamic, strategic and independent health and wellness communications agency. Established in 2002 in Sydney, we specialise in delivering award-winning counsel to the local and international medical, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and community health and wellness sectors. Our communication strategists combine extensive public relations, journalism, health and medical science expertise across traditional, digital and social media platforms to influence, persuade and stand out from the crowd – to be seen and heard. Member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA), the Registered Consultancies Group (RCG) the exclusive Australian partner of GLOBALHealthPR We’re passionate about health + wellness communication ContaCt us to learn more P +61 (2) 9968 3741 w t @vivacomms The PR Report 2012 7
  8. 8. Top 25 Fastest Growing PR Agencies (2010-2011) Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 8 Agency Type of agency/services GSG Counsel (Gell Southam Group) Corporate, Investor Relations Naked Communications Consumer PR ZMM Full service P4 Group Full service Fuel Communications Full service McClusky Co Full service BENCH PR Technology PR Progressive Arts, Ents Lifestyle PR The Cru Media Hospitality Travel PR Purple Communications Full service VIVA! Communications Health Wellness PR DEC Communications Full service Liquid Ideas Lesuire Lifestyle PR Espresso Communications Full service Magnus Corporate, Investor Relations Edelman Full service One Green Bean Consumer PR Sefiani Full service Bite Communications Full service n2n Full service FTI Consulting (FD Third Person) Corporate, Investor Relations Grapevine PR Food Travel PR Ethical Strategies Full service Frank PR Consumer PR Rowland Full service The PR Report 2012
  9. 9. LisaMontague 0412 002 544 MEDIARELEASE Issued by TheWriteGirl Tuesday 5 June 2012 TheWriteGirl – Copywriting Services Open for business The Write Girl is a new Melbourne-based copywriting consultancy. For those seeking the words to deliver effective messages, build excitement and motivate audiences to engage and take action. Founded by strategic writing specialist Lisa Montague, The Write Girl is built around the principle that words are a vital promotional tool. Projects involve writing original copy, re-shaping existing text or a combination of both. “Lisa Montague is a talented writer with the ability to tailor tone, content and key messages to suit different target audiences. In addition the motivation to make it all happen! Writing has a critical impact upon an organisation’s brand, image and ultimate success. Lisa would be a vital writing asset to any business - start-up, established, big or small.” Luisa Lucchesi – Owner/Director, Sapore Restaurant, St Kilda The Write Girl believes that clear, concise, jargon-free writing makes promotional material come alive and communicates the unique story of the business, individual or project. With an emphasis on friendly one-on-one service, attention to detail and a passion for outstanding results, The Write Girl frees up clients to focus on other important aspects of their business. The Write Girl is for those seeking well-crafted, structured and appropriate text to: • Promote an event, client, product or service • Launch/re-launch • Diversify or expand • Convey key messages and more “Lisa loves research and writing. For the 2005 and 2006 Melbourne International Arts Festivals she wrote over forty releases across all genres of theatre, dance, music and visual arts. She always skilfully captured the essence of the projects and knew the right tone for each event. Whatever you need written Lisa Montague is The Write Girl for the job.” Prue Bassett – Director, Prue Bassett Publicity Copywriting services include: • Annual Reports • Backgrounders • Biographies/profiles • Booklets • Brochures • Media Releases • Newsletters • Programs • Proposals • Web Content “I have extensive promotional writing experience for the arts and entertainment, corporate, education, hospitality and not-for-profit sectors. Creative, engaging copy designed to catch the attention of media, stakeholders and the public. A former Publicist and current Public Relations teacher, I have the ability to listen and ‘hear’ the specific needs of my clients and turn your vision into words. “Please contact me to discuss your writing project.” LisaMontague - Director, TheWriteGirl
  10. 10. How to select a PR agency (that’s right for you) Which agency should you pick? Due to the sensitive, and confidential, nature of PR agency work, it’s rarely (intentionally) discussed in public. The media coverage earlier this year of the scandal at Sydney’s casino, The Star, involving the CEO’s departure, the NSW Premier’s PR/media advisor and The Star’s PR agency, might be an example of how influential PR practitioners are, but the last thing a PR agency wants is to become part of a very public story. Managing reputation is a skill; client and agency must work together. Selecting an agency that’s right for you should be a considered process. Hopefully this section offers a helpful guide as to how you can research the PR agency sector so that when you are asked to suggest an agency, you can counsel your CEO on the options available. How you don’t want to select a PR agency... Sometimes a PR agency is selected because of a friendship, and without a competitive pitch. This can also happen when a company is at the start of a crisis. This is a dilemma for company CEOs who have limited experience in selecting PR agencies. At the time of a crisis, a CEO doesn’t have the time to make a considered decision, and doesn’t want to be seen shopping around for PR help; discretion is key. Always handy to have a few names ready... The Golden Rule: does the PR agency understand your business? If you are looking for a PR agency, in addition to reading this report, think over a variety of factors before you write a brief and call a pitch. 1. The key question is always: does the PR agency understand your business? 2. What are you looking for from a PR agency? Specific expertise or full service? 3. Has the agency won any Awards? Awards are subjective but indicative of great work by an agency, but check that the people who did the work are still in the agency. 4. Not all agencies enter awards. A PR agency is unlikely to put in for an award for the work they did toppling Government policy. 5. Has there been any legal action against the agency? This is usually an indicator of unethical practices or behaviour. You might be tainted by association. 6. High staff turnover within a PR agency is a warning that all is not well. 10 The PR Report 2012
  11. 11. The top 10 tips for selecting the right PR agency The Golden Rule: research, brief, pitch 1 Research. Interview your internal stakeholders about what they think of the company’s reputation. If you can, hire an independent consultant to interview your external stakeholders (including the media) to understand what they think of your organisation. 2 The brief. Write an honest written brief for the agency. Be honest; if you want an article in the technology section of the AFR, just say so. A brief should include the key challenges and opportunities discovered in the research phase; as well as: KPIs, pricing, a review process, and how to end the relationship if either party wants to. 3 Payment. Decide how you want to pay the agency, including how you’ll pay for additional services. It’s like working with builders; your final bill can be far removed from your original quote due to a range of “additions to contract” you agreed to after signing the initial quote. Upselling happens in every industry. 4 Approvals. Clear the brief with your CFO, Legal, Procurement and CEO. Involve the CIO if digital PR and social media is required. 5 The Pitch. Invite three to five agencies. Don’t pick an agency because of what they tell you in a pitch. Verify it. 6 Quality. Are the agency leaders capable of discussing your industry with your CEO and a senior journalist? It’s a litmus test. Ask who will work on your account on a day-to-day basis. The people who pitch may not manage your account. 7 Budgets. In your budget, include a small, and discreet, amount for emergencies, or contingencies. There may come a time when you need cash to fix a problem. 8 Understand what your agency wants from you. If an agency asks for copy, or budgets, or plans, to be approved within a certain time frame, ensure you meet their requests. A slow approval process is a major reason preventing agencies achieving KPIs. 9 Itemised billing. There is a possibility that an agency will make the occasional billing mistake (which is forgivable). Worse, they may engage in deliberate over-billing (which is fraud). Clients should ensure their agency use time sheets and provide itemised billing. 10 Reward good work. A written thank you and/or reference from your CEO to the agency is appreciated and will help the agency win new work. If you want to discuss which agency is right for you, or improve the relationship with your current agency, please contact me. Glen Frost, Editor, The PR Report The PR Report 2012 11
  12. 12. The PR Report 12 The PR Report 2012