Draft 4 – ancillary plan


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Draft 4 – ancillary plan

  1. 1. Draft 4 –ancillary plan
  2. 2. rough sketch of layout anD image • Supporting image of hands tied up by mouse wire – represents that we are trapped by social media. • We will edit the image so that the wire continues down to the bottom of the page. • The text will go around the wire.• At the bottom we will have boxes with facts about social media – again the text will go around the image (of the mouse).
  3. 3. Double page spreaD• To emphasis the idea of control and being ‘plugged in we stuck on end of a wire onto Kaya’s head and used make-up to make it look like a real wound.
  4. 4. Double Page sPreaD• We tried some shots with her looking at the camera but they made for an awkward image.
  5. 5. Double Page sPreaD• We also tried a range of high angles to emphasis the vulnerability of the character.• The objects in the background were very distracting and took away from the image.
  6. 6. Double Page sPreaD• Portrait doesn’t work as a layout as Double Page Spreads are always landscape.• So we cant use these images.
  7. 7. Double Page sPreaD• Rough prototype of what it will look like with a title.
  8. 8. suPPorting image • We will edit out the background so only the wire is and mouse are visible but the hands will remain inside the image. • The text will kern around the wire and mouse.
  9. 9. newsPaPer aDvert rough sketch • This is an idea I drew for the newspaper advert. • The computer for a head represents the fact that we are governed by social media. • The channel 4 logo will go on the right hand side in the middle of the page.• Text box with information about the • Website of channel 4 documentary (time and date).
  10. 10. Newspaper advert• In order to execute this we will take a photo of a person standing up right. • Then, using ‘Photoshop’ we will edit an image of a computer monitor over the persons head.
  11. 11. actors, costume, props aNd locatioNActors/People: Actor: Kaya SumblandCostume: - Chequered scarf - Burgundy jumper - Black trousers - We used dull colours in order to keep the focus on the concept of the image.Props: - Black wire and iMac computer.Location: - Convent of Jesus and Mary Language Collage (media room).