Assignment 6 research of double page spreads


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Assignment 6 research of double page spreads

  1. 1. Assignment 6 – Research of Double Page Spreads By Gledis Dedaj
  2. 2. The magazine I will analyse is…
  3. 3. What kind of things are in the magazine?• The Week In London • Theatre And Dance• Bond Film Special • LGBT• Things To Do • Art• Music • Shopping And Style• Clubs • Eating And Drinking• Cabaret • ‘Time In’ Section• Comedy • Top Ten … Bond Locations Special
  4. 4. Who is the audience/target audience? • The fact that it’s a listings magazine, indicates that it will mainly be aimed at socially active people who actually live in London. • Its is probably targeted at people aged 21-35 at an estimate. • This is due to the fact that this age range is most likely to attend most of the events listed in the magazine.
  5. 5. How is the magazine organised/structures?• The magazine starts out with entertainment with things like films and music.• Then there are some commercial adverts for products or company offers.• Towards the end of the magazine there are listings of events and shows or gigs.
  6. 6. What are most of the pages about in the magazine? • Most of the pages consist of advertisements of events and shows happening in London. • This is typical for a listing magazine.
  7. 7. what do they advertise?• They advertise all sorts of things from theatre shows to new movies. Fashion and Shopping. Music shows/Gigs. Events. Phone Company Offers.
  8. 8. Where is it magazine available? • This is a list of the places where the magazine is available.
  9. 9. How much does it cost to use a full double page spread? • The cost of a double page spread stands at £8,400 for ‘Time Out’ magazine.
  10. 10. Part : 2Analysis of double page spread
  11. 11. layout design• Two massive black and white • There is no text or photographs that take up the paragraphs of information whole pages. • The actress is a recognisable face and dominates the photo as she is the centre on • The only text on the double page it. spread is the designer logo which is written in bold.
  12. 12. how is the layout effective and eye catching? • The bold black and white colours are very eye- catching. • The fact that there is no other text apart from ‘GUESS’ makes it all the more appealing. • This is because there is no distraction from the designer logo. • The black and white work well as they present a sense of sophistication.
  13. 13. style of graphics/ Photo manipulation• The photograph has clearly been edited to make the actress appear flawless as this then reflects on the product as being ‘perfect’.• In order to give the image a ‘vintage feel, the color has been manipulated.• The shading of black has been emphasised to contrast with the white so the photo can look old.
  14. 14. organisation of information • The information of organisation is greatly simplistic as the only piece of information is the actual designer logo. • The fact that its red makes it stand out. • Despite the fact that ‘GUESS’ is at the bottom of the page it is the first thing you see because of the bold colour.
  15. 15. layout design The background is a photograph of the famous singer. Another, smaller photo which slightly overlaps the larger one and has a white frame to make it stand out.The title is bold and inwhite to make it stand outto the reader.It overlaps the largeimage of Shakira
  16. 16. how is the layout effective and eye catching? • The layout is not very effective as it is quite common in magazines, therefore it does not stand out. • If it doesn’t stand out from the rest it will not catch the readers attention. • There are no interesting color schemes used and the large image of Shakira seems to fade in the background because of all the overlapping imagesThe text in a white box and very typical andboring.
  17. 17. style of graphics/ photo manipulation• Some of the colours in the larger image appear to be enhanced and made brighter in order to make the image more bold and eye-catching.• The smaller photograph has been air-brushed and touched up.• The lighting has also been darkened to add a shadow around her, thus making her stand out more in the frame.
  18. 18. organisation of information • At first glance the first thing you see is the larger image of Shakira because of its size and its placed almost at the centre of the layout. • The next thing that’s most visible is the second photograph of the singer • Finally the reader is drawn to the bold white title which leads them to the text below.
  19. 19. layout design The text is on the left hand side. Large red title. There is some large text, then smaller text below. Slim text yet eye- catching.The model’sname I whiteoverlapping Dominating photographthe photo. of the model almost covering the wholeThen some text layout.about her.
  20. 20. how is the layout effective and eye catching? • The layout is quite effective because of the dominating and bright colours used. • It catches the readers eye right away. • The text is placed on the left hand side which neatens up the layout yet it is still appealing because it complements the serene image with the plants and water.
  21. 21. style of graphics/ photo manipulation• The colours have definitely been manipulated in the photograph.• They have been enhanced to appear very bright and eye- catching On the left side of the page the colours appear lighter. Then on the right they seem much more vibrant.
  22. 22. organisation of information• The first thing visible on the layout is the image.• This is due to the bright background of the sky.• The red title stands out next.• Red is a bright eye-catching colour and it draws the reader in to the article which is below.