Assignment 6 opening sequence analysis


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Assignment 6 opening sequence analysis

  1. 1. Assignment 6 – Opening Sequence Analysis By Gledis Dedaj
  2. 2. The Opening Sequence from ‘Gattaca’!• Genre: Science fiction• How it meets conventions of the genre:The use of images such as body parts and medical equipment allowthe audience to know that the movie will have something to do with science. Finger nail Human hair Packets of blood and urine• These different shots tell the audience that the movie is about identity and someone trying to hide theirs.
  3. 3. Font/titles of Gattaca!• The text/writing in the opening sequence fades in sync with the music.• The text is small at first- this represents looking through a microscope.• This links to the Science Fiction genre of the film.
  4. 4. Camera Shots! • The opening sequence consists of mostly close-up shots and extreme close-up shots. • These extreme close-ups are done to hide the identity of the character in order to reflect what the film is about- Hidden identity.•Extreme close-up of hair •The characters face is always hidden to create mystery and enigma •The close-ups give the audience pieces of a puzzle from the movie – this creates enigma.
  5. 5. Camera movement!• The camera movements are very slow and smooth in order to calm the audience and put them at ease . • The movements flow from shot to shot to relax the audience. •The camera moves swiftly and gently along to show the strand of hair. •The camera moves with him as he slowly shaves.
  6. 6. Sound and Transitions!• Sound: • Transitions:• The music is non-diagetic. • The images overlap each• Its starts off slow then other and fade into other high violins come in. images.• It is very slow pace throughout the opening sequence.• After a while the noise of • No cuts, it keeps flowing. the characters movement • The minimal movements can be herd-this is diagetic from the character and sound. lack of action creates a slow pace
  7. 7. Images!• The opening sequence consists of different shots of the characters body.• It shows an experiment going on but its not explained.• The images are pieces of a puzzle that create enigma.  Trying to hide his identity with a false finger print• From the images we know the film has something to do with the human body. •We can be identified through our blood and urine.  •He is using someone elses – trying to hide his identity
  8. 8. The Opening Sequence From ‘Seven’• Genre: Thriller• How it meets conventions of the genre:It does this by flashing random and disturbing images.This makes the audience uneasy – common in thrillers. •The randomness of the images create enigma for the opening sequence
  9. 9. Camera Shots!• Images overlap each other and fade away in time with the music.• Close-ups of characters actions emphasis what it is that they are doing. • Their face is not revealed, we only see body parts like their fingers and finger tips.
  10. 10. Narrative and Images!• Narrative: • Images:• The character is getting rid of • Images of photos and weird his fingerprints. random pictures. • The images make the audience uneasy. • They send out a cold medical feel • Torture instruments and money• He wants to hide his identity. represent crime, greed and evil.• He doesn’t want to be found.
  11. 11. Editing/Pace and Transitions!• Editing/Pace: • Transitions:• The pace is quite slow but the • Small pieces of information are camera shots and flashes of revealed . images make it seem a lot • This creates enigma. faster. • The overlapping and fading disorientate the audience. •Fast flash of the title
  12. 12. Special Effects!• Echoing: • Black and white:• Ghost trail: • Sepia:• Flashing: • Slow motion: > >
  13. 13. Font/titles!• Hand written • Appear and disappear  >• Flash with tempo of music • Slanted sideways 
  14. 14. Opening Sequence from ‘The Ring’!• Genre: Thriller• How it meets conventions of the genre:Terrifying and thrilling images used to scare the audience. Terror in her facial expression .Common in thrillers and horrors.
  15. 15. Fonts/titles!• The font appears hand written • The ‘O’s in the text match the ring of the well in the film  This emphasise the theme of the film.• The text moves in sync with the music.
  16. 16. Camera Shots!• Low angle shots to emphasise actions of the character.  Slowly walking up the stairs.• Close-up of her hand on the door knob. • Close-up of facial expression. • 15 second long shot creates tension. 
  17. 17. Camera Angles and Movement!• A low angle of her feet as she walks to the door • The shot of her feet in the water is an uncomfortable cold image and emphasises fear.• Fast pace movement.• Quick shots of images moving in time with the music.• Lots of flashing images.
  18. 18. Transitions and Narrative!• Narrative: • Transitions:• The narrative is non-linear. • Everything is included.• There is no real story-line. • Random images and photos to disorientate the audience and put them in a state of panic.