Assignment #11 part 2 1


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Assignment #11 part 2 1

  1. 1. Location• We have one locations with this idea.• The first, is a bedroom in which all of these supernatural things happen to the character in. There are no health and safety risks in this location. (Supernatural things)
  2. 2. Location• This location is nearly always accessible as its my room, however, the only problem we may face with this location is when we can film as my mother works from home and noise from filming could be an issue.• We can get there from school by getting the 266 or 260 bus to Church Road and then a short walking distance, where we’d have to cross four non-major roads.
  3. 3. Location
  4. 4. P Narrative• We are using Linear Narrative for our opening sequence as the structure of it is all in chronological order and so the audience follow through with the plot.• This has not changed from draft one, because we are using the same narrative.
  5. 5. Q Tvzetan Todorov: Narrative StructureTzvetan Todorov is a Franco- Equilibrium: it is a narrative thatBulgarian philosopher. He lived in starts with a state of harmony,France since 1963 with his wife and example a group of people enjoyingtwo children. their live. Disequilibrium: it is a world of stability which involves disruption, example when an evil event happens to character in a movie. New Equilibrium: it is when the evil in a movie is removed and it restores harmony.
  6. 6. Q It contrast with disequilibrium because it has some disturbing images in the middle the movieThis describes equilibrium asit has the character enjoying This links with newhimself because he thinks equilibrium as it showsthat everything is perfect. a peaceful atmosphere between the characters
  7. 7. QBinary Opposition: This is a sophisticated butimportant idea that will help you understand howideas and meanings are being shaped, created orreinforced in a text. It is a theory of meaning andan idea that can be applied to all texts; it isespecially useful when analysing poetry wheremeaning has been compressed into a very fewwords.
  8. 8. QThis scene is clearly used to This particular scene shows theillustrate fear and danger. A audience a basic understandingclose up shot of his face of the movie which links to theexplains what is happening in binary oppositionthe scene without theaudience not even seeing thenext stage
  9. 9. QCharacters and their purpose in Propp’stheory:•The villain (struggles against the hero)•The donor (prepares the hero or gives the herosome magical object)•The (magical) helper (helps the hero in the quest)•The princess (person the hero marries, oftensought for during the narrative)•Her father•The dispatcher (character who makes the lackknown and sends the hero off)•The hero or victim/seeker hero, reacts to thedonor, weds the princess
  10. 10. Q Film Theory.• We aren’t using Propp’s or Strauss’ film theory as neither fit into what we want our opening sequence to be.• We have no hero’s in our idea and so Propp’s film theory is ineffective for us, and we are not creating ideas with our opening sequence, and so Binary Opposition is also ineffective for us.
  11. 11. Q Film Theory.• We’re applying Todorov’s film theory, as at the beginning of our film idea, the character’s life is in a state of harmony. (Equilibrium)• As our idea continues, the character finds more and more out about the ghost as it slowly possesses her. (Disequilibrium)• Finally, the death of the character brings final peace and harmony, or so the audience think until a new family move into the same house. (New Equilibrium)
  12. 12. R Film Distribution• Film distributors we would like to use are...• Lions Gate Entertainment• Momentum Pictures• Film 4
  13. 13. R Lions Gate EntertainmentWhy Lions Gate?...• They distribute Thrillers We are Making a Thriller• They are in collaboration This could work for us as our with Film4 Sequence would have the backing Of two companies• The have distributed successful films
  14. 14. R Film4Why Film4?...• They do a lot of independent films distribution• They are a British This could cause a problem as To other country distribution distribution company• You don’t have to have a big budget
  15. 15. R Momentum PicturesWhy Momentum?...• Its also a British distribution Which means it has the same Advantages and disadvantages company As Film4 would have.• They have distributed films Insidious, The Crazies, Hobo with such as .... A shotgun
  16. 16. R THE REASONS WHY I CHOSE COLUMBIA PICTURES• I chose this because they make lots of horror films that relate to our genre.• We aim a big hit for our genre so we can relate it to the budget of Columbia pictures.• It is an inspiration to film distributing and production.• They have Co-production companies who help and support them in exhibition and going into cinemas.
  17. 17. S Titles And Credits• Titles and credits from real films: • The Ring • Se7en • Rosemarys Baby • Stephen Kings "IT" • Frankenstein (1931)
  18. 18. S Titles And Credits of ‘The Ring’• The font appears hand written A handwritten style font would emphasise the‘Mental illness’ aspect of our film as the textwould appear messy and scattered, as if written bysomeone in panic or distress, (mentally unstable)• The ‘O’s in the text match the ring of the well in the filmThis emphasises the theme of the film, which has inspired us to use a font style which gives clues to the audience as to what our film will be about without giving too much away.
  19. 19. S Titles And Credits of ‘Se7ev’• Similarly to ‘The Ring’, ‘Se7en’ also has handwritten style fonts that are often spaced out or slanted. • The most inspiring thing about ‘Se7en’ is the animation of the text. • The quick bright flashes of the text create excitement for the audience and keep them on the edge of their seat which is essential for thriller films and has inspired us to display our text in a similar way.
  20. 20. STitles And Credits of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’• The font style and colour are somewhat unusual as it does not link with anything in the movie.• However the fact that its so uncommon for a Horror/Thriller, makes it unique and unpredictable. • Baby pink colour, however symbolises the innocence of Rosemary’s character. •Similarly, our main character also possesses a sense of innocence.• This has inspired us to use a font not normally associated with Thrillers to make it as unpredictable as possible.
  21. 21. STitles And Credits of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ The title of the film is the The bright red symbolises only text in this colour blood and gore therefore (bright red) and font style. attracting the target audience as it is common in Horror/Thrillers. This makes the title stand out from the rest of the text The small cuts and slits within highlighting the significance the letters emphasis the violence of the ‘IT’ character to in the movie as they represent intrigue the audience. stabs and scratches.
  22. 22. S Titles And Credits of ‘Frankenstein’ (1931) • The inconsistency of the text style could be used to disorientate the audience and perhaps panic them and keep them on the edge of their seat. •Also used for once sentence. •Each word is a different font. • The different fonts represent the •Each piece of text is written way that ‘Frankenstein’ was made in a different font, confusing up of different parts just like thethe audience yet still intriguing text. them.
  23. 23. S The colour of Our Text• At fist we considered using a deep red font colour as it is usually associated with Horrors/Thrillers.  ‘What Lies Within’• However once we changed our opening sequence from a Horror to a Thriller we decided that a colour associated with blood and gore would not be appropriate plus too common and predictable.• We then took inspiration from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ which uses a baby pink to signify her characters innocence. • In a similar way we decided that white would be the best option for us as it resembles something pure.  ‘What Lies Within’
  24. 24. S The Font of Our Text• After exploring different fonts from real films and opening credits we narrowed our favourites down to:• Block Capitals e.g. ARIAL BLACKThis could represent a sense of seriousness about the film. The houses being built where a Mental Institution once was. The fire that was used to cover a murder.• Handwritten style Font e.g. Bradley Hand ITCWe would use this to resemble the mental state of the characters by making the writing as unstructured and disorientated as possible.• Old Fashioned Font e.g. Brush Script MTThis could emphasises the time period of when the Mental Hospital was running. It gives the audience an insight to the film.
  25. 25. S Our final Font style and colour• We finally narrowed it down to the font we felt was most appropriate for our opening sequence and genre.• We wanted to chose something that gave little clues about the film but not too much and wasn’t too predictable.• We decided to go with a handwritten style font as we hoped this would emphasise the ‘Mental illness’ aspect of our film as the text would appear messy and scattered, as if written by someone in panic or distress, (mentally unstable).• Inspired by ‘The Ring’ and ‘Se7en’• We were also inspired by ‘Se7en’ to make the text flash onto the screen and fade away.
  26. 26. T Copyright Free Music Sites•••
  27. 27. TCopyright free music and sounds for our genre
  28. 28. T Music That Inspires Us• Non-diegetic music that inspires us is the background music in Jaws. Its full of suspense and its quite terrifying which adds to the thrill of the film.• We also want to have iconic non-diegetic music that our audience will remember.
  29. 29. T Music That Inspires Us• We like distinctive sounds like the sound of typing, creaking and eerie diegetic sounds in films. Also, slow footsteps with emphasis on each step as this also builds the tension.• This makes it more realistic as it scares people more and they can relate to it.
  30. 30. T Our Music• We would use these non-diegetic sounds to build excitement and tension as our character is running through the hallway.• We would use diegetic sounds as she is working at her desk and walking to try and find the noises within her room.
  31. 31. U BBFC and Rating• BBFC stands for British Board of Film Classification.• It provides guidelines as to what is appropriate for viewers of a certain age.
  32. 32. U BBFC and Rating• There are 6 different BBFC ratings.Uc gives guidelines for a child being able to watch afilm by themselves (from the age of 4)U stands for universal, enabling everyone to watchthe film.PG stands for Parental Guidance. So the film issuitable for children as long as their parents arewatching with them.12A requires the viewers to be aged 12 but haveadult supervision whilst watching the film.12 requires the viewer to be aged 12 and over.15 requires the viewer to be aged 15 and over.18 requires the viewer to be aged 18 and over.R18 is a legally restricted classification for explicitworks of consenting sex or fetish material.
  33. 33. U BBFC and RatingOur film fits into the 15 classification.This is because there is a strong threat in ourfilm and sadistic behaviour is shown when theghost harms the character in her sleep just toconvey her message.