Assignment #11 part 1 1


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Assignment #11 part 1 1

  1. 1. AKey Code:Joanne: Abigail:Gledis: Vera: Group work:
  2. 2. B• For draft one, we all received a grade because parts of the presentation were missing.• My individual grade was an .• WWW: I put good detailed information on each of my slides.• EBI: I should put all of my slides onto the correct presentation.
  3. 3. • For draft one, we all received a grade because parts of the presentation were missing.• My individual grade was an .• WWW: My target audience slides were efficient and had relevant information.• EBI: I should include more detail in all aspects and include images with every point.
  4. 4. B Record of grade for draft one• For draft one, we all received a grade because parts of the presentation were missing.• My individual grade was an .• WWW: I gave a good range of conventions and different films that met these conventions.• EBI: I had realised that our opening sequence was actually a thriller and so I wasn’t required to also make a conventions chart for horror films.
  5. 5. B• For draft one, we all received a grade because I hadn’t put all of my slides onto the presentation.• My individual grade was an .• WWW: I had a good range of pictures on my slides.• EBI: I should put the slides that I was missing up onto the powerpoint.
  6. 6. c• From draft one to draft two, we made a few amendments to our opening sequence idea.• For this, we changed the ending as we received feedback that it wasn’t exciting and that there wasn’t a good climax.
  7. 7. c• This was a challenge, as we found it hard to recreate the ending of the opening sequence, but we managed to overcome this obstacle.• This change helped us to improve overall because it made our opening sequence more appealing to our target audience, and made them want to watch the whole film.
  8. 8. D Genre: Thriller• We have decided to use the genre Thriller.• We want to use this genre effectively by using a number of conventions such as crime, possession, haunting and revenge. We will use these conventions by using them in our opening sequence to thrill our audience which meets the conventions of a thriller.
  9. 9. Genre D Thriller• This has changed since our first draft, as in our first draft, we thought our opening sequence was Thriller/Horror.• We corrected this and using conventions, we found that in actuality, our opening sequence was a Thriller.
  10. 10. D Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Fatal Use- Someone Attraction becoming obsessed after a relationship Challenge – using a female as the stalker instead of a male. Stalkers/ Obsession The Fan Develop – Instead of being obsessed with a woman and or a family, De Niro is obsessed with his favourite sports star and stalks him.
  11. 11. D Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge The Hand Challenge- it does it That Rocks through using a The Cradle women as the crazy killer stalker who seeks revenge instead of the normal use of a male Stalkers/ Obsession Stir of Develop – Its more echoes obsession as Kevin Bacon tries to find the answers to an ever haunting mystery
  12. 12. D Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Eye For An Eye Develop – A woman is used as the person seeking revenge for the crime rather than the typical use of a male character. Crime The Ambulance Develop – Not giving the audience a clear understanding of what the crime actually is at first.
  13. 13. D (Possible) Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Challenge/ Develop The Others Challenge – In this film they made you aware of the wrong ghost, whereas in regular horrors, the ghostly figure is clear. Ghosts House On A Use/Challenge – They Haunted Hill used the ghost to create fear amongst the audience and for the characters. They challenged it by making the ghost physically scary.
  14. 14. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Use/Develop. The common feature of wrongful accusation was Primal used and it was developed because the Fear character accused was religious, young and didn’t fit the stereotypeMisidentification of who would be or Wrongful accused. Accusation. Challenge – It seems to the audience like there has been a The wrongful accusation, Usual as the only survivor is Suspects then questioned about the incident that occurred and this typically doesn’t happen.
  15. 15. D Convention Explanation Use/Develop/ Challenge Our character is Using – We’re using haunted by a ghost this as we are doingGhosts/Spirits in her home. possession which can be quite a typical feature. Mysterious things Using– We’re are keep on happening using this to the character, and convention by Mystery as she becomes included mystery all aware of this, these the way through the happenings get plot. worse. At the end of film, Developing – We’re our character is fully developing this possessed. But because our Possession during the opening character is sequence, the possessed slowly character has a close and is aware of this encounter with the possession. ghost.
  16. 16. Inspirational Films E What I found Inspirational about this scene is the kind of lighting they used through out the more dark scenes emphasises the emotions of the actor /actress
  17. 17. EInspirational Films Black Swan What I found inspirational from this movie is the use of close up shots which was clearly present in this film It gives a clear picture of the characters emotions and helps the audience to connect with the character by seeing their emotions so closely.
  18. 18. EInspirational Films – The Ring• The film that inspired me most is ‘The Ring’• I want to use a similar long shot in our opening sequence.• It’s an effective way of keeping the audience’s attention to the puddle of water whilst showing the character come up the stairs.• I also want to use a fast zoom in our opening sequence.
  19. 19. E Use of costume and make-up in ‘The Ring’• Quite frightening to look at and an effective way of scaring the audience.• The lighting throughout the whole movie is kept more or less the same.• This creates a very eerie and creepy atmosphere in the movie, common in most horrors and thrillers.• I want to use dark lighting in our opening sequences .
  20. 20. E Inspirational Films - The Haunting In Connecticut.• Another film that inspired me was ‘The Haunting in Connecticut ’• Its paranormal theme has inspired me to make my opening sequence about a haunting.• Slamming doors…• It especially inspired me to set my opening sequence in a building that’s haunted. E.g. a haunted house.• I would like to use old newspaperarticles such as this to briefly show thehistory of the area. 
  21. 21. E Inspirational Films – Rosemary’s Baby• A scene from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ also inspired me.Close up of hand reaching into cribDraws the audiences attentionto what shes doing.. Allows imagination to run Close up of Rosemary’s face It never shows what emphasises her shock, and wild making the audience she sees, only her reaction. uneasy. horror at what she sees.
  22. 22. E Inspirational Films - GothikaThe particular scene I found inspirational about this film, wherethe scenes where the ghost interacts with the characters by leavingscratched out messages on their arms saying ‘Not Alone’. I thought that a similar idea would be a good addition to our idea, as the ghost tries to communicate with our character whilst she sleeps. I also took inspiration from the non-diegetic sounds, because they were creepy and added to what was already a tense film.
  23. 23. EInspirational Films – Paranormal Activity Throughout the whole of Paranormal Activity, the characters use their own camera to document what is happening to them. I liked the idea of this as it makes the viewing experience more personal for the viewer as they literally see what the characters see. I want to use this in our opening sequence as the camera shots made it more exciting for the viewer, and we want to add tense excitement too.
  24. 24. E Inspirational Films – The Grudge• The inspiration that I took from this film was part of the plot – that the ghost was trying to get revenge over her death.• I also felt that the setting added to the creepiness of the film, and so I hope we can re-create this when we make our opening sequence.
  25. 25. E Inspirational Films – Cabin FeverThe camera shot for this scene The props of thisis a mini close up shot of his movie is veryface to demonstrate disturbing for thefear, disgust and anxiety to the audience as it hasaudience. disgusting images of blood everywhere.
  26. 26. E Inspirational Films – Cabin Fever The movie has some kind of old fashioned humour to it which makes it more entertaining and interesting to the audience.In this scene the lighting was very dimwhich makes it more scary because itemphasis death, danger and fear. Itcreates suspense to the audience asthey don’t know what is going tohappen next.
  27. 27. E Inspirational Films – The VillageA scene where a character This scene has a mid shot ofdiscovers about the a character who issupernatural things happening illustrating fear and also ofin the village in order to prove the monster destroyingto the people that there is things in the village.something going on.
  28. 28. F Theme/Concept • An idea we had for the theme was Revenge and the concept was Possession. Injustice Ghosts Grievance Twists & TurnsVictims Enigma Revenge & Hidden identities Possession! Vicious Ghouls Suspicious circumstances Unsuspecting Mysterious Shocking Someone who has revelations been wronged
  29. 29. F Theme/Concept Another idea we had for the theme was Justice and concept was Death Murder & Manslaughter Righteousness Revenge Moral Rightness.Vendetta Justice & Death! A Cause Mystery Decay Supernatural Life After Death
  30. 30. F Theme/ Concept• These were our previous themes and concepts.• WWW: We had a range of different words which helped us when thinking of our opening sequence.• EBI: We could have thought of more themes and concepts.
  31. 31. F Theme/Concept• We did not change our themes or concepts because it was suitable for what we wanted to do.• We kept the theme revenge and the concept possession because the keywords on that brainstorm helped to provoke new ideas regarding our opening sequence.