Assignment 11 draft 6-1 - part 2


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Assignment 11 draft 6-1 - part 2

  1. 1. E Inspirational Films - GothikaThe particular scene I found inspirational about this film, wherethe scenes where the ghost interacts with the characters byleaving scratched out messages on their arms saying ‘Not Alone’. I thought that a similar idea would be a good addition to our idea, as the ghost tries to communicate with our character whilst she sleeps. I also took inspiration from the non-diegetic sounds, because they were creepy and added to what was already a tense film.
  2. 2. EInspirational Films – Paranormal Activity Throughout the whole of Paranormal Activity, the characters use their own camera to document what is happening to them. I liked the idea of this as it makes the viewing experience more personal for the viewer as they literally see what the characters see. I want to use this in our opening sequence as the camera shots made it more exciting for the viewer, and we want to add tense excitement too.
  3. 3. E Inspirational Films – The Grudge• The inspiration that I took from this film was part of the plot – that the ghost was trying to get revenge over her death.• I also felt that the setting added to the creepiness of the film, and so I hope we can re-create this when we make our opening sequence.
  4. 4. E Inspirational Films – Cabin FeverThe camera shot for this scene The props of thisis a mini close up shot of his movie is veryface to demonstrate fear, disturbing for thedisgust and anxiety to the audience as it hasaudience. disgusting images of blood everywhere.
  5. 5. E Inspirational Films – Cabin Fever The movie has some kind of old fashioned humour to it which makes it more entertaining and interesting to the audience.In this scene the lighting was very dimwhich makes it more scary because itemphasis death, danger and fear. Itcreates suspense to the audience asthey don’t know what is going tohappen next.
  6. 6. E Inspirational Films – The VillageA scene where a character This scene has a mid shot ofdiscovers about the a character who issupernatural things happening illustrating fear and also ofin the village in order to prove the monster destroyingto the people that there is things in the village.something going on.
  7. 7. F Theme/Concept • An idea we had for the theme was Revenge and the concept was Possession. Injustice Ghosts Grievance Twists & TurnsVictims Enigma Revenge & Hidden identities Possession! Vicious Ghouls Suspicious circumstances Unsuspecting Mysterious Shocking Someone who has revelations been wronged
  8. 8. F Theme/Concept Another idea we had for the theme was Justice and concept was Death Murder & Manslaughter Righteousness Revenge Moral Rightness.Vendetta Justice & Death! A Cause Mystery Decay Supernatural Life After Death
  9. 9. F Theme/ Concept• These were our previous themes and concepts.• WWW: We had a range of different words which helped us when thinking of our opening sequence.• EBI: We could have thought of more themes and concepts.
  10. 10. F Theme/Concept• We did not change our themes or concepts because it was suitable for what we wanted to do.• We kept the theme revenge and the concept possession because the keywords on that brainstorm helped to provoke new ideas regarding our opening sequence.
  11. 11. We did a lot of research into the paranormal prior tomaking this our opening sequence.Our research included researching horror/thrillerfilms and seeing how they portrayed theparanormal.We also did online research, looking at websitessuch as:
  12. 12. Whilst doing this research, we learnt about outward manifestations which is a central idea to our opening sequence.Opening manifestations include:• Knocking, banging or pounding being heard in one room.• Electrical appliances turning on by themselves.• A feeling of being watched.• Scratching sounds being heard without an obvious source.• And objects seemingly moving by themselves.
  13. 13. H Idea Development Option• From draft one to the final draft, we discussed a number of alternate endings.• Having tried and tested quite a few, such as a hand slamming on a glass door, her being tracked from behind and locked in her bedroom.• We decided on the last option, of locking her in her room whilst something unseen approaches her from behind.
  14. 14. Enigma• We’ve improved our use of enigma from draft one to our final draft, because we have made the ending of our opening sequence much quicker and fast paced through the use of quick clips that cut swiftly as the unseen thing approaches her.
  15. 15. Target Audience! M• Age: It is aimed at 15+, this is because the main character in the film is a teenager and a younger generation can relate to this because it will appeal to them. The fast pace tone of the film wont appeal to someone of an older generation who is not as active as a younger person• Location: the fact that it is set in London will appeal to a great number of people who actually live in London. This is because the audience will be able to relate to the character and the film and therefore will be more affected by the film. E.g. many people who live in London were terrified of using the London Underground after watching the movie ‘Creep’ which is set in Charing Cross tube station. This scared many people who used the station, which is the major aim of a horror/thriller film.
  16. 16. Target Audience!• Lifestyle: The movie itself is quite slow pace this doesn’t take away from it’s excitement. Therefore our target audience would be people who lead an active life and enjoy thrills and sitting on the edge of their seat whilst watching a movie. The mystery and enigma throughout our film will appeal to our target audience.
  17. 17. M Why Our Target Audience Will Be Interested In Our Film!• The Idea: Our target audience will be interested in our idea because it is thrilling and exciting and creates mystery (the history behind the house and the ghost). This will intrigue our audience, because they will want to find out more. The unexplained paranormal events that take place will interest people who regularly watch thrillers• Form: We want to use very creep and eerie music in some parts then fast pace violin music to create excitement. This will interest our audience because the are aiming our film at thrill seekers. We also want to use quick cutaways to create excitement and build up tension for the audience. (running through the corridors). However will we also use smooth camera movements to build up tension that will lead up to the climax at the end. This will attract our target audience as it creates excitement which will appeal to regular thrill seekers.
  18. 18. Target Audience!• Conventions: We are targeting our film at an audience who regularly watch thrillers with conventions such as terror, and we will intrigue people who enjoy being frightened by films.• We will include ghosts and spirits in order to attract an audience who are interested in supernatural happenings and life after death. (Ghost girl). We want to satisfy their interest in paranormal activities by including spirits and weird unexplained events such as the TV switching on by itself Being frightened Ghosts
  19. 19. Audience Feedback Across The Drafts.
  20. 20. Feedback of our forth opening sequence:
  21. 21. Actor/Character Props/Costume N Joanne Drew The Others The Unborn• This character meets stereotypes of a helpless young girl who is haunted by a ghost• Some movies in which this is displayed are listed above.• We hope to use some stereotypes in how females act in scary situations and use this in our opening sequence
  22. 22. Character• We have developed our character as we’ve emphasised the social group that she belongs to via the use of costume, additionally, we show her growth as an individual as the naturally curious side of her takes over.
  23. 23. O Location – Health & Safety Risks• With this location, there are minimal health and safety risks, however we’ll have to pay attention to things such as: My bookcase falling over, and injuring one of us.The stairs leading up to my room are quite narrow and steep, so it is likely that if we aren’t careful, one of us could lose our footing and fall down them.
  24. 24. O Location – Health & Safety Risks Whilst getting to this location, we’ll need to be careful whilst crossing the roads, as although there isn’t a great deal of traffic, there are a few cars that turn corners at great speed, which makes us, as pedestrians more vulnerable.In the scene where a hand slams against the glass door, a health and safety concern there, is that if we slam the hand against the door too hard, we may injure ourselves, or break the door, which is fragile.
  25. 25. O Location – Health & Safety Risks We’ll have to ensure that our actress has a suitable amount of breaks, between filming and is kept adequately hydrated. A major health and safety concern, is the risk of falling anywhere within the house, as it could happen to anyone of us.Finally, the windows are able to fully open up, which poses a threat to us, if we open them up, as my bedroom is on the top floor. We’ll have to be careful when opening and closing the window in my room.
  26. 26. O Location• This location is nearly always accessible as its my room, however, the only problem we may face with this location is when we can film as my mother works from home and noise from filming could be an issue.• We can get there from school by getting the 266 or 260 bus to Church Road and then a short walking distance, where we’d have to cross four non-major roads.
  27. 27. OLocation