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Set-and-Forget Marketing: Nurture Marketing Tactics for the Overwhelmed Marketer
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Set-and-Forget Marketing: Nurture Marketing Tactics for the Overwhelmed Marketer


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For complimentary research and resources on Marketing Automation check out: …

For complimentary research and resources on Marketing Automation check out:

There's no denying that marketers are busy people. Day in and day out, you've got your hands full running campaigns and getting the most out of your efforts. With the introduction of new marketing technologies, you've learned that there are ways to start automating the tactical processes so that you can focus on the strategic ones. Despite the thousands of resources on lead nurturing and other tools that help with automation, eight out of ten organizations aren't taking advantage of lead nurturing. In fact, according to Gleanster Research, even top-performing organizations struggle with lead nurturing (although they are 5x more likely than all other organizations to create lead nurturing campaigns).

You've realized the benefits of lead nurturing, but haven't figured out a simple way to leverage your resources and get started. Are there best practices for simplifying lead nurturing? Yes! Join Gleanster Principal Analyst, Ian Michiels, and Pardot Marketing Automation Evangelist, Mathew Sweezey, on March 19 at 1:00 p.m. (EST) for a closer look at how top-performing organizations use lead nurturing to outperform peers and competitors.

You’ll learn:

The real state of lead nurturing and a means of benchmarking your organization
A simplified approach to configuring lead nurturing campaigns
How top performers approach lead nurturing, and where they typically go with it.
Lead nurturing doesn’t have to be complicated, and the return from even the simplest campaigns far outweighs the cost.

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  • 1. Compliments of: Set-and-Forget Marketing: Nurture Marketing Tactics for the Overwhelmed Marketer
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  • 14. # N urture
  • 15. – Marketing Automation– CRM– New leads?– Push a product?– Up-sell?– Etc. # N urture
  • 16. •• – Content will drive the right prospects – Ongoing communication will demonstrate sensitivity to the sales decision process – Integration will provide visibility into results # N urture
  • 17. Qualification Nurturing Campaign Qualification campaigns are designed to identify whether or not a prospect should talk to sales immediately or be routed to another nurturing campaign. Awareness Nurturing Campaign Awareness campaigns are typically generic ongoing communications with prospects (or customers). Accelerator Nurturing Campaign Accelerators are behavior driven events that pull theprospect through the buying cycle, thereby accelerating the time a prospect may want to engage with sales. # N urture
  • 18. Acquisition Nurturing Campaign Acquisition campaigns engage marketing qualified leads by encouraging them to talk to sales in a soft sell. Call-to-Action Nurturing CampaignCall-to-action campaigns drive prospects towards sales engagement. Re-Engagement Nurturing Campaign Re-engage or stay in communication with companiesthat did not buy but already engaged in the sales cycle Post-Purchase Nurturing Campaign Post-purchase nurturing is essentially automated communications and customer support. # N urture
  • 19. Qualification Nurturing Campaign Awareness Nurturing Campaign Accelerator Nurturing CampaignLeads Acquisition Nurturing Campaign Call-to-Action Nurturing Campaign Ad-Hoc Nurturing CampaignsProspects Re-Engagement Nurturing CampaignCustomers Post-Purchase Nurturing Campaign # N urture
  • 20. • – Measurement (Lead-to-Sale tracking) – Justification (time well spent) – Simple to configure – Simple to maintain – Best practice (used by Top Performers) # N urture
  • 21. Leads Prospects Customers Customer LifecycleBuying Cycle Sales Cycle Service # N urture
  • 22. # N urture
  • 23. •• – Paid Search – Banners – Landing Page – Content, Videos, Blog Posts – Email – Direct Mail # N urture
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  • 25. • # N urture
  • 26. Leads Prospects Customers Customer Lifecycle Buying Cycle Sales Cycle Service    # N urture
  • 27. # N urture
  • 28. ••• – Later in the sales cycle – Automating and standardizing communications for sales – Allows marketers to track and measure influence in the sale # N urture
  • 29. •   # N urture
  • 30. • – Engage professional services – Engage consultants – Read research – Read thought leadership – Check out YouTube – Pillage competitive resources• # N urture
  • 31. ••• # N urture
  • 32. # N urture
  • 33. • • • • • • •# N urture
  • 34. Thanks! Ian Michiels Gleanster @InsightFanatic