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Glean Social - Alan Moore's "The radical re-design of business"

Glean Social - Alan Moore's "The radical re-design of business"



Alan Moore's insightful talk at the first ever Glean Social, his slides portray his view of how our world has become so "non-linear" using various thought-provoking case studies from companies such as ...

Alan Moore's insightful talk at the first ever Glean Social, his slides portray his view of how our world has become so "non-linear" using various thought-provoking case studies from companies such as LEGO, Toyota, and airbnb.



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    Glean Social - Alan Moore's "The radical re-design of business" Glean Social - Alan Moore's "The radical re-design of business" Presentation Transcript

    • The radical re-design of business @alansmlxl
    • This presentation is based upon the book No Straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world. http://www.no-straightlines.com Available as: Paperback and Kindle versions: USA http://www.amazon.com/No-Straight-Lines-MakingNon-linear/dp/0956766242 UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Straight-LinesMaking-Non-linear/dp/0956766242 No Straight Lines Store: http://www.no-straight-lines.com/store/
    • New tools for a new economy www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Navigational guide www.no-straight-lines.com
    • [1] Ambiguity
    • Disruption does not ask permission www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Newspapers, Music industry, Banking, Healthcare, Kodak, Nokia, Exhibitions? www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com $45m revenues –> $1m royalties
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Faced with certain commercial death how do we discover new sustaining business models? www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Co-evolved customers, Co-evolved business model Co-evolved organisational model www.no-straight-lines.com
    • LEGO Co-creation •  Understand what their (your customers) perception of value is •  Interact frequently be open and honest •  Sound like yourself and admit mistakes •  Encourage conversations between your customers •  Find your advocates and invite them inside •  Formalize what can be formalized •  Participate – you get what you put in •  Inspire – don’t manage your community •  Don’t sell – show passion and share passion •  It’s OK to say I don’t know www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com 277-page guidebook filled with architectural concepts and building techniques
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com LEG GODT 16,387-brick, 36-pound Lego Baseship from one of the original designs by Ralph McQuarrie—the genius artist behind the original Star Wars trilogy, E.T. and the original Battlestar Galactica.
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com LEGO Mindstorms at MIT
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Business foundations commerce culture connectivity community www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com [2] Adaptiveness
    • www.no-straight-lines.com sxsw | 2010 | alan moore http://www.flickr.com/photos/naum/1639496461/ Requiem for Detroit
    • 1.  High capital intensity 2.  Design development and manufacturing costs at scale 3.  Inferior products 4.  Poor service, poor service infrastructure www.no-straight-lines.com
    • The forge is the new co-creative space at Local Motors. It is where Designers, Engineers, CAD Modelers, and Fabricators can come together, showcase their work, collaborate on projects, and transform ideas into real objects. www.no-straight-lines.com
    • accelerated innovation with community In one year 44,000 designs were submitted to Local Motors, and 3600 innovators have shared their knowledge and insights. www.no-straight-lines.com
    • velocity and cost 5X faster and with 100X less capital From $200m development costs to $1.5 
    • The top 10 most impressive car factories in the world www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com “ “ the limits of our language are the limits to our world
    • Natures feedback loops are open source www.no-straight-lines.com [3] Open
    • Open innovation Open legal frameworks Open data Open api’s Open business models Open organisation Open source Open eco-systems www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com $1.5bn $2.7bn $5.1bn Democratising financial capital Democratising financial capital Democratising financial capital Crowdfunding
    • www.no-straight-lines.com minimum investment of $25 4.5% return
    • [4] Participatory cultures and tools www.no-straight-lines.com
    • HEALTH How do we create a service to better manage people’s chronic health care. www.no-straight-lines.com
    • How Patients Know Best is transforming the way patients and clinicians’ manage chronic disease www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Participatory learning
    • * empowers patients * reduces wrong diagnosis * saves clinical time
    • www.no-straight-lines.com high performance organizations
    • Data Mining to Data Meaning DATA www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • www.no-straight-lines.com [5] Craftsmanship a journey into the hand, heart and mind of craftsmanship
    • HAND, HEART, MIND. www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Gränsfors make one the finest forged axes in the world. It has become more than just an axe. It is an icon for quality and a belief that there is another way of making things. Total Quality Production
    • Dignity of work
    • www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Reinventing the hotel business www.no-straight-lines.com
    • Company valuation: $1bn
    • *Networked *Participatory *Openness is resilience *Data Driven
    • www.no-straight-lines.com Making sense of our non-linear world @alansmlxl