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10 ways how to enrich your business presence
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10 ways how to enrich your business presence


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Published in: Business
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  • 2. 1. Co-Creation2. Forecast of future sales3. Distributing Business Processes4. Market Analyses5. Lead Generation6. Marketing Effort7. Lead Generation8. Social Commerce9. Collaboration with your Customer10. Managing business social life
  • 3. CO-CREATIONBy using social platforms you can expand sourceideas from your consumers. This could  includeproduct/services ideas, evaluation of the ideas bythe crowd and the continuing modification andevolution of the products/services. It helps toproduce a better product that fits your customers’needs.
  • 4. LEARN TO FORECAST FUTURE SALESCompanies can obtain more accurate andgranular data from social sources. This couldlead to better inventory control. The news fromsocial networks can help to realize the currentdemand and forecast further sales volume. It alsocan help staff to redirect additional stock to thehotest spots.
  • 5. DISTRIBUTING BUSINESS PROCESSES Big companies dawn on user’s experience andfeedback to locate and qualify mapping errorsand the latest updates.
  • 6. MARKET ANALYSESMarket research is expensive and time-consuming. But with social networking you cangather online chatter about your competitors inreal time. There are now tools that can measuresentiment as it happens that allows companies tosee if the latest feedback about a product ispositive or negative.
  • 7. MARKETING5 EFFORT Marketing interaction was limited, costly andslow. Nova days there are some marketing andcommunication tools that are effective and withcost efficient. Moreover such instruments providefeedback in minutes. You can see what types ofmarketing communications are better engaging.For instance many businesses have alreadygotten benefits working on Thisresource provides interesting and useful tool foryour marketing campaigns and customermonitoring efforts.
  • 8. LEAD6 GENERATIONSales opportunities usually requiretelemarketing and TV advertising, and coldcalling, which are always expensive and notusually effective. B2B companies are nowdiscovering the power of social networks toattract customers and drive inbound inquiries.Software companies such as Glabex have createdonline tools that allow companies to becomemuch more efficient with their marketing.
  • 9. SOCIAL 7 COMMERCEMany of us listen to our friends and family. Socialcommerce allows companies to make it easy fortheir consumers to share what they have bought or“like”. But usually it takes time to spreadinformation via all social networks (as the numberof social websites are growing). It is better to useone source. This empowers the marketing messageand also enriches conversion for onlinestores. Social collaboration should be managedfrom one spot to increase your business awareness.
  • 10. COLLABORATE WITH YOUR8 CUSTOMERThese days agencies and larger companies aremonitoring social media channels withcommunity managers who monitor socialnetworks such as Facebook to turn customer careproblems into opportunities. Even newprofessions such as digital and social marketersappear. Theology allows you to monitor andmanage everything from one place and using onlyone professional to do it.
  • 11. COLLABORAT9 IONSocial technologies are improving company’sperformance by making collaboration and co-creationefficient both internally and externally. Using Glabextools every company can create its own business hub,by creating the internal database of its co-workers andcustomers, share companies updates, new productsissue, or marketing campaigns, and even creatingonline stores. Reduce time spending in face to facemeeting, transfer your business online and ensure thebest practices in collaborating, following, sharing andselling. Many companies use modern technologies torun a multimillion dollar company that operates withonly 17 employees while being presented across sevencountries.
  • 12. 10 MANAGING BUSINESS SOCIAL LIFE FROM ONE SPOTFacebook is the biggest social platform. People areusing Facebook for collaboration and charting. It isnot a good place for business or e-Commerce; it is anice tool for image sharing from your sisterwedding or your dog playing. But it can be a goodsource for your product update or customerfeedback. Providing the right information to socialhubs, and getting feedback, can bring greatbenefits for any business.
  • 13. Enrich yourBusiness PresenceOnline